Meal Planning Guide For Dietitians

By | November 23, 2022

As Dietitians we are into planning meals day and night. Some times we feel that, what if we had a shortcut to this. Meal Planning Guide For Dietitians is very important to make their work easier and faster. Save on your time so that you can spend your precious time to boost your business as well.

We have to come out from the Old School techniques and methods to plan a diet which is very time consuming and then eventually becomes monotonous. Working on excels and spreadsheets is very troublesome and this I am telling you from my own experience.

We Dietitians know that we just have 5 food groups and countable food ingredients, grains, lentils, pulses, millets, fruits which we include in our day to day diet. So If there is someone who can organize these food groups for us then that can make our meal planning easier. Also many a times there are many recipes which needs to be shared with the clients which again demands your supervision and time. Of course you can have an assistant under you to help you with all that, but what if you want to do it by yourself?

Foodzilla comes with dietitian-approved templates for meal planning that you can use with your clients right-away. Recipes in these meal plan templates have been reviewed by a US-based registered dietitian and satisfy the chosen diet requirements.

With Foodzilla, you can import dietitian-approved templates as meal plans for your clients. Recipes in these meal plans have been reviewed by a dietitian, so you can use them out of the box or modify them as you see fit.

It shows the services offered by Foodzilla.

Meal Plans are also available for your clients in the Foodzilla mobile app as well as PDFs that can be shared as web links or by email.

You can also add your own recipes or choose from our recipe database to fit the meal plan you’re after. You have the flexibility to update the meal plan using their planner while saving time knowing a dietitian has already approved these templates.

It is definitely a good buddy to the dietitian. It has helped me through the struggle and now i am able to serve more patients and clients.

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