Best Protein Supplement for you

I have been practicing for more than 7 years now. Whenever I plan a diet chart for someone, one thing I have to struggle is to find enough sources of proteins to make a balanced diet for that individual. If the clientele is non-vegetarian, then the stress is less. For vegetarians, it is very difficult … Read moreBest Protein Supplement for you

How To Keep Your Morning Joe Healthy, And What It Can Do For You

If you’re a caffeine addict like most of us, the chances are that you feel like you can’t function without your morning cup of Joe. After many stories in the media about how coffee is really bad for your health, you might feel as though you should give it up in favor of something less … Read moreHow To Keep Your Morning Joe Healthy, And What It Can Do For You

Hemp Oil VS CBD Oil

Have you heard about CBD Oil or Hemp Oil. Both have immense advantages and benefits. Let’s take a deep tour of these oils. Natural oils have an impressive array of uses and remain favorite products in today’s market. Prominent names in the natural oil industry include CBD and phytocannabinoid hemp oil. Some people may use … Read moreHemp Oil VS CBD Oil

All you need to Know about Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a raw, unprocessed plant or its essential extracts that are used to treat illness symptoms among other conditions. While the US FDA hasn’t adopted or recognized the marijuana plant as medicine, it has approved two medications that have cannabinoid chemicals in pill form. This followed a series of scientific studies on cannabinoids, … Read moreAll you need to Know about Medical Marijuana

Secret solutions and snake oil: the state of the fitness industry

One of the biggest criticisms often leveled at the fitness industry is that it’s an industry based on “fads.” This means it is often plagued by the marketing of “new and superior” forms of training or supplements.

All of these new training or diet methods are introduced with claims of improved performance for athletes, a greater effectiveness for burning fat, and better health benefits than other methods.

As you might guess, many of these new methods fail to live up to the hype. They do provide a new tool to be used in the training and diet programs of health and fitness enthusiasts. But, they often fail to provide a standalone “superior” method that replaces all other training methods or diets.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to boost your workouts and get better results from your training though. Over the last two decades, research has shown a few training methods and diet supplements to stand out as effective training aids. These have been shown to boost everything from health, too fat loss, to fitness for performance.

Including these methods into your program can help you perform better in your workouts and improve your results, regardless of your goals. So, here are 6 science-backed ways to improve your workouts and your results from training.

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How to Get a Full Body Cleanse in 7 Days

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming interested in staying in shape, eating clean and maintaining an overall healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Diets and detox sessions are a big part of that. In fact, the latter have surpassed fad status and become ingrained in our habits. But just how effective can drinking green juices for one week straight be?

According to an article on holistic detox published by, truly cleansing your body from harmful substances is an intricate process. It involves balancing your entire life so that you achieve a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle. For this reason, you will need to find the perfect equilibrium between your meals.

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Varicose Veins: 9 Trigger Things To Avoid

When valves fail to function well, superficial veins swell. As a result, veins have decreased competency to transport blood within the body. Even though varicose veins commonly affects the back of the legs, the disease can spread to other parts of the body. There are more diseases associated with blood transportation. Diseases like arteriosclerosis, hypertension, … Read moreVaricose Veins: 9 Trigger Things To Avoid

What are Health Benefits of Shakeology?

We all have heard about protein shakes and how effective and easy to use these are. What is more, it is definitely not the drink for those who work out only. Overweight people literally “melt” with the help of another way this drink works. You just sip a delicious milkshake and lose pounds in seconds. Isn’t it some kind of magic? Actually, it truly is.  Let’s discuss health benefits of Shakeology.

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Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

cow milk vs buffalo milk

Cow’s Milk or buffalo’s milk? Confused? Hmmmm… Image Source  There are many negatives and positives of both the types of milk. In Layman’s terms cow’s milk is understood to be very lighter and buffalo milk is considered to be heavy for digestion. Apart from this not much information is known. But at the same time, … Read moreWhich is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

11 Unknown Health Benefits of Kalonji seeds or Nigella Seeds

Over 2000 yrs these Kalonji seeds were used as medicine. The health benefits of Kalonji seeds were numerous hence it was brought in light and people started including it in diet too and have it’s benefits.

Kalonji seeds in english is called Nigella Sativa. These seeds are mainly used in Middle Eastern countries and India as a spice in different cuisines as it has a very pecular pungent and bitter taste.

Kalonji seeds were mainly useful for severe headache, internal worms, toothache and nasal congestion. It was also seen to be effective in various other contagious and non contagious infections like conjunctivitis, abscesses and parasites.

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10 delicious foods for protein

The world today is borderline obsessed with eating protein. It is a true fact, that nobody can deny. There is the constant struggle to have enough protein and find variety in the sources from which it can be obtained. There are various incomplete proteins like nuts, whole grain, and the likes, but consume them together … Read more10 delicious foods for protein

Food Friends And Enemies Of Dental Decay

Tooth decay is a common disease and a major oral health problem in most industrialized countries. According to the World Health Organization between 60% and 90%  of children and adults worldwide suffer from tooth decay. Tooth decay is defined as an active process of tooth destruction resulting from interactions between teeth, food and bacteria. These … Read moreFood Friends And Enemies Of Dental Decay

3 Negative Effects of Caffeine used as a Weight Loss Tool

Caffeine is the most spread out and used the psychoactive substance in the world. It’s in everything from chocolates, tea and coffee, to soda and energy drinks. No matter your age, chances are you’ve at some point, or another had it. But have we ever thought of the negative effects of caffeine.

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Health benefits of Bajra/ Pearl Millet?

Health benefits of Bajra/ Pearl Millet? Bajra is one of the oldest millet used by our ancestors. Along with wheat flour even bajra was included in the regular diet. It is known to have a very high fiber content which makes it healthier. It is used as a regular meal in places like Rajasthan, Gujarat. … Read moreHealth benefits of Bajra/ Pearl Millet?

Benefits of Gardencress seeds/ Halim/ Aliv

Have you heard of Garden cress seeds anytime?? Most of the young generations would not really be aware of this highly nutritious food. But our grandparents are definitely using it. 

we are in an era where most of the times we are using packaged foods and natural foods are grown with using high pesticides and chemicals which affects our absorption of nutrients. One of these nutrients is Iron. Mostly females have lower levels of iron as compared to males.

These seeds does wonders to increase your iron levels with in a period of one month. I have used these seeds for increasing my own iron and hemoglobin levels. So i strongly recommend these seeds as a very rich source of iron to all my anemic clients.

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Diet tips to treat loose motions

When we suffer from loose motions, first thing we change is our diet. So i will be sharing diet tips to treat loose motions. I am sure the small change in  your diet will surely hep you to subside your loose motions.

Frequency of eating out is going on increasing day by day due to which problem of food poisoning is also increasing. When we talk about food poisoning, basic symptom is diarrhea.

Loose motions are not always due to faulty eating habits but also due to malabsorption or nutrients, eating food which your body is allergic and over consumption of salty or sweet diet. 

It is very essential that diarrhea is cured in short period of time because it empty’s up all the water preserves of the body and imbalances the water electrolytes and thereby causing dehydration. Imbalance in the electrolytes i.e your body salts can affect your pressure levels, sugar levels, anxiety dizziness. A small and common symptom of diarrhea can surely take you to hospital and lay you on bed for 2-3 days and get all your salts and water back in body.

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Eat Healthy this Diwali

For people who are conscious about their diet and working too very hard to maintain weight or lose weight are the ones who will feel most guilty this DIWALI week. So Eat healthy this Diwali. How? I will tell you. Diwali is festival of celebration. There are sweets, snacks drinks all around you. So if … Read moreEat Healthy this Diwali

5 Good Things To Know About Peanut Butter – Healthy & Fitness

healthy peanut butter recipe

Peanut butter is one of those foodstuffs that we regularly eat but don’t really think about. However, peanut butter is actually more than just some tasty foodstuff. Compared to most confectioneries, they are actually quite versatile and more importantly, they are very easy to make. So if you would like to know more about peanut … Read more5 Good Things To Know About Peanut Butter – Healthy & Fitness