7 Home Workout Exercises for Stay-at-home Moms

By | March 14, 2018

Here are some home workout exercises that have been recommended by HealthyTop10s as ideal for stay-at-home Moms (the procedures for carrying them out have also been included):

1. For Abs: Mountain Climber With Hands On Swiss Ball

This exercise is one of the surest ways to get a tight tummy.


– With your hands placed on a Swiss ball rather than a floor, take up the pushup stance.

– Let your body make a parallel line from the head to ankles.

– Keep your core tight as long as this exercise lasts.

– Take one of your feet off the floor and gently bring the knee as close as possible to your chest while maintaining the position of your lower back.

– Replicate this procedure with the other leg, switching between both legs every half minute.

2. For Glutes: Hip Raise

This exercise aims at flattening the belly and raising the hips. The weakness of the glutes in many women results in tummy bulge due to a forward tilt of the pelvis top and consequently, lower back strain.  



– With your feet flat on the floor and knees bent, lay down in a supine position.

– Compress the glutes and lift your hips in such a way that from the shoulders to the knees are in a straight line.

– Stop any form of movement for about 3 to 5 seconds while keeping the glutes tightly compressed the whole time.

– Repeat the procedure.

3. For Quadriceps: Offset Dumbbell

This workout forces the body to increase its stability when an exercising weight is placed on only a part of the body. It hardens the abs and hips and boosts body balance. In addition, you get to burn the excess body fats.


– With arms bent, bear a dumbbell with your right hand placed close to your shoulder.

– Move your right leg forward and bring your body down till the right knee is at or past 90 degrees, and the left knee almost on the floor.

– While maintaining your stance, return to the starting position.

– Repeat this procedure for some time.

– Switch places by bearing the weight on the left hand and perform this exercise.

4. For Hamstrings: Single-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg Deadlift

Apart from strengthening and adding flexibility to the hamstrings, core, and glutes, it aids you in getting rid of every form of muscle unbalance between the legs and invariably cuts down your possibility of getting an injury.


– Hold a pair of dumbbells that have overarm grips at a respectable distance in front of the thighs.

– Standing with the feet slightly apart and the knees bent a little, raise a leg off the floor.

– Still maintaining the bent knee stance, bend your hips while maintaining an arched lower back and bring your trunk to almost touching the floor.

– Take a break, compress the glutes and push the hips forward, then take your body to the starting position.

– Repeat this for some time and switch to the other leg.

5. For Calves: Single-Leg Donkey Calf Raise

This exercise aids in giving the calves shape.  


– On a slightly elevated surface, rest the ball of a foot and cross the other foot at the back of the ankle.

– Holding onto a firm support and ensuring that your back is slightly curved, bend your hips and bring your trunk to almost touching the floor. Then, raise your heel as high as possible.

– Take a break, bring down your heel and repeat the process for the other leg.


  1. For Chest: Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

    This workout activity enables you to achieve tight core and hips while you work on your upper trunk. It helps harden the abs and glutes just as much as it does the triceps and chest.  


Lying in a supine position with the arm kept straight, hold a dumbbell over your chest. The palm should be curved inward a bit but should face out.

– Keep your right hand on your abs and bring the dumbbell down beside your chest.

– Take a break and then, move the dumbbell back to the starting position. Repeat this procedure, switching between both hands.

7. For Shoulders: Scaption and Shrug

The entirety of this exercise aims at giving shoulders that are in great shape, and good postures.



– Standing with the feet slightly apart, hold a pair of dumbbells and let them hang at a respectable distance close to your sides, with the palms facing each other.

– Maintaining the slight curve in elbows, bring up your arms to nearly touching the floor and ensure that they are at a 30-degree angle to the body, forming a ‘Y’.

– While this movement is going on, shrug your shoulders upwards.

– Take a break and turnaround the movement to go back to the starting position. Repeat this procedure for as many times as possible.

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