6 best ways to reduce your belly fat

By | August 13, 2015

Most of the people in this era are fed up of the belly fat. Why is belly fat becoming a big problem in recent years? There are many reasons to reduce / loss belly fats, i.e less physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, eating junk foods. Majorly it is seen in women post pregnancy and in females after age of 35years. It is very important to change your eating habits and lifestyle to avoid such situations. High percent of belly fat is call abdominal obesity or central obesity. The hands and legs seems to be thin just the abdominal inches increases. It is also a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. High belly fat is also an indicator of obesity.

There are many ways by which you can reduce your belly fat. Which way you choose is very important.

Some people opt for the fat burners and other steroid and caffeine based supplements whereas some choose to do it with the help of healthy eating and exercise which is the correct, accurate and long lasting method.

I personally advise not to expose your body under any kind of treatment which is not natural. Liposuction is a big hype in market. When you are under the liposuction therapy they will ask you to follow a certain type of diet, ask you to do some physical exercise or will give you some additional vibrations.

Due to all these approaches together you tend to loose some weight. But what after that is the big question?

When you stop your therapy, there is no followup for diet or the other treatments that were offered to you. So in that case your tend to put on some extra weights as compared to before.

So loosing weight with diet and exercise will help you to understand food in better way and importance of exercise in your life which will take you to the healthy way without any guidance or help.


We develop different shapes in our body.

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Diet to loose weight: 

Push Up Your Metabolism: It is very important that you force your metabolism to work at an optimum level. You will be able to burn more calories if you have a higher BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate).

  • Eat Breakfast to boost your BMR. Breakfast is the most important fuel for the body. Health breakfast will lead to increased BMR and will also stop the food cravings for the rest of the day.
  • Drinks lots of water and fluids throughout the day. Look at low calorie drinks like buttermilk, mint and coriander and lemon juice instead of fruit juices, vegetables juices or aerated drinks. Drink 200ml water after every 1.5-2 hours. This will help to incraese your BMR.
  • Sleep sound for minimum 6hours. Do not compromise on hours of sleep. It is advisable to take a 15 minutes nap even when you are at work. You can just close your eyes, relax and sit back with no worries in mind.
  • Physical activity for minimum 30 minutes in a day will keep your BMR upwards. Keep a record of walking at least 10,000 steps a day. This will help you to stay fit for many long years.

Exercise to loose weight:

 Usually people think exercise is only to buildup muscles and body mass. In real it is not the case. The more calories you burn while exercising the more healthy you will get. It is definitely important to have a good diet along with exercise.

You can have a look at this Video on How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast At Home.


A 2006 study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggests that combining cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise with resistance training is more effective than cardiovascular training alone in getting rid of abdominal fat. Indulge yourself in aerobic exercises which will pump your heart maximum, burn calories quickly and facilitate fat loss all over the body including belly fat loss.

Keep yourself active throughout the day. Do not sit at one place for more than 2 hours. Take a small walk in between that can be going to the washroom or to drink some water.

Eat Healthy: Eat food which are fresh and required by the body. Avoid eating fried foods and outside foods.

Reduce Calorie content of the meals in your daily diet. Restrict consumption of additional calories for dinner specially. Reduce 500-600 calories from diet from the present consumption of calories.

Eat more fibre in your diet. Do not strain soups and juices. Make chapatis with the bran. Do not sieve the Maida flour. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet.

Choice of fat is a big task. Many people keep on suggesting the type of fat to their friends and relatives. Polyunsaturated fats are the fats you should look out for the food you choose for your daily diet. Polyunsaturated fats are present in nuts, oilseeds and fish.

Top Foods To Help You Reduce Belly Fat

If you find that you have excess belly fat, then you should immediately cut down on consumption of carbohydrate rich food and start to take foods that are rich in fibers. The following are the super foods that will help you to reduce your waistline.



Top foods to burn belly fat

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  1. Apples: They are super foods that you can take three to four times a day as a substitute to carb-rich foods.
  2. Almonds: Rich in Vitamin E and has high fiber content that will make you feel full and reduce your hunger. Click here to buy Almonds now.
  3. Green Leafy Vegetables: They are rich in fiber and very low in calories. They will help in preventing water retention.
  4. Avocado: They are rich in high fiber and have high monounsaturated fatty acids that help in reducing belly fat.
  5. Cucumber: Cucumber is a vegetable that has high water content and is very low in calories.
  6. Watermelon: It is a fruit that has 80% water content in it and very few calories. They help in easily attaining desired waistline.
  7. Beans: This vegetable helps in improving digestion, as well as strengthening muscles. It will help in toning the belly by reducing hunger and prevent you from overeating.

Along with these foods, it is also important for you to do some exercises to reduce excess belly fat. You need to combine exercise and diet in order to get rid of belly fat efficiently. It is important for you to incorporate simple exercise routines in your daily schedule so that you stay in the best shape always.

Few exercise which you can focus on for loosing belly fats are:

  1. Crunches


    Exercise to reduce belly fat

  2. Reverse Crunch
  3. Twist Crunch
  4. Vertical Leg Crunch
  5. Side Crunch
  6. Bicycle Exercise
  7. Rolling Plank Exercise
  8. Side to side Exercise
  9. Stomach vacuum
  10. Brisk Walking
  11. Running
  12. Swimming

Form of these exercises can be checked on youtube links.

Loosing belly Fat in 5 days and 7 days is not a healthy way. So take you time to loose weight and more important than that is to maintain that weight and mesaurements specially at the belly.

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RD Neha Kava

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Neha Kava is a National Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist in India. She specializes ins Clinical Nutrition, weight management. She likes to spread awareness and educate her readers about health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, sexual health and diet tips for holistic health. You can connect with her on info@nutrichoice4u.com Or hethhealthhome@gmail.com

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About RD Neha Kava

Neha Kava is a National Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist in India. She specializes ins Clinical Nutrition, weight management. She likes to spread awareness and educate her readers about health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, sexual health and diet tips for holistic health. You can connect with her on info@nutrichoice4u.com Or hethhealthhome@gmail.com

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