Health Benefits of fruits & Importance of fruits

By | May 25, 2013

FRUITS; one of the god’s best creation. There are so many varieties of fruits available in nature with it’s unique qualities and importance. There are innumerable health benefits of fruits. Fruits are known for it”s natural and rich source of Vitamins & minerals. It is very uncommon to find any side effect of fruits except for allergies.

2While I talk about the importance of fruits would like to bring to your notice that there is difference between fresh whole fruits and fruits juices. Fresh fruits are rich with fibres apart from vitamins and minerals whereas juices lack fibre. Secondly, a medium size of fruit will give u lesser calories as compared to a medium size (200ml) fruit glass.

So in my recommendation for [people who can eat solid food should choose a whole fruit to make optimum use of fruit for your body. If u fall sick and visit your GP ( General Physician) 1st thing he will ask you to include in your diet is an Apple. Here I would also like to share that Apple doesn’t do any such miracle. You can choose any fruit of your choice.

While choosing fruits its very important to choose combination of fruits which at the end will give you all required nutrients. But for a lay man to remember which fruit has which nutrients is bit difficult. So for easy understanding and convenience I suggest people to eat fruits with different colours. Colours of fruits are different because of the difference in nutrients. So when you eat different colour fruits means you are getting all the nutrients.3

Importance of fruits & its Benefits:

  • Store of Vitamins & Minerals
  • Nourishes skin: Fruits nourishes skin internally as well as externally. Consumption of fruits internally rejuvenates the skin & also external application of fruits cleans the skin and removes the dead skin. Few citric fruits if used on face also have bleaching effect.
  • Optimum water levels: Adequate intake of juicy fruits prevents dehydration and water imbalance in the body.
  • Effective to relieve constipation as it has good amount of insoluble fiber( which increases the bulk of the stool.
  • Effective to cure diarrhea. Soluble fiber ( bind with the water and binds the stool.
  • Increases Immunity.
  • Reduces oxidative stress.
  • Has soothing effect on the body.

In general fruits has many benefits though individuality in fruits ios also important. In my future post i’ll keep u updated with the qualities of fruits at individual level.

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