Diet tips for Hypothyroid Patients

Diet tips for Hypothyroid Patients

Hypothyroidism is a condition where there is hormone imbalance in the body which leads to metabolic changes in the body. I would like to suggest few diet tips for hypothyroid patients which will help them to keep their body in good shape internally and externally.

Hypothyroid is associated with fatigue, hirsutism, weight gain, joint pains, itchy skin, high cholesterol, depression, constipation, water retention, bradycardia. If left untreated it leads to many further dysfunction in the body. Main cause is due to iodine deficiency and is seen mostly in women.


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When I come across patients with hypothyroidism, they generally complain about loss of appetite with weight gain which is very absurd condition. Whatever diet the patient eats gets converted to fat rather than body utilizing for energy. So the metabolism of the body reduces to such a extent that 80% of energy is saved an thereby increasing the body fat % in the body.

Tips for hypothyroid patients / Medical Nutrition Therapy for hypothyroid patients.

  1. Eat low calorie diet; daily calorie intake should be around 1200Kcals for a women weighing 50kgs and for men 1500kcals weighing 60kgs. But recommended calorie can change depending on the activity level of the patient. 
  2. Involve in physical activity which will help to keep your metabolic rate lifted.
  3. Eat very small frequent meals, approximately 25-30Kcals each mid meal and main meals with 300-350Kcals.
  4. 50-55% of calories should comprise of carbohydrates and majorly complex carbohydrates
  5. 15-20% from protein, preferably first class proteins.
  6. less than 20% of total calories should come from fats. Choose groundnut oil, rice bran oil, canola oil on monthly rotation basis.



  • Avoid eating packaged, processed and oily foods. Avoid eating plain sugars, refined carbs, honey, jaggery and polished rice.
  • Use oxidized slat. Avoid excess of salt in the diet as there is high possibility of water retention.
  • Avoid goitrogenous foods which includes cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, raddish, peach, strawberry, peanuts, and also rajmah, bajra, spinach, soya beans( processed soya is allowed).
  • Avoid red meat.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Do not consume more than 3-4 tsp fats/day.
  • Eat whole fruits rather than fruit juices.

I am sure these tips will help you to solve some of your problem. If you need any diet consultation you can contact us and give us opportunity to treat your problems. We believe your problem is our problem.

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    • Hhi Priya. Fruits with high sugar is equivalent to high calories so it restricted. You can eat 1 medium size guava at a time and even 2 dates at a time is allowed. Again the allowances vary person to person depending upon the recommendation of calories allotted throughout the day. If you wan your diet personalised. We charge a minimum amount of 300INR for online consultation where we give a weekly diet and other lifestyle modifications to be done as per your current health problems.

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