Family Shopping At Food Mall

By | June 10, 2014

Today shopping has become very comfortable and convenient. There is no lifting of heavy luggage of groceries, roaming under the sun and search for foods; neither the availability of food is a problem. Westernized culture has drastically taken over and entered Asian market which has made every possible thing available throughout the year unconditional of seasonal or non seasonal. This hypermarket has given boom to the food industry; a very convenient way of shopping in fully air conditioned mall with rolling trolleys. So shopping is more fun than before.

Shopping At Food Mall

Shopping At Food Mall

Every time you go to food hypermarket you will find a new product and there rises the big CONFUSION.Consumers gets so confused that sometimes they pickup things which they actually did not require. These items get picked up from the shelves because they are new, attractive, cheap, under any offer and then may or may not be nutritious and healthy. Always carry a grocery shopping list. This will help you to focus on things which are essential and will save your time from recollecting and deviating your attention. This will also help to save money as you will buy stuffs which you actually need.

Do not pickup food packets randomly: It is necessary to read food nutrition label before putting any food in your shopping bag. Check for the ingredients wether they are suitable for all your family members. Eg: Fro Kids, choose foods which are very low in preservatives and added colors. For Diabetics, avoid foods which have simple sugars, fructose syrup, maple syrup etc. For lactose intolerance, avoid milk, milk If two similar products available; select by checking ingredients and nutrition label on the product and Do not get influenced by your co-shopper. His/her requirements may be different from yours.

Always select a product which can be used in common for the family. Eg Toned milk can be used for members of all age group and also for diseased patient in the family (if any). While shopping for kids, give them a range of healthy products and ask them to select for themselves so that later they happily eat those foods because they have chosen them.

Do not ignore nutrition of the food for any promotional offer of the product. Do not shop foods which do not list down ingredients and nutrition label.

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