10 Best Yoga exercise for back pain

Today I will discuss about 10 best yoga exercise for back pain.

Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul. Union is very important to have harmony in your body which will ultimately lead to better healthy life.

Yoga for me was very boring and I thought that it was just stretching, breathing and folding your body to different positions. It was when I was suffering from severe back pain in my post pregnancy phase, I chose to try yoga.

Yoga for back pain is very effective. I can tell you because I have experienced it myself. May it be temporary back pain or chronic back pain, yoga definitely helps you to relieve your back pain.

Yoga is a very old practice emphasizing on stretches, strength, flexibility, relieves back pain and improves over all function

There are many people who chose to take a pill for the aches and pain. If you think you have frequent back pain then stop choosing easier way which can be very harmful in future. Train yourself to do some stretches and relieve the pain. Doing few exercise everyday can help you relieve you back pain and soreness. This is effective for longer run.

Let’s see few Asanas/ exercise which can help to reduce the back pain and make you feel comfortable

I will be sharing some poses which you can start doing without any one’s supervision as they are easy to follow

  1. Trikonasana: This is the best stretching exercises. It looks very simple but is very effective. All the muscles gets stretched and are relaxed

Image source

This is the exact posture. You can do it step by step. Check this link

  1. Marjariasana: Also called as Cat pose. This helps in stretching your back muscles.

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  1. Talasana: If you have back pain due to bad posture, then this helps in correcting your posture.


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  1. Yoga Mudrasana: This pose helps a lot in improving circulation in brain, spinal cord and face

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  1. Ardh matsyendrasana: This helps a lot in correction of spinal problems.

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  1. Pashchimottanasana: This posture enables elasticity of the stiff spine. It also helps in correcting the deformities of spine pertaining to the curve of the spine.

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  1. Pavanmuktasana: It helps in stretching the superficial muscles of the back. This looks simple but helps a lot in managing the back pain



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  1. Bhujangasana: This pose helps in building the flexibility. You might not get this pose right on the day one. But keep doing it I am sure that you will get it right within a week as your body will get flexible.

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  1. Shashankasanaa: This helps in stretching spine. You will feel very relaxed after you complete this asana

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  1. Supta Padangusthasana: If Hamstring muscles can also be one of the reason for lower back pain. This asana helps in improving the flexibility of the hamstring muscles and thereby relieve lower back pain.

Image Source

Yoga poses for back pain relief

The best possible thing you can do for your back is the above exercise I shared with you. There are many many more poses and formations you can do with your body for back pain relief

Yoga poses for lower back pain

The poses  which i have shared with you will of course deal with lower back pain also. For lower back pain it is important t make sure that you make your hamstring muscles also strong enough.

Yoga poses for upper back pain

Yoga poses for upper back pain are many many more than this. But to start with basics, I have kept the exercise simple at the same time effective.

So when you feel you are able to do these yoga poses correctly and with good hold in postion you can move a one step ahead and do it under guidance of a yoga instructor

You may find the images of the above asanas very simple and doable. But they are really very effective and will definitely give you the desired results.

But please do not over do any of these exercises. If you are going through any medical treatment for your back pain, consult your doctor before you start with this regime.

These exercises can be done any one who has desk job or is sitting at place for long hours and have bad sitting posture. So any sedentary person can do these exercises.

When you start doing these exercises, try to do it in front of the mirror so you get to know if you doing it correctly. Start with 2 exercises initially and then try to add on slowly.

I am sure if you do this exercise you will surely get results and you can overcome that discomfort and jump, run and dance. So do not wait just take your mat and go for it.

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