The Dynamics of Detoxing

By | March 6, 2017

The detox cleanses have become a very popular practice over the last five years. This is a method where a particular diet is used to help improve overall health and well being. It has also been claimed to help prevent illness and boost your quality of life and capabilities.

dynamics of detoxing

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Diets can vary, but they usually focus on using certain ingredients from specific foods to target different organs in the body and improve their function.

This then allows them to rid the body of harmful toxins and waste products that can accumulate from an unhealthy lifestyle or the digestion of food.

With the rise in popularity of these diets, there has also been a lot of criticism aimed at their claims. These have included criticism of the fact that no diet can specifically cause the body to expel “toxins.” The means by which the diets could work are also usually misrepresented.

So, the exact way that these diets work is still very much a mystery. This mystery also still seems to be around despite the popularity of the detox cleanse rising. Also, while there are a few myths in existence about detox diets, there are ways that these diets can be beneficial for the body.

So, we decided to take a look behind the scenes at how exactly a detox cleanse effects the body to give you a better idea of how these diets can help you reach your goals.

How A Detox Cleanse Type Diet Could Improve Your Health

Calorie Restriction In A Detox Diet Can Have a Host of Health Benefits

While there are many different kinds of detox cleanse diets, one of the most common trends between each of the forms is reducing food intake. Along with causing weight loss, this can also have a range of direct health benefits. These can include:

  • Lowering inflammation

Reducing your calorie intake has a beneficial effect on certain chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. This leads to an overall reduction in inflammation and helps prevent future health problems associated with inflammation.

  • Fighting aging

Because lowering inflammation can help protect the skin and hair from damage, this means that it can help slow down aging and keep you looking young.

  • Boosting the immune system

Reducing calories can also promote the functioning of immune cells. This can help speed up recovery from infection and prevent illness.

  • Improving mental health

Cutting calories can also increase chemicals in the brain that encourage growth and development of brain matter. This can contribute to improving mood and brain function.

  • Prevent some diseases

Reducing food intake can also help you avoid diseases like diabetes by increasing sensitivity to nutrients and preventing obesity.

Intermittent Fasting And Timing Food Intake In Some Diets Also Has Some Potential Health Benefits

Along with cutting down your calories, some other diets also instruct you to time your eating and drinking to certain times of the day. This is also an area of, but that has been looked into over the last few years. These studies have shown that timing your food intake may:

  • Improve body composition

Timing your food intake has been shown to improve fat loss as much as calorie restriction in studies. This can contribute to improving overall health and well-being.

  • Boost immune system function

This is another benefit shared with calorie restriction. This is through increasing the activity of certain immune cells which can help fight off infections.

  • Regenerate stem cells in the body

This is a unique benefit, with fasting showing the ability to encourage the body to produce new stem cells which are used to create a range of cells and tissues.

Increasing Vitamin And Mineral Intake Through These Diets Can Improve Nutrition

Another common theme among most detox diets is that they include a lot of different fruits and vegetables. A lot of the time these are included in juice form, but they can also be recommended as solid foods. These fruits and vegetables have a host of health benefits to the body. These include:

  • Improve mood and mental health

Vitamins and minerals are used by cells in the brain. So, boosting your fruit and vegetable intake can help improve your mood and mental capacity.

  • Boost physical well-being

Vitamins and minerals are used for a range of functions in the body from controlling movement to increasing metabolism. So, including more vitamins and minerals can improve your overall health.

High Fiber Diets Can Help Improve Digestion and Fight Hunger

Artichokes are high in fiber

Because of a large amount of fruit and vegetables in most detox cleanse diets, there is usually a lot of fiber present in these regimes. Including this nutrient can also be beneficial for your health with perks that include:

  • Lower hunger

Fiber can extend the stomach and help reduce hunger. So, including more fiber in the diet could be useful if you’re looking to lose weight.

  • Improving digestion

Fiber can also help move food through the gut and boost nutrient absorption. So, if you want to fight constipation, these diets might provide some temporary relief.

green tea

So, a detox diet, which can include such foods and drinks like detox tea, includes health benefits that can be achieved by following these diets responsibly. This makes it a potential option for health enthusiasts.

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