What’s wrong with your diet?

What’s wrong with your diet?

We all know “You are what you eat”
This is definitely true. But I feel sometimes we don’t even know what are we eating and how much we are eating. Am I right?

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We have moved towards modernization wherein we have stopped using fresh thing stop make food. We rely mostly on packaged food and ready to eat foods. So when you keep your hand on packaged foods, you would read the nutritional label if you are health conscious.

But still my question would be, Have you seen by your eyes that what that is written on the products has actually gone. I don’t know why but I just cannot trust on the things which I have not seen or not been made in front of me.

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You are your best advisor.

So it is absolutely your duty to know what you eat.

So I have written this article just to spread this knowledge that fresh food and home cooked food is far better than any packaged food.

So as far as possible prefer home cooked food, made in healthy way. Make portions which you are able to finish at a time. Refrigerating and reusing of food is also unhealthy practice.

This was a small reminder towards eating fresh foods and avoid eating too much of packaged food, outside food or frozen foods.

So we discussed what to eat.

Now, let’s go to when to eat?

When you feed your food you should be very much be aware about the food and in which way will it help your body. And importantly does your body actually need it.

Know about food, I don’t mean that you know all its properties but you should atleast be able to figure out which food group does it belong to i.e Carbohydrates, Proteins, fats, fibre, water etc

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It is definitely important to feed your body to carry out its basic functions. Feeding something healthy to body every 2-3 hours is a healthy way of eating for a non-diseased person.

Do not feed your body after it has starved for long hours. After starvation is the time when body asks for more food and you tend overeat which is sometimes followed by “ Guilt after eating”.

So here remember 5 meals Program. All 5 meals need not be too heavy or anything fancy. Anything as simple as Sprouts or Almonds or Fruit is fine is fine as mid meals except for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Having light dinner is very important to keep your fitness levels high.

For more info on healthy diet follow this.

I have seen in my practice that people indulge in unhealthy eating practice mostly during the snacking hours or may be late night post dinner.

So, sitting in front of television and going on eating without knowing what and how much is he/she eating or may be ordering some junk snack at office and eat while having gala time with friends.

Either of the time you are so much distracted that you do not bother to check if what you are eating is right and quantity is controlled or no.

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I won’t say that don’t eat with friends but make sure there is no peer pressure for unhealthy eating.

Choose your food wisely before your friends choose for you.

Eating post dinner meals is a very incorrect habit. If you do, make sure you are active for next 2 hours.

So let that be deal. If you eat you should be active.

There are also some foods which will help you to slow down your ageing. I am sure most teenagers would be interested to read about it.

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