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By | December 15, 2014

Ageing is a natural process and healthy ageing is your choice. From your brain to bones, skin to hair; what you eat matters. Here we take a look on some age defying foods which will help you stay younger for more upcoming years. Let’s see what is anti aging food and diet tips you should follow:

How you age and how you feel will largely depend on what you eat. So the key is to eat right to stay young from out and with in. In simple terms ageing is a degenerative process where the size, shape and quality of the body cells change causing ageing. So revitalizing your body becomes very important. I believe in choosing foods which will do good to my body and not to my tongue.


Anti Aging

To add color to your body, is it not important to add color to your plates first. The incredible anti oxidants in fruits and vegetables such as GLV, deep red tomatoes, blue berries, carrots help stop damage to healthy cells so each meal fill half plate with salads and fruits.
The main anti oxidants are Vit C, Zinc, beta carotene which help protect your vision from macular damage that leads to blindness after age 64.
Add whole grains rich in fiber like oats, quinoa, black rice, brown rice, barley, wheat. Diet containing whole grains keeps blood vessels in peak condition thereby less risk of cardiovascular diseases.
For all the fish lovers. Here’s a better chance to slow your aging process. Omega 3 fatty acids protect your heart, lowers chances of heart stroke, guards against Alzheimer’s disease. Daily 2 serving of fatty fish will give amazing results.
Now when we talk about bone health everyone know importance of calcium and Vit D. Calcium and vit D keeps bone healthy, prevents osteoporosis. Adding low fat dairy products will help keep your cholesterol levels in check. If you are not a dairy lover then try and add calcium and Bit D fortified foods to your diet.

The top most reason of aging is stress. Apart from the mental stress the foods which will increase stress on body cells and cause degenerative changes are high at meat, high fat dairy, bakery products, sugar and salt.

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