Top 10 Benefits of Green Coffee

By | January 24, 2017

It was enough of green tea in the fitness industry and now we have something called green coffee. Why people are behind anything which is green? Is it because green relates to freshness, alive and energetic?

I do recommend green tea during my consultation.

But I am not a great fan of green tea. So let’s move ahead to understand the health benefits of green coffee as the revolution.

Green coffee is nothing but the coffee beans . It is the unroasted beans. Since they are not exposed to heat they have higher content for a photochemical called chlorogenic acid whereas when the coffee beans are roasted all the phytochemical present in them is destroyed and it becomes unhealthy for us.

This Chlorogenic acid chemical which is a type of anti-oxidant, has many properties which makes this green coffee so effective for health. Let’s get into the benefits if these beans and then decide if we really want to drink that green coffee and feel great.

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1. Boosts up Metabolism: Pure green coffee has ability to boost up the immunity and burn off the excess fat stored in the body. Chlorogenic acid is a metabolic booster. Due to increased metabolism it reduces the release of glucose from liver into the blood. Here body used fat to meet the energy (glucose) requirement of the body.

2. Cures Diabetes: These beans are highly capable of keeping your sugar levels in range and for diabetics helps to control sugars and keep them lower in case of high sugar levels. They also help in weight loss which is also required to treat diabetes.

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3. Burns Off extra fat: Green coffee beans contains large amount of kelp. It is a type of seaweed which is loaded and packed with vitamin and minerals. All these together helps to reach our metabolism at peak and burns of the excess or fats and calories faster.

4. Rich source of Anti-Oxidants: Anti-oxidants are substances that protect our body and fight against the free radical produced in our body and builds up our overall health.

5. Appetite suppressants: You think you feel excess hunger than required by your body? Then you should surely try green coffee. It claims to be a very strong and effective appetite suppressant. It will help you to overcome all your cravings and keep you away from over eating.

6. Manages bad cholesterol levels: Cholesterol is controlled if your weight, sugar and metabolism is working at optimum. SO when green coffee takes care if these problems, ultimately it also helps in managing your good fat and bad fat ratio.

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7. Improves blood circulation: high blood pressure results in many heart diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure and also kidney diseases.

Research teams have found out that green coffee has a very effective ingredient similar to aspirin that imposes impact on blood vessels and prevent platelet formation and clotting of blood.

As a result of this the blood remains thin and doesn’t undergo plague formation. Our arteries don’t get hardened and hence blood circulation is there throughout the body.

8. Regulates blood pressure: Green coffees also have effect of vaso dilation. Because of his the blood pressure is controlled. When Vaso dilation happen the diameter of the veins become larger and hence helps to control high blood pressure.

9. Builds up immunity: Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it highly enhances our immune system.

10. Helps to Detox: Green coffee bean extract act as a natural detox material. It cleanses your liver t make liver free from all the toxins. It also helps to flush the unnecessary fats and bad cholesterol from the body.

As we know that liver has most of the functionality in digestion, absorption. So when Liver functions at peak also rest of the mechanism will run at its best.

I am sure that looking at the benefits of green coffee you will right now visit your hyper market or check online and place it on your refreshment rack.

Let me help you out with some nice brands of green coffee available in India.

Perennial Life sciences green coffee extract
Green coffee Beans
WOW Green Coffee
Nutrus Green Coffee
Health first
Sinew Nutrition Coffee bean Extract
Health Aid
Health win
Humming Leaf

benefits of green coffee

Green Coffee

You can buy from here: Green Coffee

Let me know how was your experience of green coffee after you take it regularly for 2 weeks.

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Benefits of Green Coffee

  1. keyru

    Dear Madam,
    I am taking medicine for Diabetes metformin 750 mg 2 times, Losartan 50 2 times for Blood pressure, 20 Mg Atorvastatin for cholesterol. 75 mg Asprin doctor pricesibe taking all from 3-5 years. Trademill test and all normal doing every year. can I start green coffee any effect if I am taking Aspin with this Green Coffee. how much quantity i will take I already buy from Amazon.

  2. ruchita

    is it safe to have green coffee while breastfeeding??

    Will it impact my kid?

    1. Neha Kava Post author

      Ruchita you can safely have green coffee during breastfeeding.

  3. Ann Jenidfer

    I am staying in Malaysia…is there any side effects pls ? How do i order n how much us it in Malaysian ringgit pls

  4. Abhirami.G

    hi, wanted to reduce weight , please suggest about the green coffee, is it safe and method to use it and process. should I also balance the diet along with this green coffee. please suggest. wanted to reduce 10 kg current wt is 77 kg and height is 167 cm.
    how long should I take etc

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Abhirami,

      Weightloss only with green coffee is not possible. Yes green coffee does help in th proces.. So along with green coffee dont iss your exercise and diet
      You can write to me at

  5. Rahul kashyap

    Kindly provide us your email id so that we can order it ma’am
    I need 500gm green coffee beans

  6. Rahul kashyap

    How to order this green coffee ma’am i need 500 gram fresh green cofee bean??
    Kindly provide your email id?

  7. Hari

    how many grams of green coffee beans or how many beans should we boil for a dose? (for weight / cholesterol loss)

    1. admin Post author

      1 tablespoon green coffee beans you can boil at once

  8. Nivedita Bhattacharya

    Hi… Is this safe to drink everyday. Or not..

    1. Neha Kava Post author

      You can definitely take it every day.
      2 cups in a day should be fine.
      If incase you need raw green beans you can contact us on mail

    1. Neha Kava Post author

      Approximate: farm fresh 1000Rs per 500gms…
      You have to make it similar to green tea


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