Health benefits of yoga to our body in daily life

By | February 18, 2016

As this is a nutritional blog, all my previous articles were related to food and how food can work as medicine for certain disease. This time I felt like sharing my knowledge on a different topic.

Food always has been a passion to me as it is one road which reaches fitness. The only second road to fitness is exercise. Exercise is a broad term under which there are different forms.

It could be exercising in gym, playing a sport, dancing, meditation, yoga etc. So I choose to talk on Health Benefits of Yoga today.

As we all know yoga has different sets of exercises for different purposes. Basically it is stretching exercises which give flexibility to the body. There are numerous benefits of yoga which will lead you to a better life.

There are many common reasons for which people practice yoga. We would very commonly come across people who will tell you that they practice yoga for high blood pressure, to enhance their breathing capability, to increase their stamina, to control acidity or pitha, to increase flexibility, to reduce stress, to feel relaxed etc.

It could be within the body as well as without the body. There are so many proven asanas of yoga which are also used to cure diseases. Yoga also kind of helps people to be emotionally stable.

Yoga is an art of living. I would recommend everyone to practice few asanas of yoga daily to have a healthy life without any doubt. Sincerity towards this art form will be keep you fit for additional 5 years that’s my personal opinion.

Silhouette of young woman in lotus position sitting on the beach and medditating

Still of young woman in lotus position sitting on the beach and meditating

If you see at physiological benefits of yoga:

  1. Immunity builder: Practicing yoga helps to build up your immunity. There have been many researches which have proven this. There are separate poses which build up immunity. For learning the poses kindly click here.
  2. Improves respiratory function: Breathing exercises enhances respiratory function of the body. Yoga reduces the respiratory rate which is due to healthy lungs. So always advisable to practise these poses and keep your respiratory rate low.
  3. Improves Metabolism: Yoga helps to increase metabolism which will help in weight management. Yoga asanas also helps to have a better control over hunger.
  4. Improves blood circulation: By transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, yoga practice provides healthier organs, skin, and brain.
  5. Relieves Constipation: Yoga exercises are helpful to treat chronic constipation. There is accurate bowel movement in people who practice yoga regularly.
  6. Controls blood pressure: A regular yoga practice decreases blood pressure through better circulation and oxygenation of the body. To know Exercises which can help lower blood pressure.

As we read about the physiological benefits which are within the body but at same time it also has benefits which are without the body. From increased strength to improved sleep, there are many such benefits. Let’s discuss it here.

  1. Feels energetic: It is experienced by almost all yogis who perform yoga exercises or asana they feel more energetic rather than being tired.
  2. Makes you feel happy: These exercises releases happy hormones in your body which makes you feel happy and relaxed.
  3. Better Balance: As there are many poses as part of yoga, some are about balancing on one feet or one feet one hand and so on. So if you are a regular yogic you will be good at balancing your own body.
  4. Improves sleep: Yoga helps to maintain good mind health so it is usually experienced as good sleep.
  5. Yoga delays ageing: Yoga helps in detoxification. So it reduces stress from the body and hence delays ageing.
  6. Better Posture: Yoga positions teach you the best posture to hold and maintain while doing any activity. If you practice yoga regularly you will have a better posture which will help you to improve your confidence and personality.
  7. Maintains healthy Weight: As yoga helps to increase your metabolism. So in a way it is also one of the treatments for weight loss. Additionally, the stretching of muscles long wise helps to reduce the amount of cellulite that can build around muscles.
  8. Increases your core strength: As yoga involves various forms of exercises. These exercises help to make the core strong. Yoga helps in better recovery from injuries.
  9. Reduces Pain: many of us experience general pain in our routine if we indulge in some extra activities. This pain is because our body is not use to that kind of activity which requires more flexibility. So if your body is having enough flexibility than your body won’t be experiencing any pain for a small amount of additional stress.

Not only these, yoga also has a larger role to play in building up your emotional health.

  1. Improves concentration, memory and attention: It helps you to learn to focus on one thing. So it is best for people our children who are easily distracted. Better memory is because there is increased blood circulation to the body. So brain also receives good amount of blood and oxygen. So these days yoga is added to school curriculum for kids so that they have maximum concentration, memory and attention.
  2. Positivity in life: Regular follower of yoga will have balanced hormones and nervous system which makes you be more stable and have positive approach towards life.
  3. Experience Calmness: Yoga also includes meditation techniques. Watching out your breathe alone gives 50% of calmness to our body. Another practise of feeling calm is to get away from negative thoughts.

Few other benefits of yoga is also disease preventive mainly non communicable diseases. Let us discuss that too:

  1. Helps to control Diabetes: It is proved that people suffering from diabetes has good sugar control if they practice yoga every day. The exercise enhances secretion of insulin from liver.
  2. Maintains blood pressure and controls hypertension: Any form of exercise will reduce sodium levels in the system and thereby helpful in controlling your blood pressure and keeps it low. So yoga is also one of them.
  3. Helps is cancer: People suffering from cancer practice yoga to increase their strength, raise red blood cells. It also helps to reduce nausea during chemo therapy and also enhances overall well being.
  4. Improves endocrine functioning: Yoga also helps to regulate and control hormone secretion. So if all hormones are in balance then the overall physical and emotional health is improved.
  5. Solves Heart problems: As we already discussed that yoga reduces stress, keeps weight on lower side and improves overall cardiovascular health. All these benefits lead to lower risk of heart disease.
  6. Reduces migraine attacks: People who have frequent migraine attacks have reported that regular yoga practice reduces the number of migraine attacks.
  7. Overcomes constipation: Yoga postures and asanas helps the digestive system to work more efficiently. Along with healthy diet, of course

I am sure this article has acknowledged you with many unknown benefits of yoga. Apart from this benefits, yoga also benefits kids in its own way.

Check here to know benefits of yoga in kids.

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