Cold Pressed Juices Benefits

By | January 23, 2015

“Fresh Juices are best”. Earlier fruit juices were offered only to that group of people who were weak or ill due to some disease. Now, it’s a more of trend and status symbol. A person who drinks juice everyday is a rich person is the notion because fruit prices are reaching sky and affordability is a big question.  Something very important to know is whether the richness is present in the juices you drink. We never thought beyond this that what you drinking is it right or wrong.

Method of juicing was never given any importance till now. But when we think of the method of Juicing it’s either the blender or juicer. Both these methods are similar in way where fruits are being fed in the juicer and what we get is the pulp of fruit which is either diluted with water or sugar is added to meet the ideal taste. When water or sugar is added it is no more pure juice. Blender juicing cuts the fruit cells exposing them to the atmosphere and reducing its vitamins and minerals content. They loose their main property and what is left behind is a fruit drink which hardly has any nutrient left behind. And mind you there is a huge difference in fruit juice and fruit drink.


Cold Pressed Juicing

I am sure by now you must have heard a lot about cold pressed juices. I have tasted one. And it was definitely more yummy and refreshing. There a lot more rush towards cold pressed juices. There is a different technique applied to obtain this juice. These juice comparatively more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than the traditional method of blender juices. As the name suggests, fruits and vegetables are pressed under high pressure and low temperature to obtain maximum amount of nectar from the pulp and fiber leaving behind raw and fresh juice. It is definitely costly as it is fully loaded with vitamins and minerals unlike other fruit juices. If you get an opportunity surely give it a try once.

With all the benefits, cold pressed juice deserves to be on the top list of the health freaks. There are many other sites which can give you recipe of different combination of cold pressed juices. There are few companies who have made health package and focussed on a particular problem and accordingly assembled fruits and vegetables eg for weight loss, to detox your body, for skin, for hair and so on. 


Let’s have a quick glance at few benefits of cold pressed juices:

  • It is comparatively more wholesome.
  • It gets you the closest to pure fruit and vegetable juices.
  • It increases refrigeration time without nutritional degradation.
  • Retains natural colour and flavour of fruits.
  • There is no oxidation of fruits and vegetables hence nutrients are intact.
  • It resembles the fresh fruit and vegetables without addition of any flavouring substance

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  1. Kayden from Clean Water

    I agree it is healthier, but where do you buy these types of juice? I don’t see it in your regular supermarket stores.


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