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By | January 30, 2015

A billion dollar question, what do Women need?? While some may say love others may say attention, compliments, diamonds, blah blah…. Taking a different perspective and being a nutritionist that I am, I would say “Women in all age group may need at least one thing in common and i.e. Supplements”.  Are you wondering, did you read it right ?? Yes … “Women’s Health Supplement”. You are going to read a little bit about it today.

While most nutritionist  would advise that the best source of essential nutrients is whole food. At the same time they are aware that food may not  provide all nutrients. You may wonder …. How Come ?? The fact of the matter is our ever increasing demand for food has a negative impact on food supply. Food is now harvested before it is ripe/mature. The unripened harvest is made to ripen chemically. Also the soil in certain parts of India has become depleted of many essential minerals. Then there are other factors such as pesticide, chemical additives, residues and preservatives which play a role in harming the nutrient quotient of food. Finally the last straw comes from our rapidly changing lifestyle and the use of processed and junk foods. All of this has weakened the micronutrient content of our food and this has created a false perception when it comes to the amounts of nutrients we think we are consuming.  We need most of the nutrients from outside (food & supplements) since our bodies can’t make them and we require them to function properly.

various stages in a woman's life

Different Stages in a Woman’s Life


That being said, I am assured that a human and specially a WOMAN does not get all nutrients in required amounts to maintain her overall wellness and fend off symptoms of any deficiency. Your choice of supplement would depend on your lifestyle and most importantly on your food intake.

According to noted Nutrition Expert and Registered Dietitian Keri Glassman, “When considering supplements, Women need to think of bones, babies, and bellies”.  Sufficient calcium intake increases bone density and can prevent osteoporosis, an adequate store of folate is essential for fertility and fetal development, and a healthy fibre intake lowers the waistline and the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases. It is essential for women to load up on all these and many more nutrients.

With this knowledge, I would like to bring to you a supplement exclusively for Women. I have been taking this since a couple of months now. And I know that it has certainly worked for me. The changes that I particularly noticed is better skin and hair. This supplement has an interesting profile of 53 nutrients – all vital for overall wellbeing. Women who undergo painful and heavy periods can take this supplement to make their life better (literally saying). It can also help shrug off extreme mood swings since it contains certain botanicals and phytonutrients. Above all women can take it to improve their stamina, immunity, bone density, general wellbeing and to regularize their menstrual cycle.

To let all of you know since the mid of last year (2014), I have gained 4 kg weight (yes a nutritionist too can gain weight) rather unconsciously. My ideal body weight (IBW) is 50 kgs and I had been managing it since many years, now which swung to 54 kgs when I stepped onto the scale last December. I must admit my diet went in for a toss because I was always on the move during that time (not a fixed 9-5 work schedule), no fixed eating schedule and I overdid some sugary sports drinks (not the fizzy ones) when I was not even into sports. Well now I am determined to get back to my IBW. Well to reduce my weight I have cut off some unneeded food stuff and streamlined my diet to show me better results but in the bargain it could lead to some nutrient loss for me which could ultimately become a serious deficiency. So to prevent that I am on this nutritional supplement.

I am sure by now you want to know the name of the supplement. The name of the supplement is Nutricharge Woman. This supplement showcases 53 nutrients on its pack. It has 28 vitamins and minerals, 14 fruit extracts, 6 botanicals and 5 amino acids.


Nutricharge – Women Supplement Image:


All 28 vitamins and minerals are essential. Better to take these nutrients as a supplement as your daily diet may not provide all. 14 fruit extracts to provide you with a powerhouse of phytonutrients. 6 botanicals namely Lutein, Lycopene, Starflower, Evening Primrose, Flaxseed extract and Green tea extract all acting as an antioxidant  are present in Nutricharge Woman. Additionally it has 5 amino acids to its profile. Out and out a perfect supplement for the entire women community.


Fruits for Good Health

One thing I would like to reiterate about supplements is that they are not a magical pill but they can make up for an incomplete diet. Don’t use them as medicine -taking them only when you are faced with issues nor just doing a five-ten day course will help. Use these supplements when you are hale and hearty and want to untap your real potential and you may need it for months together to see any difference.

You can also read my quotes on when to take supplements on

Happily and healthily supplement your bon appétit !!! Take care …. KD

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17 thoughts on “Best Health Supplement for Women

  1. Anamika upadhyay

    Hello mam
    I m Anamika upadhyay 18 years old can I use this medicine .?????

  2. laxmi panda

    I m kidney transplant patient and suffering from High BP & type 2 diabetes can i use these supplementary tablets.i feel very week after doing some work.

  3. Pavani

    My Husband is suffering with Hyper hypothyroidism, He loss his weight almost 20 kgs in 2 months, What type of foods he has to take to control hyperthyroidism?

  4. swapna

    I feel very hungry n tired but couldn’t eat and I’I’m 29yrs . I’m hvg 2 kids.

    1. Neha Kava

      Hello Swapna,
      I would suggest you to have plenty of fluids throughout the day, 2 fruits and 3 meals a day ( Breakfast, lunch and dinner) witha cup of milk before going to bed. Add soem multivitamin supplement to your diet with prescription of your physician. Also indulge in soem activities which can reduce your stress. Spend half an hour for your self. It could be a walk, listening to music, a bit of dancing etc etc. Stress could be a reason.


  5. swapna

    I want to know more about women’s diet after conceiving

  6. Bina Sheth

    namaste kamna, a truly inspiring blog. Have been on fb & read your posts as well links that you have put up from time to time. God Bless you ma’am. Keep sharing more information on different subjects too on health & wellness.
    Best regards
    Bina Sheth
    Quest Foundation
    Sion, Mumbai, India


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