Why 7 meals a day is so important?

By | January 23, 2013

We hear many people talking about eating 7 meals a day considered to be healthy. But when we calculate our daily schedule we never have so much time to free to eat. So next question which comes to our mind is,

How is it possible?


How to make it possible?


Every one of us want to be healthy but with less efforts. So where there are fewer efforts the results which come out is also less. So if you want to see yourself with great results you need to struggle a little to achieve that result.

Why 7 meals a day?

When you have 7 meals your body utilizes most of the energy to carry out its routine function e/g/ digestion, absorption, assimilation and other metabolic functions. This happens because when you eat 7 times a day you tend to eat lesser quantity of food at a time. So using that little energy for that time is possible by the body’s metabolism. But if you eat 3 larger meals it gets out of body’s capacity to use up all those energy at that time. So body takes a turn in the metabolism process and stores all those excess energy in the form of fat.

So when this happens, initially you tend to put on weight because the extra energy what you are giving to your body to form fat goes on increasing day by day. This marks the beginning of many health risk factors. The process starts with overweight, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases and so on.

So it becomes very important to break up your meal into 7 smaller parts and then consume it throughout the day. With this technique your entire day’s calorie will be well distributed and your major meals will also not be calorically dense.

7 meals diet is also beneficial for the people who are engaged in desk jobs. They don’t have time for physical activity. So it becomes very important that you distribute your meals for your own benefit and healthy lifestyle for a longer period of time.2

A simple example will help you understand how it works for the body. When we have regular water supple in our homes we use water wherever it is required but when there is shortage of water supply or water is on only for a limited time we tend to save it in the buckets and tanks so that we can use it wisely throughout the day. So similarly happens to your body if you supply body with regular energy they use it but if you give it after a very long meal gap it saves energy as fat instead of utilizing it. Hence even if you eat 3 large meals you feel lethargy and tired that is majorly because nothing is being used by the body and just converted to fat.

How is it possible?

7 meals a day don’t literally mean that you have 7 full meals. 3 major meals i.e. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Apart from this 4 meals which is very light and stomach filling. Other in between meals can be anything from milk, buttermilk, lime juice, curd, sprouts, fruit plate, salads, roasted nuts, small bowl of cereal etc. keep options small and handy so it saves your time and allows you to continue this practice for a longer period of time.


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