Brown Bread Vs White Bread – Which one is better?

Brown Bread Vs White Bread – Which one is better?

Let’s talk about breads today. Brown Bread Vs White Bread, Which one is better? I am suremost of you must have said Wheat breads.


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Bread is the most convenient food in market since decades and decades. It is available at a cheaper rate so affordable to all categories of people. I have grown up eating breads. Never thought if bread is bad or good for health, but definitely a tasty option to eat for breakfast.

Whenever there is no time to make breakfast or make chapatti (Indian bread) to any meals, bread is something which is looked up to. So then came a decade which started avoiding breads in their diet because of the awareness in society. Breads are made of Maida and hence it is not good for health.

Food industry couldn’t keep quite with such a change in society. So in order to again build up consumers and customers they came up with the idea of wheat bread and brown bread.

Do you know what exactly goes in processing of these breads? Do you think wheat breads can be as soft as white breads? Brown colour does not always mean that it has wheat in that.


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Do not always go on what you can see in front of you. There are two varieties of bread available in any grocery shop 1. Wheat bread and 2. Brown Bread. Brown bread uses caramelized sugar in it which gives it it’s colour as brown.

When you eat brown breads you feel you are eating healthy food. Sorry but that bread is equally unhealthy. So in short you waste more money for same food which is available at lesser price just for colour being brown.


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Whole grain breads and multi grain breads are coarse breads which break when folded. So this is way to check out the quality of your bread. You can reach out to some close by bakery and ask for whole grain bread or multi grain bread.

I would suggest keeping breads minimum in your diet. Eat food which made in front of you and you are 100% sure of the ingredients gone into it. The quality of fats (Trans fats) and refined wheat flours (Maida) are really bad for health on a long run.

Why do we say Maida is bad for health? What exactly is Maida? Maida is a refined product of wheat flour. So if wheat is healthy, why not Maida? Maida is a bleached product from wheat. So the nutritional properties of wheat are destroyed with bleach. Hence where wheat is considered healthy at the same time refined flour is considered to be harmful for health.

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Maida is purely simple carbohydrates. It absorption process in body is similar to that of sugar. So it is strictly restricted to people with Diabetes and high triglycerides. It is also has high glycemic index which makes it harmful for obese people also. People will heart problems, pressure problems also have to restrict white breads in diet because of the bad fats present in it.

Wheat bread or brown bread may have small portion of wheat in it, but with the texture and taste it has is very similar to that of white bread. Bleaching of wheat removes all the healthy fiber from it. So it is always advisable to eat bread along with more amounts of vegetables. As vegetables are high in fiber so somewhere you try to make balance between healthy food and unhealthy food.


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So in my opinion choose breads as last resource for food. Eat food which is homemade and healthy. Do not use too much of bread varieties in your meals which will act as slow poison.

Especially kids are very find of bread. So keep them away from breads. Do not introduce breads more often to them. So if your intake of bread is low automatically even your kids and children will eat less breads in their diet

I am personally against breads, though pizza is one of my favorite cuisines. But I make sure I have pizza with lots of veggies and smaller in portion. So if you ask me I will have 2 medium size pizza pieces along with 1 bowl of sprouts and soup (if needed). So when you do not have much choice reduce the portion size of the meal, so ultimately you land up eating less Maida.

So I hope now if some one asks you White bread vs Brown bread,what should be your answer. 🙂


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  1. Many thanks for this valuable info. It has cleared today only that we were dying slowly with the consumption of brown bread also.

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