4 Foods You Should Try To Avoid If You Have Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a very common problem, but one that can complicate your day to day life to a ridiculous amount.

Sometimes you can’t wear something. Other times you can’t use certain perfumes or lotions. Some other times, you can’t wear certain accessories without developing breakouts and rashes.

Simply put, sensitive skin is a pain to deal with.

It would all be more tolerable if your sensitive skin decided to give you a break when it comes to food but sadly, that’s not the case.

It seems like people with sensitive skin has a huge list of things they can’t eat without some sort of unpleasant side effect and that gives room to ridiculous rumors such as people with sensitive skin being unable to lead vegetarian lifestyles or people with sensitive skin needing to always eat food cooked with cookware made for glass stoves.

While there’s a certain degree of truth to what people with sensitive skin can or can’t eat, the list of ‘risky foods’ is relatively short and it mostly covers things such as…

  1. Dairy

avoid dairy products for sensitive skin

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Milk, cheese, yogurt and other forms of dairy are packed with whey and casein protein, which can activate or aggravate allergies, particularly those that show on the skin.

Replace your dairy with other sources of protein such coconut milk, almond milk and rice milk. Even consider trying other forms of animal milk, such as goat and sheep.

You might’ve noticed that we never mentioned “soy milk” and there’s a very good reason for that.

2. Soy

soya beans to avoid skin desease

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Soy can create rashes, hives and even breakouts just hours after being ingested, which is actually one of the reasons behind the whole “people with sensitive skin can’t be vegetarian/vegan” conundrum.

Truth is, soy allergy is quite common, even for people without sensitive skin which is why you can work around the lack of soy in your diet quite easily.

What’s nowhere near as easy is avoiding soy altogether, mostly because the food industry likes to use soy to add flavor to just about everything. Tuna, bread and protein supplements are some of the culprits so make sure to read those nutrition labels quite carefully next time you’re at the supermarket.

3. Egg Whites

dont use egg whtie to avoid skin disease

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Egg whites can trigger an allergic reaction in some people, which can cause inflammation and rashes within minutes of being ingested.

If we’re technical here, it’s egg whites what you really need to be careful of but, let’s face it, few dishes call for yolks only so you should stay away from eggs altogether if they cause an allergic reaction on your skin.

4. Wine

avoid wine for skin disease

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You’d think that after spending the entire day navigating around what gives you rashes and what doesn’t a nice glass of wine would be the perfect way to relax but that’s not the case.

Wine can cause allergic reactions in some people and the chances you’re one of them if you have sensitive skin is quite high.

Wine allergies are caused by sulphites, which are used to preserve the wine through the years. These sulphites can cause flushed skin, rashes and even dermatitis, making wine, particularly red wine, one of the foods you should avoid if you have sensitive skin.

Yeah, we know. It sucks.

Before you start cursing the world and all that’s unfair, keep in mind that skin sensitivity is different from person to person. Some people are far more sensitive than others and some might be sensitive only to very specific substances.

You may not be sensitive to some of the articles mentioned in this list so next time you eat or drink any of those pay attention to what your body does. If you don’t present any rashes or hives then, congratulations, you might not be allergic / sensitive to that substance and you should feel free to add it to your diet.

However, if you do present certain complications then chances are you’re sensitive or allergic so you should take steps to eliminating them from your diet.

If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions, leave a comment! We’d love to hear from you.

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