Natural Tonics for Glowing Skin from Within

Natural Tonics for Glowing Skin from Within

Making yourself beautiful takes work – as much work as it takes an athlete to be a competitor. If Michael Phelps did nothing but eat pizza and watch TV all day, he wouldn’t be an Olympic swimmer. The same goes for models and glamorous actresses. It takes lots of effort to look your best.

Makeup only does so much. At best, it accentuates your best features. It doesn’t create true beauty in the same way airbrushed abs don’t make a real six pack. True beauty must come from within, and one of the best ways to look beautiful is to have amazing skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects us from infections, helps regulate our temperature, and produces vitamin D. Getting healthy skin takes work. Using the right cleansers and exfoliants is all well and good, but diet is also important.  There is truth to the old cliché of “we are what we eat,” or in this case, drink.

It All Starts with Water

Drinking water helps keep your skin moisturize, and can cleanse out the waste built up in your cells. Plus, staying properly hydrated will make you feel better in general. How much water a person should drink each day varies by body size, physiology, environment, and activity level. The universal rule is that a person should have eight, 8 oz. glasses of water per day (the 8×8 rule). Another good guideline to follow is simply drinking when you are thirsty.

Drinking water can also help keep you trim. Many times, when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty. The part of our brain that tells us we are either hungry or thirsty can send mixed signals. The next time you feel like a snack, try drinking a glass of water and waiting fifteen minutes to see if you’re still hungry. You may have just needed a drink.

Water by itself, however, can be pretty flavorless. Thankfully, drinking more water for healthier skin doesn’t mean only drink water. Make a tea to liven things up. There are several blends of herbal teas that are healthy and taste fantastic. Teas do not dehydrate us, despite what the old, debunked myth says. So, feel free to make some of those eight glasses of water a cup or two of tea.

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water for glowing skin


Tea Blends and Tonics for Beautiful Skin

Tea blends are when different types of tea leaves or herbs are mixed to create unique flavors and combine the health benefits offered by various ingredients. The healthiest blends tend to have a green tea base, but oolong and black tea have plenty of advantages to offer. Green tea is miraculous in that it’s antioxidant properties help prevent the signs of aging and can help protect against sun damage. Your tea of choice doesn’t always have to be for your skin to help with beauty, though. A tea blend to boost metabolism can also do wonders for a person’s appearance.

There are several types of herbs that can be used to make skin healing and boosting tonics and teas. Some are relatively recent discoveries, but most others have been used by cultures for thousands of years as part of their holistic traditions. There are many ways for them to be made into tonics, or otherwise infused with simple green tea. Here are some of the best herbs for the skin, and what they do.


Cinnamon for glownig skin

This popular flavoring isn’t just something that Starbucks adds to a pumpkin spice latte. Combining it with teas and making it part of a tonic can give you a glowing complexion.

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Chamomile is easy to find since chamomile teas are usually sitting next to green tea on store shelves. This wondrous herb has been shown to be an excellent skin healer. It can either be made into a drink or made into face wash. Chamomile tea bags are great to rest on your eyes to make them look rejuvenated.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is a natural anti-inflammatory that is renowned for its acne fighting power. Used topically, it can clear away excess oiliness without drying out your skin too bad.


Hot peppers can fight wrinkles. Adding paprika, chili peppers, jalapeño, and cayenne to your diet is a fun and spicy way to look younger. Granted, a tonic might be the best way to mix in these natural wonders into your diet, but they should be included somehow.



While lavender is best known for its calming effects, and as a natural sleep aid, it can also do wonders for the skin. Lavender is rich in linalool which helps to keep skin firm, as well as producing a soothing effect.

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