Benefits of drinking water in our daily life

By | March 18, 2016

Most of us know that water is a very important nutrient for our body. We cannot live without water for longer duration. Water works as grease for the body. Without water our body will not be able to utilize other nutrients too, majorly water soluble vitamins. So read below benefits of drinking water and importance of water in our life.

Water makes up about two thirds of who we are, and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body. It gives altogether a different feeling when you drink enough of water. Water has many many health benefits one of the most important being that it’s no calories. Water is highly beneficial and easily available yet is highly overlooked. Our body is about 60% of water.

I am sure many of you must have experienced that drinking more water throughout the day makes you feel more energetic as compared to days when you drink less water. Also your skin will show up the freshness. Such a unique property of water that without providing any calories still it gives you energy

Benefits of drinking water:

Helps to maintain fluid balance:  As more than 60% body is made of water. It becomes very important that we maintain water and electrolyte balance. Fluid balance also helps in transport of nutrients in the body, digest food and also regulate body temperature.

Supplies energy to muscles and boosts up your workout stamina. When you workout you loose water from muscles and if there is no adequate water supply your muscles will feel tired very soon.  To experience this, drink water in between your workout and then feel the difference in your energy levels.

Controls appetite and cravings: Drinking minimum of 2 litres of water per day will help you to control your appetite as hydrated body will make you feel full always and thereby you will not feel the hunger. Thereby you can overcome the consumption of extra calories and meals.

Gives clear and fresh skin:  When you drink less water, toxins present in the body will cause inflammation to your skin, clogged pores, black heads and acne. So drinking enough water will help you to deal with all these problems.

Importance of water


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Improves Kidney Functioning: Kidneys are involved in removing waste products from our body in form of urine. So if you drink more water more purification happens. Your body is toxic free.

Helps to overcome fatigue: Drinking enough water will keep you fresh and also help you to overcome fatigue.

Prevents muscle cramps: Keeping yourself well hydrated will help you to stay away from muscle pain, joint pain, muscle cramps.

Relieves constipation: One of the major cause of constipation is less water intake. Your body needs enough water to make your stool soft. So if you are facing problem of constipation do consider increasing your water intake.

There are many reasons for not drinking water. There could be no availability of water, no washroom facility (in you have to attend it frequently), do not remember to drink water, do not like to drink plain water.

Let’s go to few tips which will help you to increase your water intake and provide you with all the possible benefits.

  1. If you are not fond of plain water, add fresh lemon, mint leaves etc to water which will add refreshing flavor to your water and thereby help you to increase your water intake.
  2. Whenever you pass water cooler or your kitchen make sure you drink a glass of water.
  3. If you feel hungry and you have just had your meal then just gulp down a glass of cold water and wait for 2 minutes. You will overcome your hunger.
  4. After finishing a bottle, make sure you refill it when you take the last sip.
  5. To add some taste add freshly cut lemon or lime to water.
  6. If you don’t like water at room temperature, you are free to add ice cubes.
  7. Dilute your juices with water to reduce the calorie of the drink and also the fluid intake will step up. Do not add sugar to the drink.
  8. If you forget to drink some water, then best way would be making it a morning ritual. So start your day with 1-2 glasses of water. So you will start your day with freshness of water and you will feel better.
  9. Every time you drink water drink it in the big glass. And make few glasses fixed up. You can start with as soon as you get up, when you leave your house for office, when you are about to start your work, before your lunch and dinner.
  10. Get a glass of your choice with some motivational message which can encourage you to drink water.
  11. Drink water after each visit to washroom. So replenish your body with the water it has just lost.
  12. Carry your own bottle when you are out for walk, or when you are travelling, while exercising.

Water requirements vary in different season but the basic requirement of the body will not change as per climatic environment. You drink more water in summer because you can feel thirst because of heat in the temperature but that doesn’t mean your body requires less water during winter. So I believe 3 litres of water is the basic requirement of all individuals irrespective of the climate.

We have misunderstood importance of water, may be because of its easy availability and inexpensiveness. I have always seen mothers running behind kids to make them eat food. But have we ever realised that why we don’t emphasize our kids to drink more water. We should always encourage kids from very early age to drink enough water along with food. So water is also equally important for our body.

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of drinking water in our daily life

  1. k.a.parmar

    I am taking enough water still stool comes very hard and because of that itching started and I have to use external cream,even I can’t seat properly.why is that so please give some tip for that.what can I do?

    1. Neha Kava Post author

      Hello Mr. Kishore,

      If you drink almost 3 litres of water regularly, then what you need to check that you eat enough of fiber in your diet i.e. in the form of salads or fruits (No fruit juices).Brisk walking will also help in moving your bowels. Avoid maida products. Take 1 ts of melted ghee before going to bed.



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