Understanding Dietary Requirements [Infographic]

Understanding Dietary Requirements [Infographic]

Sometimes it can feel like a full time job staying on top of new food trends and movements. It seems like every week a new way of eating is ‘discovered’ — and it can be very easy to fall behind. For anyone catering to dietary restrictions and requirements, planning a meal for someone on a special diet can quickly become an occasion that requires excessive research and planning. What ingredients are gluten free? Is everything definitely vegan?

Allergies, intolerance’s, different eating styles and conscious food movements are all touching our plates in some way or another. Thankfully, a few basic food lifestyles look to be sticking around for the long haul. Allergies are actually on the increase, and ethical plant or whole-foods-based diets appear to be the future (with good reason).

Check out the Infographic below, “Modern Eating — The Basics”. It’s your crash-course in modern food!

Guide to Modern Eating - infographic


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  1. its a huge shame all the healthy food cost a bomb where you cant afford to live a healthy living lifestyle when you have kids to feed too..they should male it affortable in supermarkets to buy

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