What is the role of Dietitians?

By | March 9, 2024

What do Dietitians do?
Dietitians or Nutritionists are the experts in the field of food, nutrition and dietetics.

They deal with food, their properties and their effect on each individual seperately.

Nutritionist has ability to use food as medicine to treat various disorders and thereby give a heathly life.

Registered Dieticians professionals specialize in various fields like clinical practise, weightloss, food service, research, sports, public educator, freelancer.

But, the motive is to give everyone healthy & problem free life.
Dietitians plays role since the foetus is in mother’s womb. The requirements of nutrients starts before birth.

They are the one who decides which food is best suitable in which particular condition and at which stage of life.

Also they advise the best food for a person from the list of  foods available.

Dietitians play vital roles, including:

  1. Prescribing diets to treat or prevent lifestyle-related disorders.
  2. Managing RT tube feeding for patients unable to chew.
  3. Supervising food quantity and quality through dietary recall.
  4. Calculating calorie intake and recommending nutrient-rich diets.
  5. Ensuring food quality in the food industry.
  6. Overseeing food service management in five-star hotels.
  7. Counseling clients to improve their dietary habits.
  8. Creating and marketing personalized nutrition products.
  9. Addressing patients’ food-related queries and myths in hospitals.
  10. Engaging in social work to highlight the importance of nutrition and teach healthy recipes.

Dietitians are as crucial as doctors, contributing significantly to health and well-being. I am proud to be a dietitian, helping others lead healthier lives. Contact me for a personalized diet plan at info@nutrichoice4u.com.

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RD Neha Kava

National Registered Dietitian at NutriChoice4u.com
Neha Kava is a National Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist in India. She specializes ins Clinical Nutrition, weight management. She likes to spread awareness and educate her readers about health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, sexual health and diet tips for holistic health. You can connect with her on info@nutrichoice4u.com Or hethhealthhome@gmail.com

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