Treatment For Varicose Veins.

By | June 3, 2024

Varicose Veins are the veins which are swollen and twisted. It is usually seen in legs where the walls and valves of veins are damaged and not functioning properly. This damaged weak veins are seen post pregnancy, for person who suffers from chronic constipation, obesity and over weight or may be if suffering from any tumour.

Varicose veins are formed when there blood pressure in that vein increases. Mostly varicose veins are present in legs but in rare condition it can also be seen inform of hemorrhoids which is also a type of varicose veins emerging from rectum.

Let’s understand what is actually damaged withing the veins. There are one way valves present within the veins which open and close to make sure that the blood flow towards heart. When the valves are damaged the veins is not able to empty itself and send blood to heart instead it get collected and hence there is swelling in veins. This is called Reflux. Due to this the veins become large and distorted.

It is seen that the risk of varicose vein is high in older individuals, people who have long standing or sittings hours, who has very sedentary life style, facing issues of obesity and weight gain. All these are lifestyle related causes. Apart from this, genetic and hereditary also add on to the risk factors. Multiple pregnancies in ladies is also seen to increase risk of varicose veins.

Varicose veins starts with swelling veins, further progressing towards spider veins, swelling of leg and discoloration of skin. There are many people who have varicose veins but do not have any symptoms or pain. Some people experience itching, pain, swelling, discoloration of skin happens. This condition can be aggravated by long hours of standing or sitting. When you sit on bed with your leg up, the pain is seen to be reducing and symptoms subside.

It is highly recommended that you see a vascular specialist to treat your varicose veins. There are two types of treatments available. One is open surgery or laser treatment and other is conservative treatment that includes lifestyle change by managing sitting and standing hours a day, weight management, compression stockings and exercises advised by physiotherapist.

There are patients who do not have any pain of varicose veins but they undergo laser treatment to treat the varicose veins for cosmetic reasons. I believe there is very less awareness about varicose veins among the patients and also the doctors.

When patient experiences varicose veins in early stage has to be counselled to change his lifestyle and manage his sitting and standing hours with weight management. There are hundreds of varicose veins stockings available online and in pharmacy for retail. Stocking has to be scientifically proven to help you. As these stocking will be part of your lifestyle. so sticking has to be skin friendly at the same time it should be capable enough the hold the progression of varicose.

I am personally suffering from varicose veins, and after using so many different brands for varicose veins, I came across this stocking which is scientifically made to support our veins with causing any restriction in the movement or choice of clothes we wear.

I request all the doctors and physiotherapist to recommend stocking which is not tailor stitched but is designed by scientist with great results. I am using Jobst Opaque Medical Compression stockings. You can surely connect ( with me if you want any product recommendation for varicose veins.

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