How to get rid of Pimples in a week?

By | March 1, 2016

Pimples are the worst thing to show up on your face. It can appear overnight. Mostly it comes up when you have any important event to attend. It is really disgusting to get up in morning and see your face with a zit. I just hate it!!

I empathise with all those who face this problem very often. I also remember a friend whose entire face was packed with pimples yet she was very comfortable and happy. There are very few people who like to accept themselves with zits all over around. Most of the people spend thousands of money to cure this problem. So lets have a look a what is pimples and how to get rid of pimples in a week using home remedies and get relief from it.

What is pimple?

Pimple is a small papule or pustule. Pimples are sebaceous organs which are infected with microbes. They swell up and afterwards top off with discharge. Pimples are small skin injuries or aggravations of the skin. Pimples are also known as zits or spots.

What Causes pimples?

There is excessive amount of oil which brings an immersion of the skin. This oil traps microscopic organisms typically found on the skin and reasons the contamination. This is the exact cause of raised section on skin. Zits are not result of just one reason. There are many factors which will contribute to the pimples, few of which are not in our control.

Few factors are;
1. How often you shed your skin cells in your life cycle.
2. Hormones are responsible for sebum production which results in pimples.
3. Your genetic profile will also give you a clear picture of what are your chances of developing pimples.
The factors which are responsible for pimple formations are explained below. There is no control over them. Understanding these factors will help you to find the most effective solution for yourself.

1. Excess Sebum production: When the sebaceous gland is stimulated, it produces excess sebum. While this serum is available it mixes with common skin bacteria and dead skin cells. This is a normal process. When sebum is in excess the follicle increases the chances of clogging and causing pimples.
2. Hormones: Androgens begins its production during puberty. Androgen is a hormone. During puberty androgen causes sebaceous glands to enlarge as a normal part of body’s development. For few, these sebaceous glands are over stimulated by androgens .These are also responsible for high stimulation during menstrual cycle and pregnancy.
3. Bacteria: all skin types will have bacteria. It is a part of skin’s natural sebum maintenance system. When a follicle is plugged, there is a chemical reaction and bacteria starts multiplying rapidly. These reactions lead to inflammation on the skin.

Home remedies which can help you to get rid of pimples:

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1. Application of ice cube on the pimple: This will help you to reduce the inflammation in first place. Then it will help to dry out a pimple very fast. This will cause the pore to close up, which then causes the excess bacteria and dirt to drain out on its own. You can repeat the application of ice as many times as you wish.

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2. Honey: Honey is a natural disinfectant which can demolish the microbes in the oil organs rapidly. Honey is also a natural skin purifier. You can apply honey on the pimple spot or to entire face as well.
3. Toothpaste: Toothpaste is also an extra ordinary treatment. Apply it directly on the spot. People who have sensitive skin should not try to use toothpaste as it can cause itching and redness.
4. Steam: Steam works excellent for few people. While we expose our skin to steam, the skin pours opens up and the bacteria is flushed out of the skin. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after 30 minutes of steaming.
5. Lemon juice: Lemon has anti-bacterial property. It acts as a germicide and kills all the microscopic bacteria. It acts as astringent and work towards reducing the excess production of oil. For more tenacious pimples, make a mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon powder and spot onto pimples for throughout the night treatment. This will help dispose of pimples rapidly, however is not suggested for individuals with sensitive skin.

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6. Apple Cider Vinegar: It works similar to lemon juice. When you use it for first time dilute and then use it. Later if it’s ok on your skin, use undiluted for best results.
7. Tea tree Oil: Tea tree oil has great impact in curing pimples. Tea tree oil is able to break up clogged pores and clearout dead skin cells. Additionally, its mitigating properties help decrease the redness and aggravation of pimples. It additionally bails dry out pimples and whiteheads. Tea tree oil has to be applied directly on the skin using cotton balls and leave it around 30 minutes. You can moisturize later. Do not use tea tree oil undiluted.
8. Cornstarch: People who have very sensitive skin can try applying corn starch and leave it for 15 20minutes. It is very gentle and do not cause any kind of inflammation or irritation to the skin.
9. Garlic: Garlic is found to be part of home remedies for almost all problems. So here also garlic helps to cure pimples. Garlic has ton of antibacterial properties when you eat it and also has great effects when applied on the face directly. Either mince a clove of garlic to form a paste, or cut a clove of garlic in half and hold it to your pimple. Leave the garlic on for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse off with cool water.
10. Baking Soda: Baking soda is another powerful ingredient which helps to cure pimples. It encourages peel the skin to evacuate abundance oil, and dead skin cells.
11. Papaya: Papaya is a very common ingredient of many skin products. Papaya has to be mashed up and applied over the pimple or on entire face. Allow it to be on the face for 20-30 minutes.
12. Egg Whites: Egg whites are also equally effective on pimples. Apply on the entire face and let it be there for an hour for better results. Use cotton swab, cotton ball or simply make use of your fingers to apply the egg whites to your pimple.
13. Aspirin: Most of us use aspirin for aches. Aspirin also has great results on pimples. Make glue with 3 sections water to 1 section Aspirin. Once the mixture had thickened take a Q-tip and apply to the exasperated region. The mixture will take generally thirty minutes to solidify and start to drop off. After that wash your face. Can be used once in a day.
14. Yoghurt: Apply yoghurt on pimples. It reduces inflammations and gives cooling effect to the skin. It also helps to dry off the pimple. Did you know yogurt additionally has incredible profits for your skin when connected topically? Yogurt has been utilized on skin for excellence advantages since old times.
15. Cucumber: Cucumber has great cooling effects. You can make mast with cucumber. Apply this paste for 20 minutes. Then wash your skin with water. This will help you to remove all dirt from the skin and bacteria from the pores.

I hope all the above home remedies will be useful to you.

Choose any one remedy at a time to have its beneficial effects. Changing your home remedy everyday will be confusing for you decide which remedy suits you the best and which not.

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Neha Kava is a National Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist in India. She specializes ins Clinical Nutrition, weight management. She likes to spread awareness and educate her readers about health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, sexual health and diet tips for holistic health. You can connect with her on Or

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