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By | July 14, 2016

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I had written a post earlier a year ago that why counting calories is so important today. But over a year working closely on weight management I have realised that counting calories for life time is going to be a difficult task.

So if you really interested to keep yourself healthy for long life than something which needs to be work on is your lifestyle. Lifestyle involves all the factors like time to rise in morning, meal gaps, frequency of drinking water, which mode of transport you use for travelling, food you choose to eat ( home cooked food or convenient food), alcohol consumption, frequency of eating out and junk food. All these form your lifestyle apart from fashion.

So when you say you have a healthy life. It means you eat all healthy fresh home cooked food in less fat and regular exercise in form of walk, jog, run, cycling, swimming or playing any other sport for at least 5 days a week. So it is basically a combination of good food and good activity levels.
By eating a healthy food I do not mean that all the time you have to eat home cooked food only. If you are young you would obviously love to eat variety of food from outside. There is no harm in enjoying the food which you like, but what you need to take care is how frequently you eat and how much you eat.

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Portion control is the biggest key of being healthy. Unhealthy food has to be eaten less frequently and in fewer portions. Still eating lesser portion will give you comparatively higher calories than eating healthy. So again you are in imbalance of calories.

What do we do next? When we have closed door for nutrition then we have to open the wide door of exercise. So when you think you have eaten more than your adequate calorie intake, so it time to have more of activity also in your routine.

Fitness Funda
Good Food + Good Exercise =Healthy you
Bad Food + Extra Exercise = Healthy you
Extra good food + Less exercise = Healthy you
Bad food + Less Exercise = Unhealthy you


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So when we talk about being healthy, we do not only talk about diet, it is also your exercise schedule.

How many of you believe that exercise is only to loose weight? Exercising has gain importance and is a trend because there is no activity other than that in entire day as 90% of the jobs are sedentary desk job. People use private vehicle to reach work, for small distance hiring a vehicle, no outdoor activities. All these things lead to deficit in daily activity.

So to overcome this deficit we go in gyms, run marathons, cycle or play some sports. But then consistency is the key. We have to be consistent in that. So any activity which done on regular basic for longer duration will have better results.

Diet will be a short term solution. You won’t be seeing a dietician for all your life unless you are clinically ill. So best would be to follow a healthy lifestyle routine which will stay with you for long long years.


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Is it really easy to change your lifestyle all of sudden? Ofcourse,not. So to change your lifestyle it is important that you make small small changes at a time till it becomes a habit for you and it becomes part of your routine. For example we teach kids to start brushing every day. So once they develop a habit to brush their teeth then we move to teach them to brush their teeth by themselves. So it’s a single process but divided in two parts which is easy to accept by kids. Similarly, you can first work on going for a walk every day and then can start timing your walk and work on intensity. Once you have developed a habit to go on walk then you can choose food as a next habit. So simpler one would be no junk on weekdays and so on.
So now when you see your dietician make sure along with diet you also learn the ways to modify your lifestyle rather than just focusing on 5 meals in a day and with many food restrictions.

If you remember the fitness Funda table, you have already reached 50% fitness. So let’s go on a fitness journey.

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