Benefits of Drinking Water with Turmeric

Benefits of Drinking Water with Turmeric

This year winter has been colder than last few years. So I am sure all the winters lovers are enjoying it more. Here I would like to discuss with you benefits of drinking turmeric water this winter.

When the temperature gets colder, cold and cough is the basic disease which gets viral. If you must have noticed, more than cold; sore throat, throat irritation, throat ulcers is troubling us. Winter cannot be the only reason for this. So when I walk on roads of Mumbai, I cannot find a 1km road without any construction things happening.

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Either it is developing or demolishing of the infrastructure of the city. But it is definitely demolishing the health of the citizen with its pollution. It has become very difficult to take some fresh breath or go for a good walk on the road as a few decades ago.

So here it becomes very important that we have something our diet which helps us protect against this pollution and keep our immunity intact. So we have one herb in our kitchen which we have been using since the start TURMERIC. It is surely the most common food found in every kitchen.

Drinking turmeric water every day in morning empty stomach can you immense benefits and also helps you cleans your system, flushes your liver toxins, builds immunity. So, in short, it can be good detox water too. You can also add turmeric to any of your health decoction.

Benefits of turmeric I have already discussed in my previous blog: Health Benefits of Turmeric

So now let’s discuss how can use Turmeric in our daily life:

  1. Turmeric water. This is the simplest and easiest way to use turmeric and get its benefits. When you add turmeric to your water, it is raw and hence it is more beneficial as the properties of turmeric are intact. When it passes through the throat, your oesophagus, stomach it goes on repairing the cells which are damaged and bleeding. It helps those cells to rejuvenate.
  2. Fresh Turmeric. Winters are the best season to get fresh turmeric. They are very hot in nature. So has to be eaten in moderation. It can be pickled in water of salt and lemon. It can be crushed and made into chutney. It can be added as part of healthy salad.

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  1. Turmeric Milk. Haldi milk, as called by my grandparents was very important part of their diet during winters. They did not sleep without drinking haldi milk. And I proudly take this traditional practice in my life also. And it does give your throat and body that warmth. Also, prevent you from cold and cough. It works as the best home remedy for children as they frequently suffer from cold and cough during winters.
  1. Turmeric laddoos. For very small kids, you can add little turmeric and jaggery along with little ginger powder and make very small size laddoos for them. So they enjoy that sweet taste of jaggery and also get benefits from turmeric

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  1. Turmeric powder can also be taken directly with water. This works best for throat pain or throat infection etc. So you just take a half teaspoon of turmeric powder with a pinch of salt. Take it and then drink water.
  1. Best when applied on wounds. It is best antiseptic, anti-fungal. If you know, whenever we bleed, traditionally what our grandparents use to do, they use to take a pinch of turmeric powder and hold it tight on the wound. As our skin is cut and is exposed to the atmosphere here are chances of getting infections. So turmeric there helps to protect you from infection and at the same time also helps in clotting of blood and thereby the bleeding stops. You get many Ayurveda and herbal preparation in form of gel to be applied on wounds.

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Apart from above uses, turmeric is also part of our each and every food preparation. Vegetables, dal, curry, sambar, paratha pulav, biryani, chillas anything we make, we do add turmeric.

As cooking tip, most of us know turmeric and pepper are best to have together as that increases absorption of curcumin from the turmeric and it increases anti-oxidant property of turmeric.

Cooking turmeric in coconut oil and olive oil, roasting leads to the formation of degradation compounds which are highly therapeutic in nature for fighting cancer, low immunity, and various types of inflammations in the body.

So, hope you must have decided for yourself as to how you want to use turmeric in your diet.

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I will be happy to guide you.

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