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By | July 26, 2016

Bollywood craze is mad in India. Where there is so much difference in them and other population. Why even another non-actor millionaire is not followed as it the Bollywood stars are followed.

Answer is not very unique. Whatever little they do is publicized widely which makes lots of difference. Being in Nutritional field I was just thinking that every human will need same nutrients to survive, to look good, to lose weight, to build muscles etc etc. Lets have a check on what is Bollywood actress diet secrets / celebrity weight loss secrets?

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I came up with only one answer to my question that why they have some unique results of the same things we do. Firstly its dedication to achieve that goal as it is for their survival. When being fit becomes your survival you will diet to be fit. Am I right???

When I came across a article which shared Madhuri Dixit’s Diet plan which have made her so lean post pregnancy I was just amazed. As her diet was a very common diet routine which we usually prescribe to our weight loss clients. They do lose weight but not so quick and effectively.
One more reason for quick and effective result is; they are paid to be healthy whereas we have to pay to become healthy.. hahahah

That really makes lots of difference. I remember my mom telling me that money can make you do anything.. So to get motivated different people need different things. For some looking healthy is enough and for some looking healthy to earn money is important.

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Ok back to the topic, I would share with you Madhuri Dixit’s diet plan which she shared on one of the media page

Madhuri Dixit on her weight loss says:

“I have five small meals throughout the day.

My morning starts with a small breakfast that consists of oatmeal or three egg whites and toast, followed by tea. I’m a tea drinker and I need minimum two cups a day.

Then I have a mid-meal comprising of nuts or curd with half a fruit.

Lunch is usually a piece of chicken, some vegetables and carbs (I prefer roti to rice and bajre ki roti is my choice). A little amount of carb is necessary during the day as we’re involved in physical activity.

In the evening, I have an egg-white and a cup of tea or some form of protein.

I have an early dinner which is by 7.30 pm and it includes a bowl of salad, grilled fish or chicken and vegetables.”

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So simple it could be. Do you thing this would be a real diet what she must be eating? Or it is just for public to read and not bother her.

I would say she is eating just perfect to lose weight. After this what you need to work on is the exercise part. No diet will have great results if not accompanied by exercise. So, intense hard workout is equally important to reach any fitness goal.

I had an opportunity to meet her trainer (Name not to be revealed) who disclosed that even at this age she workouts like a young actress and follows what exactly is been told to her. This is bollywood actress diet secrets and every celebrity weight loss secrets.

So I think I thing important is to trust on people whom you work with. So if you want any kind of advice from any specialized person make sure that you trust them and follow them religiously.

So do not think that celebrities eat food from some other world but they eat same food what we eat but in correct portion and at correct time.

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Kindly do not follow any diet regime without supervision of a specialized Nutritionist as every individual’s requirement is different.

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