Going on healthy diet – Expensive/ affordable?

By | January 25, 2024

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It’s really interesting to discuss my views on this topic. Going on diet is expensive or affordable. When we hear anyone talking about diet they majorly talk about being on low calorie diet and majorly surviving on fruits, vegetables and sprouts. When you sit and calculate these food groups from the food pyramid are the costliest foods to be consumed. If these foods intake has to be increased in the diet it is obvious that the expenditure of your diet will also increase.

While certain diets may shift food categories, the overall expenditure may not change significantly. It’s crucial to analyze the relationship between diet and expenses. Investing in a healthy diet can be seen as a valuable investment in long-term well-being, minimizing healthcare costs and promoting the adage “Health is Wealth.”

“Where there is a will, there is a way”. When you really feel you should have a healthy diet, there are all the options available expensive as well as cheaper. It’s on you which one to choose. Expensive options are easily available whereas for cheaper options require your time and effort.

Fruits like guava, papaya, and bananas, along with seasonal vegetables and cost-effective options like tomatoes, provide affordable alternatives for a healthy diet. Opting for fresh lime juice or buttermilk as substitutes for recommended juices can also contribute to a budget-friendly approach to maintaining a nutritious diet.

10Affordability is generally seen only when it comes to eating healthy food. When you socialize and eat food out 3 times more the money is spent on the food which is not as healthy as home food. Average intake of oil in a family of 4 people is not less than 200gms per day which is considered to be very high. On an average each person consumes 50gms of oil. This intake has to be dropped down to 15gms per day which comes to 60gms per day for 4 people. So here you can save your money which is going wasted on the food which is not actually required by the body.

When consulting your nutritionist, discuss affordability concerns. They can create a cost-effective, well-balanced diet tailored to your budget, ensuring a sustainable and beneficial approach to health. Trust your health professionals for practical solutions that you can follow consistently.

So it’s not always that a healthy diet is an expensive diet. The only thing expensive is your life. So do not compromise anything for your life.

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