Can’t Afford the Gym? Here’s 3 Ways to Get a Great Workout at Home

By | September 26, 2018

Working out and exercise have become important parts of the American cultural identity. The culture behind working out can seem extremely intimidating to someone who wants to start exercising but doesn’t know how. Going to the gym is always an option available, but most people do not have the time nor the budget. Fortunately, since technology is revolutionizing our society, there are plenty of options for those less inclined to go out to still get the exercise they need.

There are plenty of resources for you to make gains without having to go to an overpriced gym. Here are a few ways to get that perfect home workout routine started.

Perfecting Work Out Routines 

The most time-consuming step and also the step you should focus on the most is creating workout routines that will meet all of your goals. To begin gaining traction in your workouts, try to diversify exercises and work yourself to your limit. Nothing is more satisfying than creating a goal for yourself and following through.  

Take some time deciding what type of body you want to craft for yourself, what areas you will zero in on, and do a ton of research and experimenting with your own body. Fortunately, with the internet, there are plenty of options for workout routines online.

Nowadays, many professional personal trainers will use sites like to make websites that people at home can use in their home fitness routines. This means that finding a routine perfectly customized to your body type and workout preferences is within reach.

Track Your Progress

It’s extremely important during the beginning stages to take photos and videos of yourself as you progress, to track how your body is developing.

Progress shots and daily work outs are great things to put up on your website and social media, as a public progress tracker. You don’t need to be a professional photographer; you just need to make sure the lighting and angle are clean. This way, you’ll be able to foster a community to support you on your fitness journey.

Make sure to keep your work outs saved on file for you to reference back to once you start to see results. You will be able change the workouts depending on how your goals develop and change.

Buying Your Own Equipment  

Gym equipment can run pretty pricey these days, especially if you are trying to create your own personal gym inside your house. Fortunately, there are various other ways to get equipment for cheap or free in order to train yourself.

Going to a local Goodwill or other second-hand store usually reveals surprisingly good quality and affordable work out gear. There are entire sections within these stores dedicated to gym apparel, which is usually brand name and gently used. In the back, by the furniture section, there are usually weight sets, jump ropes, and yoga mats.

Maybe you’ll even find a working machine to use. But most of the work out gear that you will find in these stores will be small and portable for all your home work out needs.

Establishing (and Maintaining) an Online Presence 

This step ties directly into the previous two and will make your journey into becoming the best you that you can be easier by a long shot. Creating not only a strong set of social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.), but also a stand-alone website that highlights your journey will help you progress at a faster rate than others.

Creating an entire presence online can sound like a hand full, but there are many benefits to making your workouts digital. These include having people to hold you accountable for your work outs, being able to share your progress and tips that you learned through your work outs, and not feeling isolated in your health journey.

Gaining the perfect body doesn’t have to be an expensive feat and these tips will hopefully help you take the power back into your own hands and transform your life.

In this online world, you get lots of information online but make sure that you are relying on an authentic source. Take a right call, learn from a certified trainer online or offline. Exercise are known to give you injuries which can be lifetime, so be really careful and take a right call. Learn the right ways to exercise.

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