Are pastas really healthy???

By | January 23, 2013


Approximately 5 years back pastas were something which was not heard by most of the people. It was not a familiar food. People who use to travel abroad and overseas were only familiar with the word pasta. It became so popular among the tourist who visited abroad that it has been become as one of the item in all the grocery shops and malls.

Pastas are even become a routine for a small kid. It’s on the verge of overtaking the demand of magi which use to be one of the favorite foods among the kids population. It was also very easy to prepare. So to feed a hungry child it was tastier and quick option, though not a very healthy one. But occasionally giving magi was still okay. Now a child asks for pastas. Parents also make it a part of their snack store at home because it’s convenient to cook. They are available is various shapes which fantasize small kids.

As we know that western diet is more of refined carbohydrate based which is little unsuitable for the Indian population as the health risk factors are increasing day by day. But as the technology has advanced they have come with wheat pastas and whole wheat pastas. It is surely a better version of it. But one major concern with its better quality is its high prices. Whole wheat pastas are very expensive as compared to refined pastas. So this makes us again go for cheaper refined pastas though it’s unhealthy. But it’s a very big and wrong decision when you compromise on the quality of food. Our health is more expensive than the price of pasta. So if you are healthy it will help you to become wealthy in many ways. In some countries, pasta is enriched with B-complex vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin and niacin) and sometimes iron also. Protein and fiber-enriched pastas are also available.

How to make pastas healthier?

Pasta as a food is not a very healthy food but including it to our diet with our busy lifestyle where doing physical activity is out of the question makes it little unhealthier. If you really fond of eating pastas you make few variations to your pastas and enjoy the healthier version of it. Here are few ways in which you can make it healthier.


  • Use whole wheat pastas. Avoid the refined and flavored ones.
  • Red sauce pastas are healthier than white sauce pastas.
  • If you are a white sauce pasta lover than you can definitely make changes in your preparation method of white sauce. Add whole wheat flour instead of refined flour (Maida), add a small quantity of ghee instead of butter and lastly add low fat milk. Do not add cheese to the sauce.
  • Increase the proportion of veggies in the pasta. Add veggies of different colors to make it more attractive and nutritious. Adding of veggies will also give you satiety for longer duration.
  • Add boiled pasta to the preparation. Do not increase its calorie by sautéing it in additional oil which is not required.
  • Eat pastas very occasionally.
  • Homemade pasta preparation in far better than what available outside in restaurants.

So if pastas are prepared in a healthy way it can be included few times a month in your diet. So right choice in a right place will give you best results.

Enjoy pastas in a healthier way!!!

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