5 Foods That Are Proven to Increase the Level of Testosterone

5 Foods That Are Proven to Increase the Level of Testosterone

Testosterone is a male sexual hormone which plays a significant role in many vital functions within the human body. It is responsible for libido, strength, aggressiveness, performance, metabolism, and muscles. The individuals with high level of natural testosterone are active, and they have a much better muscle development than those guys with a lower amount of testosterone.

The problem happens in the late twenties when the natural level of testosterone tends to fall, which makes us weaker and more susceptible to gaining weight. It also complicates the increasing of pure muscle mass. There are some natural supplements available and design to increase the level of testosterone. However, many people are skeptical regarding such products, and they believe that their real effects are the subject of discussion.

Though, there is some good news regarding the whole situation. Whether you are getting old or you simply have a naturally low level of testosterone, you can still solve the issue by eating the right food. Here we will present you five foods that are proven to increase the testosterone level naturally. The results should come up after a few weeks.

  1. Crabs

It is an excellent foodstuff for increasing the natural level of hormones within the body. Crabs are a great addition for testosterone. One of the key reasons why is that so is because the crabs are full of vitamin D, and vitamin D is known to enhance the level of testosterone.

Vitamin D is the essential nutrient because it helps the body to absorb the calcium. Numerous studies over the years have shown that the lack of vitamin D is in relation with the low level of testosterone. The studies have also shown that individuals who used to consume the food which is full of vitamin D have had a significant improvement in the natural level of testosterone within a couple of weeks.

The carbs are perfect because they are rich in vitamin D, and apart from this, they are also rich in proteins and amino acids that are also in correlation with the production of testosterone.

2. Oysters


People call them natural aphrodisiac, and one of the key reasons why that is so is because oysters are capable of improving the level of testosterone which plays a huge role in sexual health and functioning.

Oysters are rich in many minerals including selenium, magnesium, and zinc. Each one of these minerals is proven to be useful when it comes to the natural production of hormones within the body. By improving the testosterone, zinc is also boosting the libido as well as the sexual tension.

Additionally, just like crabs, the oysters are also rich in proteins and amino acids. Romans were valuing these creatures so much that they used to bring them from the distant regions. Today, oysters fall under the category of luxury foods, and the process of cultivation can last up to four years until they get ready for the market.

3. Bananas

It is one of those foods that are perfect for the production of testosterone, and there are a few reasons for this. One of the reasons is because bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, potassium, and vitamin B complex.

All of these nutrients help in the creation of testosterone in the human body, and bananas are incredibly suitable for such purpose which makes them an ideal food. Bananas can increase the level of energy, but it also enhances the libido with the natural boosting of hormones.

Vitamin B is responsible for improving the sexual energy and reducing the stress. Bromelain helps the blood stream while the amino acids participate in the creation of serotonin which is the hormone of happiness.

4. Organic Eggs

organic eggs

In addition to plenty of controversies about egg yolks and cholesterol, consuming several eggs per week will not affect your cholesterol.

Moreover, the latest studies show that cholesterol from inside of egg yolks can help in reducing the low-density lipoprotein or LDL. Organic eggs are incredibly helpful in increasing the level of testosterone because they are rich in proteins, and contain a complete profile of amino acids which is higher than any other nutrient.

Proteins and amino acids are the perfect for increasing the level of testosterone within the human body. Eggs also contain vitamins and minerals that underpin the natural production of testosterone.

5. Learn Red Meat

red meat

Lean red meat such as beefsteak is one of the most useful nutrients for boosting the level of testosterone because it is full of proteins and amino acids, but also minerals such as iron and zinc.

Both minerals are incredibly powerful, particularly when it comes to the hormone creation. Apart from this, zinc, which is a part of the red meat is in such form that the body is absorbing it effortlessly, which makes its influence very fast. Lean red meat is an excellent source of nutrients, and it represents a significant contribution to the adequate daily nutrient intake.

Therefore, the moderate consumption of red meat is a part of the healthy and well-balanced diet.


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