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Pheewwwww!!!! It’s so hot. Here come the summer. Summers are most awaited by children as they close their school and ready for vacation time. But summers can be dangerous due to the amount of heat in the environment.

To keep yourself safe from summer, here are some tips which will help you enjoy season with the best comfort.

Best ways to keep your body hydrated, fresh and protective from the rapidly approaching summer heat.

WATER tops all others because of its numerous advantages and benefits. You want to keep your body cool? Go now and grab a glass full of water. Not Thirsty? Doesn’t matter. Increase your water intake regardless of wether you are thirsty or what is your body activity level. Water is the biggest key to fight dehydration in summer and give your body all it needs in summer, a very cool feeling and nothing works as water when you are dehydrated.

FEEL LIKE DRINKING CHILLED LIQUIDS??? Definitely most of you will say “YES”. But scientifically not a very god option to have chilled liquids specially in summer though it gives a cool feeling for time being but in real sense it constricts the blood vessels in the skin and decreases heat loss form body in form of sweat. So cold liquids doesn’t give you cool to fight heat in summers.

COLD DRINKS/ AERATED DRINKS/ CARBONATED DRINKS. As summer approaches there is a hike in demand and supply of these drinks in market and are consumed at low temperature to tempt the consumers and increase it sale. It’s very predictable that it’s very accepted by the consumers. These soft drinks contains preservative  sugars and colors which acts as acidic and also acts as diuretic which increases fluid loss from the body which is a risk in summer.

Untitled-1TYPE OF FOOD. Many of us complain of no appetite during summers. Solids are very less preferred over liquids. So to keep yourself fresh , eat light, nutritious food and non-fatty meals.


NO TO OILY AND FRIED FOODS. Oil contains fats, which on entering the body increases the metabolic rate which has thermal effect on the body, increases its temperature.


FRESH FRUITS OVER DRIED FOODS. Melons and berries are best of choice from other fruits. Choose fresh fruits to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals and natural fluids. Veggies preferred are gourd vegetables, tomatoes, corns, lettuce, cucumbers etc.

BEST FLUIDS. If you are a fluid loving person, then best choice to beat this summer is lemon choice, coconut water and buttermilk.


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