Diet Tips for hyperthyroid patients.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition wherein the metabolic rate of the body increases. Thyroid gland becomes hyperactive due to which the ability of the body to burn the calories consumed increases and due to this the individual keeps on loosing weight. Here are few diet tips for hyperthyroid patients that can help them in various ways.

Hormonal tests are the best to diagnose this problem. When the hormonal tests proves  that you are hyperthyroid main goal is to maintain ideal body weight. As per the condition it will keep on reducing your weight. So here it becomes an important task for you to take extra care of your diet so that you do not loose excess weight. You have to select foods which help to suppress the activity of thyroid gland.


Diet Recommendations.

  • Eat small frequent meals. Choose meals which are little calorically dense so that your body has some extra reserves of energy after the body burns of the energy. Calorically dense food does not include just fats and oils. combination of all the food groups i.e cereal, pulse, milk, fats etc.
  • Include thyroid-suppressing food in the diet. Broccoli, soya products, cabbage, cauliflower, rajmah, bajra etc.
  • When you choose food make sure that it nourishes your body and not just give you empty calories. So eat fruit, fruit juices, nuts, eggs, meats etc
  • Do not fill up your stomach with low calorie foods like salads and veggies.
  • Eat foods which are stomach filling. For that include protein and 5-10gms of fats in each major meals.
  • Eat food containing paneer. It gives satiety and and stomach fullness for a longer time.
  • Eat home made sweets like sheera, puddings, custards etc to give you additional calories which will avoid weight loss.
  • Eat food at regular interval. Do not increases gap between 2 meals. meal gap should be lesser than 3 hrs.
  • Do not keep habit of having soups before meals. They tend to give feeling of fullness and satiety.
  • Do not drink water immediately after meals.
  • It is also important to keep replenishing the body with vital minerals and vitamins. So add multivitamin supplements to your diet.
  • Bugleweed, green tea, and motherwort are a few herbs found to be helpful for hyperthyroidism.

So in short if we conclude, the main motto is to eat more meals at regular interval and avoid foods which are low in calories.

To Know about Hypothyropid –

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Neha Kava

National Registered Dietitian at
Neha Kava is a National Certified Registered Dietitian in India. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. You can contact her on [email protected]

113 Responses to Diet Tips for hyperthyroid patients.

  1. Seema says:

    I m suffering from thyroid problem from past 5 yrs….

    Nw my t3 s 82.90
    T4 s6. 90
    Tsh s 0.33 so I m suffering from hyperthyroidism

    Bt I feel nt to wrk.. I feel lethargic… Muscle pain…. Memory problems… Don’t feel hungry. I m taking thyronorm 12.5 nw before used to take 25…..I tried yoga bt due to weakness I a nt able to regularly plz guide… Wht can i do
    My wt s 75

  2. Neelam Patel says:

    Hlw mam

    My t3 is 3.67 & T4 is 20.64,TSH is <0.01 plz tell me what diet is taken
    My age is 21 year

  3. Jyoti Singh says:

    Hello ma’am
    My mother is having hyperthyroidism
    Thyroid level is too much increased 78
    Now she is just eat chapati and green vegetables
    Please suggest me some fruits and dry fruits which can help her to come out from this problem
    She is also having Type2 Diabetes
    Please help me how could I take care of her please

    • Neha Kava says:

      Jyoti you should go through the article. I am sure you will get the required information.
      If you looking for detailed diet plan for her so pls mail your daily diet routine on [email protected]

  4. catherine r galeon says:

    hi mam Im CAtherine r galeon Im suffering hyperthyroidism my TSH is 0.5 and my T4 is 68.58 and i have a mass 3.8 and 5.8 what kind of food best for me to cure my hyperthyroidism pls help me

  5. Bharti Pareya says:

    Hi mam. My name is Bharti, age 28, and I am having Hyperthyroid problem, my TSH level is 8.14. And my hemoglobin level also low which is 10.7
    Because of this I got had miscarriage
    IN the last month..

    Please help me out from this problem.

  6. Shiva says:

    Hello mam
    I have hyperthyroid from last 6 months and i am taking medicense as per doctor instruction….but can i eat non- veg ( in my diet….to increase my weight….

  7. VENU says:


  8. Harshdeep kaur says:

    My mother has hyperthyroidism. Can she eat dry fruits? ?

  9. Reena says:

    Hii. Actually I have lost weight 14 kg but suddenly check my thyroid t hyperthyroidism aa gya meine exercises se or green tea se weight losses kiya an mein yhi zanana chahte h k m green tea lii sakte h ab

  10. Sneha says:

    My TSH level is 10.25..What should I do?Can I exclude wheat form my diet?I am eagerly waiting for your reply….

  11. Sovan mandal says:

    I am 24 years last 2 day ago i check my blood and see that my TSH value can you help me what can i do give me a proper diet chart it belong breakfast,lunch,snakes and dinner with time .so it will be great thankfull to you.

  12. Diyalakshmi says:


    Pls describe hyperthyroid patient food diet

  13. Aaleema says:

    Hey mam. I em 19 years old and I am having hyperthyroidism since 1 year. And my weight has also been increased so much accorind to my age nd height.
    Please help me out.

  14. Aaleema says:

    Hey Neha mam. I em 19 years old and I am having hyperthyroidism since 1 year. And my weight has also been increased so much accorind to my age nd height.
    Please help me out.

  15. jubeha kausar says:

    Mam I miss suffering from hyperthyroidism for the last 6 months .I am taking my medicine bt not getting alright can u plz suggest me wht to take n my diet n wht not.

  16. Adekoya bunmi f says:

    Pls my sister had hyperthyroidism nd has been on treatment since last year but nil improvement.they are advicing on diet wat diet can she be on

  17. Socorina Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education from IGNOU in 2017. 9c75s says:

    Mam, Can you help me to get a job for Nutrition. i have done Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education from IGNOU in December 2016.

  18. Meena says:

    Mam I am meena . I am suffering from hyperthyroidism problem my tsh level is 34.5 . I am medication but still I can’t get cured so please give some diet chat to decrease my tsh level mam

  19. neha says:

    Hello mam,
    I am 25 year married female ,weight 48kg and height 5’3″ suffering from hyperthyroidism. Can plz suggest me what should I eat and what not.

  20. Niharika Patel says:

    Dear mam, I would like to utilised this platform. I have done thyroid profile rest and found TSH low. My doctor said that its hyperthyroid. I have done sonography and came to know stone in kidney (5 mm). She has suggested not to have acidic food due to stone. But few people are saying to have acidic food for stone. Considering both the issue can you please suggest me proper diet or main food which will be helpful. Kindly also suggest which type of food I should not consume. Highly appreciate your support in advance.

  21. Vikram Jacob says:

    I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroid the levels are two high am on medication but is there a diet that u can advise me as I suffer from gluten problem too. If I can get to know the fruits which I can eat n which should not this will help me to have frequent meals as am working n having fruits
    If you could please guide me on the details of diet,
    Thanks in advance

  22. Payel Bhattacharjee says:

    I am pregnant of 3 month. I tested tsh test 10 days earlier and got results 9.65 , now I again test it after 10days of earlier and get result 16.81. how it possible? how I control it? what medicine should I take during my pregnancy time? plz give me proper guide. will there any threat of my baby?

  23. Yasmine says:

    Dear Doc, I’m so confused. My mom’s hyperthyroid. I see on some sites things to eat include cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, now I’m seeing here to avoid them. Help! What vegetables are safe to eat please?

  24. missy r says:

    hi, i hv hyperthyroid
    can I eat fish??

  25. Neeraja TATAKE says:

    Hello I am Neeraja…Age 19 and I guess I am suffering from hyperthyroidism… I feel the symptoms.
    I met my physician and he said exercise daily and have a diet and also told me to check my hemogram and thyroid levels..though Ivuaven I haven’t checked it but I am sure that I have.
    I have turned complete skinny and weak no energy…what can I do… I am suffering from this since two three weeks..and I have my dance program on 17th…I need a diet guidance…

  26. Catherine cortado says:

    Hi! I have a hyperthytoidism since February i was diagnosed by the doctor and he gave me a medication to take but i suddenly stop because im experiencing a skin allergy and i feel my
    Condition is getting worse everytime i taken medication so i stop it .. Can any one suggest me what is the best herbal medicine and balance diet for me .
    Thanks kate

  27. Aman says:

    Hi ….I m suffering from hyperthyroid from last4 years….nd I m taking medicine thyroxin 75 weekdays and 50 weekend days..can I take sunflower seeds to cure thyroid

  28. Reema says:

    Hi …I m suffering from hyperthyroid..taking medicine thyroxin 75 week days and 50 weekend days…can I take sunflower seed to cure thyroid

  29. Chandni says:

    Hello mam,

    My age is 25 i have hyperthyroidism and in every report TSH level changes.. sometimes TSH is high n sometimes its low.. I am a software professional so i have to work by sitting whole day only. I walk for 45 mins every day but still its difficult for me. following is my report results

    Month TSH T4 T3
    Jan- 2016 128.95 1.6 0.25
    Aug-2016 0.13 9.91 1.65
    sep-2016 6.22 6.75 0.90

    Please give me proper guidance.. I am taking Thyronorm100 mg

  30. Karishma Patel says:

    I am 33 years old & having hypothyroid. I am pure vegetarian Gujarati women. I am little bit bulky and often suffer with swelling in legs.
    I have hyperyroidism but I dont’t lose weight but I don’t gain also. I want to lose some kgs but I don’t know how to do that. I tried some diets but that doesn’t work. Do you have any advice?
    Kindly suggest appropriate diet plan for me pls.

  31. Rohin Raina says:

    Hello Madam,
    My age is 40yrs
    Was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma.
    Total thyroidectomy surgery my TSH level is 27 without any medicine as doctors has asked not to take any medicine before nuclear scan.plz suggest what food should I take…

  32. sroj says:

    Hey m sroj my age is 41 ,female, I am suffering from hyperthyroidism disease my T3 level is 4.oo mg/ml and my. T4 level is 28.8 microgram per ml and my TSH is 0.01 , n I also had bad habit of smoking , please help me out please tell what to eat and does smoking affect my disease.

  33. zeet says:

    Hi neha,

    My problem is my tsh level is 8.20 .So please suggest me proper diet plan

  34. sree says:

    Mam…im 25yrs n prgnant of 22weeks…nd my tsh is 7.45 having my medication regularly…but gettng worried about my diet plan.plz suggest me an xact diet chart for daily plz plz…..m really really verie worried.

  35. Jagdish Bharwani says:

    Dear madam,
    My TSH is very high approx. 58 and i am continuously loosing my weight. kindly suggest remedy and diet plan to maintain my weight.

    • Jagdish Bharwani says:

      My age is 55 year and My TSH is very high approx. 58 and i am continuously loosing my weight. kindly suggest remedy and diet plan to maintain my weight.

      • Neha Kava says:

        Hello Jagdish,
        Pls make sure that you first visit an endocrinologist and get the dosage fixed.. After that we can work on diet part.


  36. Suresh Thakur says:

    My wife’s harmone tests: T3- 2.1, T4- 137, Tsh- 0.1. Doctor advised Thyronorm 37.5 mg.

    Regarding diet, there are confusing websites. Her weight is 61 kg and height 5″. Age: 52 yrs. Pl suggest suitable diet. We almost take everything at home: pulses, vegetables, salad, dairy products (She doesn’t like milk at all), nuts, occasionally eggs, no non-veg (sometimes fish in parties/functions etc), rajmah, urad, etc. wheat atta, white rice.

    Pl suggest suitable diet for her.

  37. Anjali Raut says:

    Hi, i am 22 yrs old and suffering from hyperthyroid. Do I need to cut all dairy products and fast food ?

  38. Chuza Bhutia says:

    I’ve hyperthyroid Free T4 is 3.2 & TSH is <0.011. why should really eat I'm very much confused. Pls advice me proper diet. Will be greatfull

  39. rajani says:

    hi my tsh level is 9.75, can u tell me what should avoid or eat?

  40. becky akpam says:

    Hello,Neha Kava,it is my first time,I have really learnt a lot from you,I am a case of hyper,thank you much.

  41. Sukh kaur says:

    Hi. My brother is suffering from this hormonal problem. I got to know foods to avoid as u stated. Plz let us know which are the best foods to include in diet in hyperthyroidism. Please do tell us mam plz.

  42. Gul says:

    Hello mam
    I’m having hyperthyroidism and it is 70 .I’m not having any health issue but after knowing that I have hyperthyroidism.Now I’m very much tense and worrying.its not going from my taking thyronorm 50mcg daily.
    Will it be cured without side effects?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Gul,
      Pls do not worry so much… Medicine will be there life time.. You have to live with it.. So accept it..
      Take care of your weight. Make sure your weight is healthy as per your height..


  43. aishwarya says:

    hello,i have seen your post so helpful but as i am confused about the food that an hyperthryoid person has to take.

    i have hyperthyroidism and seen different posts saying to avoid eggs,milk,ice cream ,brocolli and soy products and whole grain bread,banana milk shake, peanuts(which helps to put on weight). as we all know people with hyper thyroid looses weight and i became so skinny even though eating much,can you tell me what really an hyper thyroid person can eat to put on weight.that could be very helpful.

    looking forward to hear from you.


    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Aishwarya,
      You will have to avoid cabbage, cauliflower, rajma, spinach, bajra, broccoli, tofu, soyabean, alcohol.
      Pls visit a registered Dietitian to seek professional advise for weight gain. If you want to enroll for wieghtloss program with Nutrichoice4u you can mail Us on [email protected]


    • AISHWARYA says:

      hi mam,
      my weight is 64 height is 5.1 i want to lose my weight mam. please give your precious reply. im HYPERTHYROID PATIENT
      Warm regards

  44. Joanna says:

    I have big goiters and hyper.i currently take carbimazole.
    Are there any special foods that help on shrink goiters and nodules?
    i heard cauliflower and iodine can really damage if you are hyper.
    Alsomilk products not good?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Joanna,
      You have to avoid cabbage, cauliflower,, broccoli, soya bean,tofu, spinacj, bajra, rajma, alcohol etc.


  45. Sapna Siha says:

    Dear neha,
    Plz suggest whole diet plan for thyroid person as i have a plobm.. I m consulting a mail me asap..mereko bolne me v problm ho jati h kabhi kabhi…plz its urgent…

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Sapna,

      Avoid cabbage,cauliflower, spinach, soya bean,broccoli, tofu, bajra, rajma, alcohol etc in your diet..

  46. Bharti says:

    Hi Neha I was finding much sypMptoms ( severe hair loss weight loss palpitation)of hyperthyroid in my body.AS I went for test at INMAS….all reports are medication is required . Suggest what should I do now?

  47. Amit says:

    Hi I’m 27 year old and i’m my free T4 is 46.60 pmol/L that is more then 2 time higher then normal range and TSH 1.26 ulU/ml.
    my height is 5.9 feet but my weight is just 43kg..
    do i go for Ayurveda treatment or Allopathy.
    please suggest me what should i do how can i gain weight ?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello AMit, you need to follow a good high calorie diet for weight gain. Pls consult a registered /dietitain who can help you with this. If you want consultation with Nutrichoice4u. pls mail us on [email protected]


  48. deepak says:

    i m 25 age hyperthrodism patient plese suggest a good diet. please reply

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Deepak,

      Avoid cabbage cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, bajra, soyabean, rajma, gluten (found in wheat, rye, barley), Coffee, alcohol. See to it that you try to maintain your ideal body weight. If you are already over the weight then consider losing some kilos in healthy way…


  49. Usha says:

    Im 43 year suffering from hyperthyroidism. Can u plzzz suggest me some foods that i should eat.

  50. salau David says:

    I am hre for the first time. Which food is needful for hyperthroid patient. How can I shrink my goiter?



    my daughter have throyed problem. her age is 4(four). her TSH level is 9.0

    after consult doctor she takes medicine named throyx 25. Please suggest the diet plan for her.

  52. Priyabrata Ghosh says:

    I am 66 yrs. male. Recently I was detected hyperthioroidism after my TSH value was tested 0.005 and have had 10 kgs. of weight loss. Doctor advised to take neomercazole tabs (3 tabsx 10 mg.). Can anybody suggest what foods should i take to regain body weight at least by 8 kgs ?

  53. Mandy says:


    I have thyroid problems also, but I have liver problems also but they are saying each is wrong for the other, what’s my best options, eg: soy is ok for one but not the other, yogurt is ok but not for the other etc
    etc.. help!!!

  54. Karina says:

    Hi, I have hyperyroidism but I can’t lose weight but I also don’t gain. I want to lose some pounds but I don’t know how I have tried diets buthat I still don’t lose any. Do you have any advice?

  55. sailaja says:

    hello,i have seen your post so helpful but as i am confused about the food that an hyperthryoid person has to take.

    i have hyperthyroidism and seen different posts saying to avoid eggs,milk,ice cream ,brocolli and soy products and whole grain bread,banana milk shake, peanuts(which helps to put on weight). as we all know people with hyper thyroid looses weight and i became so skinny even though eating much,can you tell me what really an hyper thyroid person can eat to put on weight.that could be very helpful.

    looking forward to hear from you.


  56. Dr. Samir Gadhia says:

    Nice diet chart of Hyperthyroidism. Good information is given here. My self Dr. Samir Gadhia from Rajkot (Gujarat). I am Ayurveda Consultant and Dietician.

  57. Jilyn says:

    Hi madam u have hypertyroid what fruits can i eat????thanks

  58. pratap adhude says:

    Hello Mam

    I have hyperthyroid,

    can i have dry fruits

    please guide…

  59. Himanshu says:

    is soya products and soyabeans as sprouts good for hyperthyroidism?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Himanshu,

      Processed soya products can be included in diet for a hyperthyroidism. You can have sprouted soyabeans which is properly cooked.


  60. Melva Francis says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

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