What are healthy options to snack in between meals? / Healthy snacking options.

By | February 26, 2024

Snacks are sometimes more favorite among the people. They don’t have time to eat the major meals and thereby they just hog on the snacks. So it becomes very important for the nutritionist to have some healthy snacking options for their clients and customers. First thing to be avoided in snacking is choosing a snack option from the snack section of a grocery shop. It majorly comprise of fried chips, cookies, pastries, chocolate bars etc.

Healthy snacking is very important also to be healthy and maintain healthy weight. So many nutritionists focus on healthy snacking options in order to give their clients healthy variety to their clients.

3FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: These are the best options to snack on. They are full of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and high fiber. They also have great stomach filling effect. And for a weight loss person it’s more effective. It gives less calories at the same time is very nutritious.

YOGHURT AND BUTTERMILK: People who are fond of curds, yoghurts and buttermilk can include in their snacking. Low fat yoghurt with some fresh fruits or fruit syrups tastes yummy. Buttermilk is a good option for people who are not water loving people. Buttermilk will add some fluids to their diet. It is also best probiotics which help in the growth of gut friendly bacteria in the intestine and improves the gut flora.4

5 SPROUTS: Sprouts are another very healthy snack option which does not include any kind of oil or fats during preparation. Sprouts are prepared by overnight soaking of pulses and beans. This method of soaking makes the proteins more digestible and absorbable by the human body. Sprouts have high fiber content. Sprouts can be had in the form of chaat. Fruits and raw vegetables can be added to enhance its taste and add variation to the snack.

SAUTE VEGETABLES: People who are veggies lover will enjoy sauté veggies as a snack. Spices like black pepper, herbs, oregano, basil can be added to make it more tasty. Olive oil can be use to sauté veggies.


7 PUFFED RICE:  Puffed rice are mostly preferred by the Asians. It is a very easy and lighter snack to have. It can be had with fine chopped vegetables and green and red chutney.


UNSWEETENED NUTS: Handful of nuts is also a very quick and handy option to snack. It is also a great option while you are travelling.8



MIKSHAKES: Low fat milkshakes are also great option. Sweeteners can be used if you want to make it low calorie drink. Preferably avoid shakes made from syrups. Fresh fruit milkshakes are best option as it will add a dose of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Shake made from cows milk is more beneficial as it reduces the overall calories of the shake.

These are few snacking options which are handy and easily available. Apart from these options Cornflakes, wheatflakes, soya nuts , khakhra can be included.

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6 thoughts on “What are healthy options to snack in between meals? / Healthy snacking options.

  1. Anil Sud

    There should also include diets and plans for kidney patients since the kidney problem is taking a heavy toll on the people and many are falling prey to this disease,hence it is important that you also advice on diet for kidney patients those with ckd and increased creatinine levels.

    1. RD Neha Kava Post author

      Ok.. I will surely come up with an article on CKD and other kidney issues.

  2. roasted Makhana

    This is really a nice article you have publish. I would like to thank you for this valuable content you shared in your blog.

  3. Neha Kava Post author

    Hie, Thanks for your interest. I have given few options in blog. Apart form them you can much on flakes;Whole grain Sandwiches without butter, cheese and mayo; roasted khakhra (indian variety), handful of nuts; Egg roll; Veg roll preferably home made with minimum oil, ghee, butter, margarine & other fats.


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