Why you Should be Eating Raw Honey

Why you Should be Eating Raw Honey

Have you heard about the health benefits of raw, organic honey? It’s one of the world’s most nutritious foods and can be found on the shelves of any health store. Why settle for any other sweetener or sugar substitute when you have the nutritional goodness of raw honey?

Honey has been used for centuries, for eating, as a gift for the gods or even as a skin treatment. There are so many therapeutic and dietary values to honey that it is no wonder that the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks prized this golden superfood.

What is Raw honey?

Raw honey io the term used to define honey that has come directly from the beehive to the consumer without undergoing any processing. Raw honey is filled with some pretty amazing ingredients, here is what you will find in every jar or raw honey.

What’s in Raw Honey?

Including raw honey in your diet is a great idea. Here are some of the benefits that make this superfood so valuable to your health.

Raw honey contains live bacteria that have a probiotic effect on the gut bacteria found in the GI tract. Eating a tablespoon of raw honey with a meal will help your gut biomes digest your meal more efficiently, drawing more nutrients from your food and increasing the value of your nutrition.

The pollen found in raw honey contains phytosterol antioxidants that are vital for improved human health. Excess free radicals in the body from stress or a poor diet can lead to oxidative damage on cells and disrupt cell communication which impairs metabolism. Antioxidants clear the body of these harmful particles and reduce the damaging effect they have on the organs.

Inflammation is the source of all disease and health disorders in the human body. Inflammation is caused primarily by diet and the foods we consume. Diets that are high in processed and refined carbohydrates will induce inflammation in the gut.

When your GI tract is inflamed, the balance of your good gut biome bacteria is disrupted. This reduces their ability to assimilate the nutrition from your food and in turn, reduces your energy levels and feeling of well-being.

The live enzymes and bacteria found in raw honey actively work on reducing the level of inflammation on the gut, restoring your gut biomes back to health and boosting metabolic function.

Raw honey is a powerful anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial agent. If raw honey is applied to an infected wound, it will completely clear the wound of any bacteria and assist with the healing process.

Commercially farmed honey vs. Raw, Organic Honey
There is a huge difference between organic, raw honey and honey that is produced commercially. Commercial honey farmers often use sugar water as a source of nectar for honey bees to increase honey production. Bees may also feed on crops that have been tainted with pesticides and then transfer this into the honey.

Commercially farmed honey is also filtered and pasteurized to extend the shelf life and remove the pollen and propolis from the honey. Pollen and propolis are the sources of all of the honey’s health benefits and by removing them from the final honey product, you remove the health benefits as well.
Raw honey remains unfiltered and comes directly from the source without undergoing pasteurization. This means that all of the good ingredients remain intact and you receive the full health benefit of raw honey for your body.
Raw honey comes in a variety of different flavors depending on the region in which it is made. Honey can be sweet and light in color, or taste bitter and be dark, it is all dependent on the nectar source that the bees collect.

Types of Honey
• Honeysuckle – a sweet nectar based honey.
• Wildberry – Made from the nectar and pollen of blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries.
• Eucalyptus – Common to Australia.
• Alfalfa – Made from the alfalfa plant.
• Acacia – Made from the pollen and nectar of the acacia tree flower.
• Multifloral – Made from more than one flower source.
• Monofloral – Made from one single flower source.

Honey for Better Health & Improved Athletic Performance
Honey can be used as an energy tonic for improved athletic performance. Many CrossFit and sports legends such as Alessandra Pichelli include honey in their diet as a source of energy for their workouts.

The Final Thought
Make sure that you choose a brand of honey that comes from sustainably managed honey bee farms. Use honey in your diet wherever you see fit, replace any sweeteners or sugar you may have with natural, raw honey and watch your health improve.

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