10 ways to use leftover Vegetables

By | June 13, 2017

I come from Indian family, where food wastage is one of the religious crimes. We have always been thought to serve as required. Empty plate will give you blessings and the leftover food plate will curse you. From there I got an idea to go away with the curse and thought of 10 ways to use leftover vegetables

Yes, seriously that is what is been thought to us. There could be many reasons behind this teaching. One and most reason behind why parent force child to complete food would be they want their child to eat the portion of food which they feel is appropriate for child’s health. Second is they don’t want to waste the food and third is that the expense of the food is too high. So value for money.

Many a times you will see that Indian mothers and wives will have food after all the men in the family eats. Quite a few reasons listed for this. One is respect for male members in the family as they are considered as the pillars of the family and second is to see how much food is left over and then accordingly eat her meal. Sounds depressing to me..

So if in case there is some extra portion left then what happens is over eating which will lead to discomfort while sleeping or acidity, heart burn and other gastric issues.

My first advice would be cook food as much is required. As we know cooking does destroys vitamins present in vegetables.

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So without bothering much to your body I have come up with creative ways to use that left over vegetables and protect your body from over eating it the previous night.

  1. Add some chopped onions to the left over vegetable and put it on a high flame till t becomes dry. Mash the potatoes if any or else add few mashed potatoes for binding. Make a ball of the vegetable and stuff it in the parathas. Delicious Mix Veg Paratha with be ready
  2. Take the left over vegetable add eggs to it. Add one or two eggs depending on the quantity of left over vegetable. So your Masala Egg Bhaji will be ready
  3. Boil some rice. Stir fry the left over vegetable and add some spices if required. Add the boiled rice to vegetable. So this is your Mix Veg rice readyImage Source
  4. Boil some wheat pasta with salt. Stir fry vegetable and once they are re- heated properly add the pasta and little of ketchup. It tastes yummm..
  5. Simply stew the vegetable and eat it with chapatti or rice.
  6. Stir fry vegetable and add it to the chapatti and make a roll out of it.
  7. Take Bell pepper, stir fry vegetable and add some cheese and cottage cheese and put it in a oven. Bake for 10 mins and stuffed Bell peppers are ready.Image Source
  8. Add these vegetable as a filling to your vegetable toast Sandwich.
  9. Vegetable cutlet can be made. Add some bread crubs and potato to the vegetable. Roll in to cutlet and shallow fry.
  10. You can also cook a different vegetable and combine both the vegetable to get a new vegetable.

So I assume out of the above 10 options, at least 2-3 recipes you can select and use in your kitchen to get rid of that over eating of leftover food.

These are ways to incorporate leftover vegetables effectively in common Indian Recipes. If you looking out for some exotic recipes please follow




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