The top 5 reasons that you should consider a chiropractor

By | February 12, 2018

Unbeknownst to some, chiropractic treatment is not just for relieving back pain, but also alleviating problems relating to muscles and the nervous system. But to the majority, if you are suffering from chronic back pain or any sort of pain, you may have to consider going to a chiropractor. Considering the given wonderful benefits of chiropractic care, you or someone you know could greatly benefit from this therapy.

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Here are the top five reasons why you should consider a chiropractor.

  1.    It treats the root cause

The best thing about a chiropractic treatment is that it does not just focus on the symptoms alone, but also the cause itself. A study shows that patients who underwent chiropractic treatment saw a huge percentage of reduction in low back pain 4 weeks after the treatment. One example would be treating vertigo – a condition that puts a patient in a sensation of spinning dizziness. Rather than dealing with the symptoms of this condition, a chiropractor will let the patient move to certain positions to reestablish balance within the ear. You can find a lot of reputable chiropractic clinics such as Reaves Chiropractic in Chicago, IL.

  1.    It alleviates chronic pain

Lower back pain affects a lot of people in the world. As to improving the healing of the entire body as well as alleviating the back pain, chiropractic care is considered the best option for this. It is also more cost-effective compared to other conventional health management practices. A chiropractor also focuses on reducing injuries, disability, and adverse side effects.

  1.    It normalizes blood pressure

For most people suffering from hypertension, taking medication is usually the way to go to manage the condition. However, chiropractic care can actually control blood pressure. Having chiropractic adjustments are known to decrease the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. Several tests also show that chiropractic care is as effective at managing hypertension as to two prescribed medications. Since chiropractors focus on the root cause of any health issue, it will help you avoid taking more medication in the future. Chiropractors focus on the bone on top of your neck to normalizing your blood pressure.

  1.    It improves sleep

As said above, since chiropractic treatment can normalize your blood pressure, it is a great way to improve one’s sleep. Misalignments in the spine that causes a stress response in your body and does not let your body rest are also treated by chiropractors. These manipulation therapies improve one’s blood flow and are essential for someone who needs to improve their sleeping habits.


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  1.    It will help you avoid medication altogether

Taking medication is necessary sometimes, but it does not need to a point where you have to rely on it as inevitable side effects can occur eventually. This is the reason why a lot of people look for an alternative therapy to relieve pain. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best alternatives to this. Since chiropractors aim to get to the root of your health problem, you won’t be given a treatment for just the symptoms alone but also a treatment plan to get you back on track.


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Neha Kava is a National Certified Registered Dietitian in India. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. You can contact her on

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