Guide on Ketogenic diet weight loss

Guide on Ketogenic diet weight loss

I guess half a decade ago or many be few years extra when Ketogenic diet was only advised to people who had seizures or epilepsy especially among young kids.

Suddenly there is a craze for this Ketogenic Diet among youths and fashion world. Every single fitness oriented person looks out to follow Ketogenic Diet. A diet which was used for a reason to treat epileptic patients, now is been fashionably practiced to lose weight.
No doubt about the results you get from Keto diet. It is same as Low carb Diet, Very low carb high fat diet. I have just one question that how long can you follow this diet?

Is it really practical to follow this diet for life long? Does our body mechanism support this?

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The basic concept of this ketogenic diet, our body uses glucose from carbohydrates as source of energy, but when we restrict carbohydrates to the lowest amount in diet, body undergoes a process called Ketosis. When body is in Ketosis it does not burn carbohydrate as fuel instead use fatty acids.

Ketosis is a natural process which comes to action when the body is starving. When we enter Ketosis, ketones are produced in the body by breakdown of Fats in the liver. Traditionally Ketosis is achieved by Calorie intake of ratio 4:1 Of fat and Carbohydrate + Proteins

If we look at the macro nutrient distribution of Ketogenic diet: 75-80% of total calories should come from fat and it’s sources. Carbohydrates should be minimum in the diet. 30gms of Net carbohydrates and 0.8gmper kg Body weight should be proteins.

Net carbohydrate:
Fibers are also included in carbohydrates. So here net carbohydrates we mean, total dietary carbohydrates, subtracted by the total fiber. If suppose we take 1 cup of carrots.
• 1 cup carrot has 12gms of carbohydrates
• Out of which 3.6gms is fiber
• So net carbohydrates will be Total carbohydrates (12gms) Minus Dietary fiber (3.6gms), Which is equal to 8.4 of Net carbohydrate

So in ketogenic diet you actually play around your diet to be around 30gms Net carbohydrates in daily diet.

Ketogenic Diet Foods
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If I have to show a sample Menu for the same, it would look like

Breakfast: Stir fry vegetable in fresh cream

Mid morning: 3 whole egg Fried

Lunch: Fried Potato wedges Vegetable + Puri (3-4)+ Cutlet

Tea-time: Dry fruits + Cutlet

Late evening: Full fat cream soup

Dinner: Fried Chicken Biryani

so when you calculate the above macro nutrients you will see that the proteins are low as compared to carbs and carbs and protein are same or may be carbs lower than fats.

So following the macro nutrient ratio different Menus are planned suitable to oneself.

Thought I do not support Keto diet. I believe in traditional eating Habits and regular exercise to stay fit, active and healthy. Following one type of diet for a longer period of time feels sad to me. And for me high fat diet gives pimples on my face 🙁  LOLZ

RD Sushma Kamat, a well experienced Dietitian & Nutritionist and a very good friend from India says “I personally know a couple of people who have benefited a lot from it. But although it sounds like an easy way out, it really isnt- it takes a lot of efforts, willpower and dedication to follow through with the diet. Keto diet means no outings, no wining and dining and following a strict menu for a long, long time”.

So it is on you to decide which way to choose to reach your goals. i always looks out for solutions which are long lasting and permanent.

For any queries you can always write to me.

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