5 Healthy eating habits for kids

5 Healthy eating habits for kids

What are healthy eating habits for kids? A healthy kid is a healthy adult of tomorrow. When a kid is growing, parents try to give best nutrition so that kids build up strong immunity and inculcate healthy eating habits in them. Kids generally are more attracted towards packaged foods which are the most unhealthiest for them as they contains preservatives and additives and other synthetic substances which increases the taste of the product. Kids in their tender age are on the path of developing senses. So it becomes important that initial few years of kids life is observed very closely and all the required healthy eating habit is taught to them so that later they develop likes and dislikes for it.

Kid’s nutrition is gaining huge importance in the pharmaceutical industries as all parents want their kids to be fittest among all. Kids generally accept foods which are colorful and attractive.

Nutrition for Kids Children
Nutrition for Kids Children

So as a parent it becomes necessary to make food attractive to the nutrition-for-kids-children kids so that they eat it happily and not as a compulsion. There are many ways in which u can make food interesting.

Kids generally do not prefer eating food by sitting at one place. They like finger foods which they eat while playing. So try out recipes which give them this choice. Fruits can be given in the form of lolly pop pricked in the stick, vegetable- Chapatti can be made into vegetable roll or Frankie, Milk can be used instead of water to knead flour, leafy vegetables can be pureed and added to various vegetable gravy and so on.

Kid’s nutritional requirements are very high as compared to an adult as they are in rapidly growing age. When we talk about nutrients I don’t mean that u select each food high in specific nutrient and feed your kid, but a variety of food will fulfill all the requirements. A regular meal with same food groups will create deficiency. Fruits and vegetables of different colors should be selected so that all vitamins and minerals are supplied to your kid.

Healthy eating habits of kids varies with their age. The basic nutrient remains the same. Kids are most of times against eating so usually it is preferred to give them nutrient dense foods.

Healthy eating habits for kids:

Protein: Choose lean meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, peas, beans, soy products, and unsalted nuts.

Fruits: Encourage your kid to consume a variety of fresh and dried fruits — rather than fruit juice. If your child drinks juice, make sure it’s 100 percent juice and not with preservatives and additives.

Vegetables: Variety of fresh and colorful vegetables— especially dark green, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas.

Grains: Choose whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread, popcorn, oatmeal, brown rice

Dairy:  Encourage your child to eat and drink fat-free or low-fat dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese or fortified soy beverages.

Any diet related queries for your kid or any concern related to diet consult your doctor or Registered Dietitian.

Let us know what are healthy eating habits for kids you generally have? Let us know your experience.

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