Diet Health tips for gout patients.

Diet Health tips for gout patients.

Gout is a condition where the purine ( ) levels in the body increases. Purine is a type of amino acid ( p[protein) It is a painful type of arthritis. Gout is a condition which cannot be only treated with medication. Control on diet is very essential to keep yourself pain free. Diet health tips for gout patients are very beneficial because it helps them to choose correct food for them.Gout means level of uric acid are high in the body. So main motive is to avoid foods which form uric acid in the body. Diet plays a very important role. There are few foods which has to be restricted.b4

Diet recommendations:

  • Avoid foods which are high in protein egg, meat, poultry, sea foods, pulses, legumes, lentils etc
  • Limit consumption of fats in the diet. Restrict up to 20gm/day i.e 4tsp/day. Consider the quality of fats.( .
  • Say NO to alcohol. Alcohol increases the acid levels in the body which increases the inflammation.
  • Limit consumption of plain sugars, refined flours, sugar cincentrates in the diet. Choose complex carbohydrates i.e whole grains, whole fruits and veggies etc.
  • Avoid whole milk. Use skimmed milk.
  • Include plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Make exercise regime. initially it will be painful but its will make the pain lesser and lesser day by day.
  • Indulge yourself in some hysical activity which keeps you moving with your interest i.e. Sports, walk, cardio etc
  • Include nuts which contains omega 3 oil i.e walnuts and almonds.

Follow the above instructions and I am sure it will help you to relieve your pain. Inspite of these efforts you are not relieved please write to us and we will help you in better way.



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10 thoughts on “Diet Health tips for gout patients.”

  1. Hi,

    I wish to confirm one thing that I came to know from one of my friends that Nutry(“Soya barhia” in hindi) is helpful in evacuating uric acid from the body. Is it true?? If its so then I will add it to my daily diet.

    Please suggest.

    • Hello MR. Sharma,

      I couldnt make out what product you are actually trying to say. But for uric acid soyabean is definitely to be restricted.


      • Hello Neha Ji,

        by Nutry I meant “SOYA NUGGETS” Thanks for your suggestion. Could you please help me about some diet from daily routines, that I can take daily to remove this kind of poison of Uric Acid from my body. And is there any effect of things having warmth of cold effects, on uric acid?


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