Why counting calories are so important in recent times?

1Calorie counting is something which our grandparents have never done in their life. Today when you talk to them about counting calories they will laugh out the conversation and will also advice you to just eat what you like. Why it has become so important to watch our daily calories? What has made the difference? Is the food has changed? There are many questions which come to our mind. Additional to this we all have experienced that even out grandparents and great grandparents consumed double the calories we do they still were fitter and healthier. What were the reasons behind it?

Here I would like to discuss few points which could answer few questions. Somewhere directly or indirectly answer is in just 1 simple word and that is “LIFESTYLE”. Nothing has changed except the lifestyle of recent times and out grandparent’s time. So the comparison is in the daily routine pattern.

Today almost 80% of people travel by transport. Physical activity in regards to walk has reduced extremely whereas in early time people use to walk kms and kms to reach their destination. So unknowingly they use to make their body exercise and exhaust all the extra calories they use to have. Now we eat same calories or sometimes less but still have not managed to be as healthy as they were.

I remember my grandparents narrating the stories of how physically hard they use to work and in return had nutritious food which still help them to be healthy and survive at such an elder age. The surviving rate of elders was high because of their healthy lifestyle. We now almost have desk job where there is minimum physical activity so if we consume those many calories we tend to develop a fat tummy and put on weight which further develops into obesity and other co morbidities thereby making are unhealthy.

Watching your daily calorie consumption is very important because you yourself have to be conscious of what and when you are eating. Daily counting your calories will keep you healthy with your own help. If calorie of one meal is high it’s your responsibility to lower the calorie of next meal. Counting calories will help you maintain your weight and also keep you healthy with optimum BMI which is very important to keep your body internally and externally in a good shape.


Every lifestyle related diseases are calorie related and linked to each other. If initiation of any disease is prevented then 80% of life is saved. An average build professional man doing a desk job requires approximately 1400-1500kcals whereas a women may require even less. If you are a foodie then it becomes more important for you to control your calories. If you control your calories 6 days a week then on the 7th day you can treat yourself with your favorite foods. Another solution is to burn out those equal numbers of extra calories what you have had.

When you increase the intake of calories than that what your body requires you tend to put on weight gradually so that is the biggest signal where you can start your task. Your body becomes lazy and you start feeling heavy from within. It is not important to wait till the time your body starts weighing high but that’s just a suggestion to the ones who have already gone beyond their ideal weight.“IT’S NEVER TOO LATE”. So start here and live healthy.

There are many links available online where you can count your calories and decide your meal for yourself if you don’t want to go to the nutritionist.

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