7 best fitness band / trackers of 2016

By | May 23, 2016

Inactivity levels have increased to such a large extent that it has started affecting health status and also gave rise to many personal issues like weight gain, obesity, Acute and chronic illness.

For kids also it results in low productivity and concentration in school, work and other areas of life.

Fitness bands are a new trend for all the health freaks. Many have them on their wrist with beautiful attractive colors. What exactly are these fitness trackers?

To be very simple, it is a device which helps you to monitor and record your activity levels.

Fitness bands are activity trackers which not only counts the number of steps but also tell you the calories burned , kilometers you covered, sleeping pattern, heart rate etc.

Different fitness band have different combination of these parameters.

Was there any genuine need of these trackers?

Were people not active before these trackers came in? People were active before these trackers came but that time may be people had some time to give to their health along with work.

People use to work 8 hrs a day and were able to easily manage time for leisure and exercise or sports. Now people have entered modernization which has added to the workload and hence demands them to work for 10-12hrs* 6 days a week.

Due to tremendous hectic life, first thing neglected is health.

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Fitness trackers have major role to play when it comes to be active within your tiring, busy and hectic schedule. It is a kind of reminder for us to complete a particular number of steps which we have set as a target for us.

It is a motivational product. For eg if you set your step counts target to be 10,000 steps per day and I you have completed 8000 by evening. You will be motivated to walk more 2K before the day ends so that you successfully meet your target of the day.

Now is the time, where electronics rule the humans. Vocal and physical motivation is not enough so they need an electronic device to motivate them.

Are these fitness trackers actually motivating people? Initially I thought it’s just a new trend and waste of Money.

But eventually I was gifted a GOQii fitness band by a friend because he thought as I belong to fitness Industry I could make best use of it. And I was amazed by the technology.

GOQii Fitness Band online

GOQii Fitness Band

So accurate to measure it step counts. Same step counts are converted to calories burnt, distance covered, duration of walk.

They have also converted these step counts into Karma points where in you can do charity. SO more you walk more karma points you produce and more the charity you can do.

We also have few other Bands available in Indian Market. Though I haven’t used it personally but would like my reader to share their experience in the comment column.

Fitbit: Fitbit has wide range of bands depending on how you want to measure your fitness.

Fitbit Zip:

Fitbit zip activity tracker

Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker

Tracks steps, calories burned, active minutes, Water resistant, wireless syncing

Buy Fitbit Zip activity tracker.

Fitbit One: Tracks steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, active minutes, Water resistant, wireless syncing. Also monitors how long and how well you sleep.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker:

Fitbit Flex Wireless Trackerr

Fitbit Flex Wirelss Activity Tracker

Tracks steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, active minutes, Water resistant, wireless syncing, monitors how long and how well you sleep. LED on the band lights up as you reach closer to your target/ goal.

Click here to buy fitbit flex wireless activity tracker.

Fitbit Alta:

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Tracks steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, active minutes, Water resistant, wireless syncing, monitors how long and how well you sleep. You also get reminders to move. If you are stagnant at a place for a long time then the band will give reminder to move. It also receives smart notification from you phone. It also has silent alarms.

Click here to buy Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Fitbit charge: Additional to above bands, it gets call notifications on your band, you can share you stats of steps with you family and friends and compete with them.

Fitbit charge HR:

Fitbit Charge HR Fitness band

Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Band

Additional to Fitbit charge, it has Pulse monitor. It continuously monitors your heart beats. It also has workout mode which records workout to get real-time stats and to see post workout summaries.

Battery life of fitbit band is comparatively very long. What else you want forma fitness band? 

Click here to buy Fitbit Charge HR band now

GOQii Fitness Band:

GOQii fitness band online

GOQii Finess Band 3 months personal training

Tracks step counts, calories burnt, distance covered, duration of walk, karma points, personalized advice from a fitness professional, unlimited interaction with your personal coach, everyday motivation. It has an LED touch screen.

As mentioned in above about my GOQii  band, it does all technical things. All this can be done by connecting this highly efficient band with the GOQii app.

You can also enter you water intake, food log, physical activity, your sleep.

And this doesn’t end here. It also has a live coaching. Where in every band user is provided with a love coach who will be in touch with the user and will guide the user at every step and work with them on different goals till the time those goals become habit for the user.

So here coaching is more focused at bringing permanent change in the lifestyle of the user. Goals are discussed over the phone on biweekly basis.

So it is kind of personal trainer provided with a fitness band. Overall it is a very good deal. It’s a complete fitness package.

You can buy fitness GOQii Fitness band if you are interested.

Xiomi MI Band:

Xiaomi Mi band online

Xiaomi Mi band

It monitors your activity levels, tracks walked distance and burned calories. You can set target for yourself and work towards healthy lifestyle. It also tracks sleep and gives you incoming call alerts when you phone is not with you. This band doesn’t have any display. So you have to sync the app every time you want to check your step counts.

Click here to buy Xiomi Mi Band online now.

These three are the highly used fitness tracking band in India. Many more brand available. More or less these bands are combination of different activity measuring feature.

I will give thumbs up for GOQii fitness band because it is a combination of human coaching and technology.

Which fitness band are you using? Do let me know your experience of using fitness band.

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