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I hope Diwali festival was well spent with family and friends. Festivals are incomplete without a big feast. I hope you were conscious of your health and followed my Diwali 2020 Tips Blog. So now let me share with you post Diwali Detox diet tips which will help you to cleanse your system and start with your regular clean eating habits.

I understand it is difficult to completely cut off the sweets and special Diwali savories and snacks. Some special snacks are made only during this festival. And something which you get once a year is difficult to resist. So let’s not have any guilt of what you had during the festival. As you celebrated Diwali with happiness and love around everything is worth it. Mental health is equally important when we talk about overall fitness. So it becomes important to listen to your heart which makes you happy. But balancing between emotions and thinking is important. Since festival is over now we have to think about ways to cleanse your system.

Whenever I talk about detox diet,. people believe it to be some kind of decoction, fruit juices, vegetable soups and some herbal liquids. You are right. Detox does include these fluids. Simple reason to include all these is to boost up your fluid intake. If you are simple person and do not want to indulge in fancy food recipes you can simply increase your water intake by 1 liter additional to your current intake. This will start to detox your body.

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Let us learn about other ways to detox body.

1. Eat Anti-Oxidant Rich foods
Eat plenty of fresh fruits vegetables, Spices, green tea, green coffee and nuts which are loaded with different vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Different colors of these anti-oxidant rich food are due to presence of different pigment of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals present in them.

Food rich in anti-oxidants helps to fight against the free radicals and toxins produced in the body due to oxidative stress.

Focus on eating these anti-oxidants through diet rather than taking it through supplements. But if you feel you are not able to include these in your diet consistently then a good supplement from herbal source can be helpful.

2. Prebiotic Rich Foods
Detoxification start by having a good gut health and good gut health starts with prebiotics. Prebiotics are fiber that feeds on good bacteria in your gut called probiotics. With the help of these prebiotics, probiotics produce short chain fatty acids which are beneficial for health.

Your balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria gets manipulated if you take antibiotics too frequently, if you have poor dental hygiene and bad dietary eating habits.

Eating prebiotics helps in keeping your immunity intact and also gives you a good gut health. Try to include tomatoes, garlic, onion, oats, garlic to your regular diet.

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3. Limit Salt Intake
As we know that salt has tendency to hold water in our body. This excess fluid in body can cause bloating and discomfort. Detoxing means cleansing your body completely and flushing off the excess of unwanted things from the body. As I always say excess of good is also bad, so if you think you are eating more salt than your body definitely has excess water stored than required. For you first step would be to limit your salt intake.

4. Limit Intake Of Processed And Sugar
Intake of sugary foods and processed food causes inflammation in the body. Intake of these packaged food leads to obesity, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.

Best way is to get rid of these packaged foods by not to getting them to your kitchen robe. Replace them with healthy nuts, seeds and non fried snacking options.

5. Good Sleep
It is very important that your have 6-8 hrs of sleep in 24 hrs. Sleep deprivation results in stress buildup in body and hence leads to lower immunity.

Sleep is very important because when we sleep our body actually goes into the reset mode. It is the maintenance phase of the body. Body tries to repair and optimize the functioning of the body. So it is important to give body that much time where it can self repair it.

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5. Plenty Of Water
Water is the best detox drink. Dry to drink as much water as you can. When you increase water intake your frequency of urination also increases thereby flushing all the toxins out from the body.

6. Stay Active
Everyone should have a exercise routine as part of your lifestyle. It promotes good heart health and also over all functioning of the body.

when we exercise our body also produces hormones called endorphins which are happy hormones. It is very essential to release these hormones to keep us stress free and happy. So try to include exercise to detox stress from body.

So as per above all points we see that detox doesn’t happen just with diet but it also requires over all health care.

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