8 Healthy New Year Resolution: Be Healthy

8 Healthy New Year Resolution: Be Healthy

Last day of 2014 and there would be a list of resolutions for the New Year 2015. So we can say that new year in way being motivation and dedication among people to take an initiative and inculcate a habit by going out of their way. And it is been also seen that New Year resolution stay for a longer duration than the resolution taken in between the year.  The resolution which tops the list for the most of them is to “Diet” or to “Loose Weight”. But this resolution is not a long time resolution or a healthy resolution. I would recommend to the resolution which says “I’ll eat Healthy and be Healthy”.

Diet and weight loss are temporary ways to look fit. But if you want look healthy it’s important to eat healthy. There are many reasons for not being healthy from financial issue to eating habit and life style. When we talk about children, they are surrounded by all the packet foods at home and outside. So the options they have are unhealthy. So being parents it’s your responsibility to make a healthy surrounding for your children. Children learn from their parents and family members. So if you eat Junk and unhealthy food, kids will copy you. So change yourself first. Stop dumping your kitchen with packaged and ready to eat foods. Instead fill baskets with fresh fruits and dry fruits. I am sure kids will enjoy this too. 4 goals of New Year Resolutions are To Be Healthy.

Be healthy

Being healthy just does not mean to exclude outside food. It means to make Healthy food as well. Few General Tips:

  1. When you start cooking, first thing is to wash vegetables before chopping.
  2. Do not use too much oil.
  3. Add salads to your every meal.
  4. Control portion size of your meal. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portion_control_%28dieting%29)
  5. Do not over eat to finish the left over (Especially house wives).
  6. Do not eat fruits along with meals.
  7. Avoid re heating of food.
  8. Have at least one serving of chicken or egg a day and for vegetarians have 2 glass of low fat milk and a bowl of sprouts or lentils.

Apart from these there are few lifestyle modification are required to be done. I’ll list a few of them which is easier to inculcate in your day to day life and thereby have a healthy life.

  1. Have breakfast daily. It helps boost your immune system and you will have a energetic day ahead.


  1. Have at least 1-2 fruits in a day in between meals. Avoid taking fruits with meals. Avoid fruit juices.
  2. Keep a habit of walking to the bus stop or station if it’s in range of 1 km when you are travelling.
  3. Use public transport. If you use private transport, park it little far from your destination so that you have that much distance to walk up and boost your BMR.
  4. Do not drink water in between your meals or immediately after your meals. Give a gap of 20-25 minutes.
  5. In a day make sure you brisk walk for 25-30 minutes minimum.
  6. Avoid eating food in hurry. Chew your food well. You tend to eat more when you just gulp down food.
  7. Sip in 100ml water every hour irrespective of whether you are thirsty or no.

These are few tips which will help you to be healthy. I am sure you will be thinking where your favourite foods (especially Junk) will go. You can enjoy that occasionally; say on a weekends. Keep your junk limited; this will help you to stay away from diseases.

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