11 Unknown Health Benefits of Kalonji seeds or Nigella Seeds

11 Unknown Health Benefits of Kalonji seeds or Nigella Seeds

Over 2000 yrs these Kalonji seeds were used as medicine. The health benefits of Kalonji seeds were numerous hence it was brought in light and people started including it in diet too and have it’s benefits.

Kalonji seeds in english is called Nigella Sativa. These seeds are mainly used in Middle Eastern countries and India as a spice in different cuisines as it has a very pecular pungent and bitter taste.

Kalonji seeds were mainly useful for severe headache, internal worms, toothache and nasal congestion. It was also seen to be effective in various other contagious and non contagious infections like conjunctivitis, abscesses and parasites.

Kalonji seeds are very beneficial for any respiratory discomfort, asthma, bronchitis, cough, allergies, flu, emphysema. These seeds also treat your GI system. They help relieve gas, reduces colic, diarrhea, constipation, dysentery, hemorrhoids.

Kalonji are also a natural way to birth control as they initiate menstruation and lactating mothers use to enhance their milk production.

Kalonji seeds also help in lowering blood cholesterol, blood pressure. It is also seen to be effective for treating cancer an boosting up the immunity of body.

Kalonji is added as a part of spice.

Kalonji Oil
Kalonji Oil

Kalonji oil has various benefits:-
1. Prevents hair loss: Massage kalonji oil of washed and dried scalp.

2. Removes pimple and its marks

3. Treats headaches and toothaches: Local application as well as taking it orally helps

4. Prevents asthma attacks. Add honey along with kalonji oil and in a cup of warm water. Take it empty stomach in morning and at bed time post dinner.

5. It gives healthy heart. Best and effective way to take kalonji oil for heart safety is mix half tsp kalonji oil in a cup of warm goat milk.

6. Prevents and cures joint pain. Mix 2 tsp honey and 1 tsp Kalonji oil in 1 cup vinegar and then apply on the joint. It reduces knee pain, soreness, swelling and stiffness of points .

7. Boost up energy levels. It provides quick relief from laziness, tiredness and sluggishness. Add half tsp in 1 glass orange or any fruit juice.

8. Prevents cancer and its complications.  In 1 glass of grape juice add 1/2 tsp of  Kalonji oil. It helps in prevention of blood cancer or leukemia, throat cancer and colon cancer.

9. Lowers blood pressure. Add kalonji oil 1/2 tsp in 1 cup milk or tea or coffee. Along with this a low salt diet and regular exercise will give better results

10. Gives healthy kidney. Water, 1/2 tsp kalonji oil and 2 tsp honey together is effective for better renal functioning. It  relieves renal colic, kidney pain, kidney stones and kidney infection. 

11. Help in weight loss. Kalonji oil helps in fat burning and also speeds up the metabolism. Best way to get results in add 1/2 tsp kalonji oil with 2 tsp of honey in 1 cup lukewarm water.

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There are many more benefits of Kalonji oil. To know the method to use oil for the above benefits kindly refer http://www.gyanunlimited.com/health/25-health-benefits-and-medicinal-uses-of-kalonji-oil-black-seeds/8538/

Dosage: 1-2 tsp kalonji seeds in a day should be enough.

Oil can be added to salads or stir fry recipes. Drops of Kalonji oil can also be added to tea, coffee, 

Kalonji oil application can be done once a day. 

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  1. This blog about 11 Unknown Health Benefits of Kalonji seeds or Nigella Seeds has helped me a lot,
    is very well written. I used this fat burner product: https://s96.me/fit and I reached the ideal weight.

    Kiss you All!

    • Yes Viresh, Definiitely.
      You can add to your mukhwaas (Mouth freshner) and also to your vegetables and salads.


  2. Neha..

    Actually, i am suffering from high hair fall and loss of B12 vit in my body.

    Can i consume hibiscus,amla,aloevera,kalonji,onion juice or powder mixture?

    If yes, then how much its (mixture) amount in a day?
    Also, how much of all ingredients in my daily dose?

  3. Dear Doctor Neha,

    Good Evening,

    I have multiple problems. i am a pure vegetarian. suffer from repeated sneezing, cold accompanied by fever. General weakness, body-ache, joint stiffness and pain, muscle pain, headache, toothache etc. I am very sensitive to cold weather or any change in climate.
    I have sinus too. Kindly Advise.

    Thanks n Kind regards


  4. Hi
    I am diabetic and I want to control this with naturally so
    Can I take meethi seed powder and kalonji powder mix
    Is this above mix is advisable or not ??
    N how much I can take ?? N when should I consume

  5. Ho doctor wheteher kalonji and kaali jeeri are same bcoz i heard that 250 gm of methi seeds and 10 gm of ajwain and 50 gm of kaali jeeri roasted and mixed together if taken with warm water at night heals all gut pbm when i searched for kaali jeeri i can get only kalonji so whether i can substitute kalonji for kaali jeeri and use will it give the same.benefit?

  6. Hi,
    My mother 65yrs old is hypertensive, diabetic and has flatulence problem. Can you pls guide how to take Kalonji for the mentioned problems.

    Thank you!

    • Madam this seed used from the time of our beloved prophet muhammad (sallallahualaihiwassalam)
      And it is sunnat to eat
      No side effects ❤️

    • If you already have diabetes, kalonji oil can also help to manage it. Take half a teaspoon of the oil in a cup of black tea every morning, and see the difference in a few weeks

  7. my wife has asthma for 10 years now and she had a cesarean birth where she developed a swelling on the right side near the naval and the dr. says it is a cesarean aneah.
    can this seeds help in reducing the swelling and the asthma.


    • Dear this seed is the cure of every health issues except death. Its a promise. People are using this seed since last 2000 years but mostly our doctors are blind and don’t know what they are missing in new age. No side effects its all win win with your health. Take my words for it. Its very easy to find from any indian or Pakistani grocery stores. Just ask them for Kalongi seeds or the kalongi oil. Trust me its very effective and very helpful. No age restriction for the use of it. But take 5 to 10 seeds twice a day give it a week and see the results.

        • Hello Fahim,
          Kalonji oil can be used for cooking as well as also for massage.
          So depending on the area of massage , quantity will vary.

          if you are using Kalonji oil only for cooking, then you can use 3tsp in a day

      • Asw i heard of the benefits of kalonji seeds please advice how to take it my wife had 3 avc in 1month and lots of problems at the same time doctor itself can’t find the cause of it… my hope also using the seeds to give her but how..

    • Yes it can have her take 1 tsp twice daily first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Also have her rub the area that’s inflamed.

  8. Hi dear,I have pain in my shoulder,like i feel pain in the muscles and at the side of right side of neck, I have arithritis too, This neck and shoulder pain has just started one month back, I am so miserable some times. I have started taking half a spoon of kalonji early in the morning. Please help me, and tell me,how can i get rid of this pain. all my activities e effecting. I was a very regular person going the gym, now its taking me back.Is kalonji alone is enough or should i take something else too with it,I believe in kalonji.

    • You can use kalongi oil and olive oil. Mix them and rub them good where ever you feel pain. Also keep using the seeds early in the morning. It doesn’t have any side effects as you know. Atleast its far more better then the medicines now a days. You can double check online how to use that black seeds oil for your body pains.

    • It’s an old-school treatment; take a handful of kalonji seeds, and heat it well with mustard oil. Once the oil is smoking, take it off the flame and cool it down for a bit. The oil is ready when you can dip the tip of a finger into the oil without feeling uncomfortable. Now use this oil to massage the inflamed joint.

  9. Hello Miss Neha Kava,
    My mother, 69 years, non-diabetic, has recently been diagnosed hypertensive and ischemic heart disease.
    I want to know how can we best use KALONJI / BLACK SEED in this condition? What’s the best / recommended method? Raw seeds or Oil which to use? Request for a detailed reply please.
    Your precious guidance would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

    • I take kalonji and methi seeds in powder form 1 teaspoon/day mixed in honey 1st thing in Morning with warm water. I’m 43 hardly get cold or coughs, my blood test always come as normal. No health issues so far. I’ve been taking it for past 5 years.

    • For those who suffer from or have the tendency of high blood pressure can drink half a teaspoon of kalonji oil with warm water to keep hypertension under control. It is of course advised to follow a proper diet along with it.

  10. Hello neha,
    I have sinus problem and suffring from cold, running nose sneezing and nasal congestion, cough . and can not take deep breath. I feel uneasy while normal walk. All are asthamas symptom. And more over m facing constipation problem since 3 month.I am undergoing a homopath treatment. Can I take Kolonji oil and olive oil for my disease if yes then how to take. Will it affect homeopath treatment.
    Please suggest.

  11. hello doctor i have heard about kalonji oil its good for hair i am loosing my hair i can see i am getting bold can this oil help me getting re growth please

    • hello i studied that for hair growth 50 grams of kalonji seeds shld boil in a litter of water and bath but i didnot get proper hint how much time i should boil and how many days i foolos will u give me correct direction

      • Hi
        I have a problem of drops after urine and for last few months I need to urinate v often even within 30-60 minutes I need to do as it is winter here in Australia. I even wake up at night for urination. Please advise me something as I am really worried about this problem. I also want to discuss few other things that I am worried about I will highly appreciate your kind advise. Thanks

      • Hi madam this is shakir khan I wants to know about the use of kalongi,is it used for leakage of drops from penis if it is then how, please its personnel question but I wants to know

  12. Doctor, I have no health problems. Can I take black seeds in the early morning with empty stomach as preventive measure for diseases, if yes how many kalojni seeds to be consume per day and How many seeds are Minimum and How many seeds are Maximum, Please suggest.

  13. Doctor, I have no health problems. Can I take 1 tsp of black seeds in the early morning with empty stomach as preventive measure for diseases. Please suggest.

  14. Hi Neha,
    The mix of olive oil (1 tsp) and Kalonji oil (1/2 tsp) rubs on the face, left it for an hour and wash it with shampoo. Continue it for a week. This is one of the fine beauty tips for face.
    Which shampoo here?
    Another, is it true that kalonji oil should not be taken for a longer period?

  15. Hello there,

    Is it true that you should not use Kalonji oil for a prolonged time? Say i’m applying Kalonji oil on my scalp everyday, should i stop it after month and give a gap before i start again? They say Kalonji oil is toxic, is that true? And also do you recommend the consumption of Kalonji oil daily? Please reply, it would be of great help!

    • Hello Maggie,
      You can use it for normal cooking.. Not in excess…5ml oil in a day is OK and also 2-3 tsp for cooking in whole day should be ok…


  16. hi neha,

    I am suffering from hypothyroidism since the past three years, when i got pregnant. I started off with 50mg and now I am taking 175mg, but im getting some side effects like tired and red eyes, feel exhausted and i dont feel like doing anything. so how can i take kalonji seeds? how many should i take and what time, as i am also taking the thyroid medicine? i really want to quit this thyroid medication.

    • Hello,
      You wont be able to stop thryoid medicine. It has to be taken life time… Ofcourse the dosage may vary. YOu can take 1 teaspoon in a day empty stomach. It will help you to reduce the inflammation of thyroid gland..

    • Hey @ Starshine, if you wanna stop taking the thyroid medicine, you could try ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment. In allopathy they only give you the medicine which is nothing but for hormone replacement. However, there has been positive but slow results when you take homeopathy or Ayurvedic medicines. I’m particularly talking only about Hypothyroidism and nothing else. Hope you recover soon. Power to you!

  17. Hi neha
    I m suffering from dirrhoea for 2 weeks. I have taken different types of medicines it didn’t work. I visited 2 different doctors. The Medicines I ate were prescribd by the 2 doctors. I m still suffering. Plz suggest me how can I use kalonji seeds to get rid of this dirrhoea

  18. Hi Neha Kava! I am Omair. I am suffering from stomach inflammation (Gastroenteritis) since May 2015. I am under prescription from qualified Gastroenterologist. Despite Being using continuous medication, i develop acute inflammation sometimes. Suggest, how to consume kalonji to get rid of this GI (gastroenteritis)?

  19. Hi ,I am suffering from kidney stones(calculus) of 6 mm,already consulted to the urologist,he said that,I am not sure that your stone will be dissolve by medicine.May be you will have to go for surgery.please suggest me complete diet plan.
    I am also suffering from male baldness pattern.
    Please suggest me .I am waiting for your precious reply.

  20. hi. this is ilias.
    my brother have 30years old he have 252 cholestrol, 484 triglosiidies, & 1/10 uric acid, border line in blood sugar,LDL/HDL little bit high he is taking doctor treatment also, can he use kalonji seeds if he use it will reduce this everything. if he use kalonji if it will reduce. how can he use kalonji seeds please tell me..

    • Hello Ilias,

      Your brother will require lifestyle modification in terms of his entire diet and physical activity. just adding kalonji seeds will not help him to reduce his lipid profile. Mail his entire diet history and his regular routine to [email protected]. Then i will be able to help you with nutritional advice.


    • After reading what you wrote, even a lay person like me can say that your brother needs to do heavy duty cardio at least for an hour daily. And heart patient-cum-diabetic diet, everyone knows!Anything that screams “yummy” is not meant to be eaten.

      • Kalonji is good for so many health issues. There is also another product in the market(which you could make yourself , if you wish). It consists of Apple cider vinegar, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon and Honey. There is a similar product with Turmeric juice included. This concoction is good for heart issues and a host of other medical conditions. As always, let your doctor know if you plan to include these supplements along with your prescribed medicines. Some doctors do not want to be bothered with it as it would mean spending more time with each patient or they are afraid of any interactions with their medicines. A holistic MD would be a good idea. Check out this product on the internet and decide for yourself.

  21. Hello Neha –

    Is Kalonji same as Black Cumin Seeds? On Internet many of the sources confirmed that they are same, but a few sources denied them to be same. Could you please share your point of view?

  22. Hi Neha Kava,

    From past 2 weeks I started taking Kalonji seeds with normal water every morning.
    is this proper method of taking it?
    and I would like to know what are the benefits of it taking with water early morning pre-breakfast?

      • yes benefits of kalonji are very well explained by our prophet SAW..
        And really it has numerous benefits..listz very long..

      • Death is not a decease it is result of decease .if claim that kalongi seeds can cure all decease than there will be no death.?
        Really is very good gift from God. Kalongi seeds cures almost all deceased.

        • Mr. Kirtikumar,

          Listed in the article are benefits of Kalonji seeds. It helps you to control the disease and controlling doesn’t mean it completely cures from the root.When you take medicine for diabetes it doens’t cure diabetes but helps to control it.
          Hope you get my point


  23. My name is Sandeep singh my father is dialysis patient kidney failure from last three years he is on now haemo dialysis so pls tell me kalonji seeds or oil cure’s the kidney kalonji seeds are helpful for dialysis patient pls tell me I’m waiting its urgent please

    • Hello Mr. Singh,

      All recommendation of diet are specific to individuals. In your case the recommendations of foods will vary as per the parameters of your father’s kidney profile. SO kindly do not blindly follow any recommendation without consulting any Registered Dietitian.


      • There are a few testimonials on the internet regarding improvement in kidney function after using BETA GLUCAN and another one where a daily consumption of a few strands of saffron in a little warm milk. I think both are harmless and it might help.

    • Take a handful of kidney beans also called rajmah. soak them overnight in warm water. Next morning tak2 8 glasses of water and put this for boiling on slow heat, for around 5-6 hours. when cool, filter this. to this add some black salt or lahori namak. He can drink this soul, two times a day

    • Hi sandeep i read one article,on facebook theres one village is on vilage named fatehpur dhalia on hanuman garh ganganagar road they are treating kidney faliure patients with gurantee i am not sure but still if you want,you can contact with him i have saved his number 8875347000.

  24. hi neha Ji,
    my self Shubham gurav
    I am also suffering from hair loss problem….
    so what I want to do for stop this…?

  25. Dr
    Thank you for being helpfull
    I hv bald partial
    Any natural way of regrowth u can suggest?
    As I feel hair transplant might hv side effects
    Kind regards

  26. Hy neha.
    Am 19 year, nd am suffering from hair loss problem ,,,is kalonji oil is really helpful to ruduce or to stop my hair loss..

    • Hello Pradeep,

      also will oil application watch out your diet. Eat more of protein rich food and fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating dishes which has urad dal in it eg. Idi, Dosa, vada etc


  27. Sir
    Since 15 days I am using kalonji seeds every day in early morning. Improved digestion problem but right and side of the back side is little bit paining, is there any problem by using this.

    • Hello Raju,

      Kalonji seeds will not have any such side effects. But at the same time if you feel suspicious about it, then discontinue for a while and check for the same symptoms. If the pain is gone then you might be allergic to seeds. And if still pain is there that means something else is responsible for that pain. Investigate


  28. Hi Neha i have a question actually my husband had been diagnosed with leukemia in 2013 and had chemo for nearly 1 year and now touchwood he is fine, i want to know does he should to take kalonji seeds or oil for precautions.

    • Hello Pinky,

      You have to make his over all food intake highly nutritious to buildup his immunity. I would advise you to take a personalized diet chart for your husband which he can follow to build up his immunity again and stay healthy in furture.


  29. Hi neha i am 32 and i am on bp medicine from last 5 yrs and at a same time i want to lose weight so can you please suggest me the best way of taking kalonji seeds or kalonji oil and is that fine to take along with my bp medicine. Actually we have grounded fresh kalonji oil from mill without any other mixer so do u think i can use that oul for weight loss.

    • Hi Pinky,

      Weight loss will be responsible with combination of various foods and not just one particular food. YOu can choose kalonji seeds as one of the food which can give backup for your weight loss. You are too young for having BP.. Control your diet and change your lifestyle which can allow you to enjoy life with out worrying about your pressure.


  30. Dear Madam,

    I would like to as u… some time if i use cereals and beans. i feel burning sensation right side under the ribs, not all time some time in between break fast ans lunch time.. kalonji can slove this issue.
    Thanks & Regards

  31. I have been suffering from psoriasis for a long period and also have been suffering from poor muscular strength and digestive disorders,please guide me how much quantity and procedure for taking kalonji seeds

  32. Good morning Neha Ji,
    Can you please let me know how much of this seeds to be taken. Can i take 1 teaspoon of seeds and chew and eat them early morning in empty stomach to reduce cholestrol.


  33. hi every one,My using kalonji oil with black tea twice in a day.Morning before break fast and night after dinner for Diabetic control.
    Is it correct procedure.

    • Hello Mr. Dhananjaya,

      Kindly take your Registered Dieticians advise before such remedies. Being a Diabetic be very careful without starting any remedies.


  34. Hi, my couzin is recently diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4 and she is under harmonal cancer treatment i.e, using tamoxifin (Nolvadex) and no chemothrapy. Now, any experince or advise about dosage of kalonji oil and how to use? I heard on net to make a mixture oh 1/2 table spoon of kalonji oil and 1 cup of grapes but infact, some other online research say that grapes are not good for cancer (but not very sure). Any comment or advice asap please??

    • Hello Fawad,

      I am sorry but I am not sure about your cousins condition. An overall reports will eb required to suggest something for her.


  35. Hello.
    Is there a specific dosage and combination of Kalonji oil or seeds for the treatment of malignant ascites possible cause of Ovarian cancer?
    Kind regards

  36. Hi how r u mam,I have been using kalongi along with honey and cinnamon from past 3-4 months … its been on/of many me now he problem is lately and have put on huge weight on my chest,tummy and buttock .. I am very confused as how to take benefi of kalonjI
    thanks a lot

    • Hello Rashid,

      Stop taking kalonji oil as its a form of oil it will tend to put on weight. Eat other low calorie foods.


    • Hello Sai,

      You can take these seeds empty stomach. Moreover concentrate on loosing few kilos by briskwalk and healthy diet as recommended by your dietitian. If you have not taken any advise for your raised TSH then please get some time and visit a registered dietitian with your recent reports and get a personalised diet chart for your self which will help you to maintain your thyroid levels as well as help you to loose weight in a healthy way. If you want to take online diet consultation with us via mail, Registered Dietitian Dt. Neha Kava will handle your case and give you best results.

      * Payment for the consultation to be done prior. Fees 299/-INR only (per session)

  37. Mam recently i hvbeen detecdted hiv positive im totally on naturopathy m eating four times kalonji seeds one tea spoon every time hv read it cures hiv.

  38. Hi Neha Mam,

    My age is 29yrs, i have been suffering from Bronchitis from almost 10yrs, if i drink anything cold or go to some dusty place immediately i get affected and suffer from throat infection and running nose. My weight is 64kgs and my height is 5.8, please suggest, by taking kalonji seeds will help me any way.I want to gain some weight also. please reply.

    • Hello Keshav,

      You start taking multivitamin A-Z and also start taking omega 3 capsules which will help you reduce your inflammation. And avoid drinking cold drinks and going to dusty place if it aggravates your problem.


  39. Hi Neha my daughter is 16 and have acne problem does kalonji help for that .If yes could you please advise me how to use it.
    sukhdeep Hari

    • Hello Sukhdeep,

      Instead of concentrating on Kalonji, ask her to drink coconut water, lots of water through out the day, minimum 3 fruits in a day, Stop oily and fried foods and apply good sunscreen lotion and wear scarf or take umbrella under the sun. This will benefit more.


  40. Hi Neha Ji iam want to loose weight iam taking kalonji oil empty stomach but on the bottle it says take with food so please clear it for me .

  41. Hello Ms. Neha,

    I am a Thyroid Patient. I have been taking Eltroxin-100 for last 2 years (Started with 0.25mg). Please let me know how can Kalonji help normalize my thyroid (TSH),

    Also, I am allergic to Humidity (I live in Mumbai and have been drinking Bisleri for last two years as the normal water causes to itcy/red eyes, sneezing and severe sinus)

    Please help me tell the Kalonji cure for these two diseases.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    • Dear MQ,

      Kalonji alone will not help to normalize your thyroid levels. In your case I would advise you to take nutrition consultation from a registered dietitian which will benefit you.


  42. My name is Tarak.I am suffering from gas n stomach burn.My age is 48.
    How should I take kalonji in my diet? I have constipation and high blood pressure.

    • Hello Tarak,

      I think oil and spice can be one of the reason. So use less spice and oil for few days and check for your acidity and gas burn. Drink more of fluids like lemon water ( no Salt), Buttermilk (No salt) etc. Eat small meals. Minimum 5 meals a day. Avoid whole pulses like rajmah, chole, chana, rajmah etc


      • Neha ji I am 32 now and feel small conjunction (tightening in heart) some time and feel weak some time in a day so please tell me how kalongi can help me in this regard and how, how much must be taken or any thing else?

  43. Neha ji,
    my son is suffring with asthma from child hood.now a days is normal with the little help of inheller,
    so,can he use kalonji seeds.
    nk sharma

  44. Neha ji,
    my son is suffring with asthma from child hood.now a days is normal with the little help of inheller,
    so,can he use kalonji seeds and how.
    nk sharma

    • Hello Mr. Sharma,

      Continue the inhalers. you can include kalonji in food preparation for eg in chapati or veggies or eat 5gms/day empty stomach. Eat 5-6pcs of black manuka empty stomach. Manuka also has good effects on asthma.


      • Raw honey(from a good source) is important as it contains bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. Regular honey does not contain these three important factors.

  45. Hello Neha,

    Great to know that you are a registered national dietitian, impressed that you have been helping many people to lead a healthy life by your advice and suggestions…

    I am an Indian presently in UAE i am diabetic (type 2) and also have high blood pressure…and on medication, i also take oil olive, amla powder and cinnamon powder alternatively…Well i need to clarify with you whether i can also take kaloonji seeds and if so when and how much should i take.

    Look forward for your valuable advice.

    God bless you, Good luck and best wishes.


    • Mr Syed,

      Kalonji seeds can be taken 5gms/day. Cinnamon 1-2g/day will have very good results on your sugar control. Eat more of fatty fish (not fried form), Lean chicken meat, egg whites. (Do not prefer eating red meat and egg yolks). Eat minimum quantity of processed foods as they are higher in preservatives and invisible salt present in them may be in form of soda bi carb or baking powder etc. Minimize you salt intake. Add freshly cut lemon where ever you feel you can. Vit c in lemons will help to increase the activity of insulin. Extra virgin Olive oil- 5gms/day can be used. Amla powder will not be so beneficial as vit c in powder is in very negligible amount. You can take methi seeds empty stomach ( soaked overnight).


  46. My question is for my 3yrs old son.he has pigeon shaped chest and has cough for a long time.and adenoids behind nose n he snore while sleeping also.I did lots of treatments for that.now plz tell how can i get rid of my tension about him.

  47. Hi Neha I have lipomas all over my body. Somebody told me to take one spoon of kalonji oil mixed with honey twce a day after meals. Will it be helpful. What do u suggest.

  48. Hi Neha,

    I started taking one table spoon kalonji oil with water in the morning a few days ago, then switched to 10/15 kalonji seeds fearing that oil might be harmful for my arteries.I am above 66, had bypass surgery in 2003 and now using BP,cholesterol and diabetic medicines regularly. It is important to note that I am still active and having a job driving 200 km to and fro daily and 8 hrs office duty as well. I have USUAL side effects of diabetes and high BP medicines.
    Is it safe for me to use kalonji oil and if yes how much useful it will be for my overall health?

    • Hello Mr. Nazir,

      At this age and with diabetic and blood pressure problems you should consult a Nutritionist and get a diet plan personalized for you as per your individualistic needs and based on your lifestyle. If you wan a personalized diet chart email us on [email protected]


  49. Hi Neha,
    Im in uae presently and im losing my hair like anything. In 5 months my hair volume has become half then what was before.
    How should I use kalounji to give me best results.

    • Hello Obaid,

      You can definitely use Kalonji oil. Take oil and rub with light hand in circular motion. Also watch out your protein and vitamin & minerals intake.


  50. Pls tell whether kalonji can treat hypothyroid and how to take kalonji for hypothroid. I really want to get cure from hypothyroid

  51. hi neha,my t s h is high,and my friend told me kalonji seeds take in empty stomac..and your t s h level is become normal.is it true?

    • HI Riya,

      Kalonji seeds have many benefits as you have read in the article. It doesn’t have any side effect. SO you can try.

      All the best.

  52. Neha-

    I read somewhere that taking Kalonji seeds(15-20 daily) help clear out the acne scars and marks. Please, let me know if there is anything else that can be applied on the face or taken to cure acne scars and pimple marks. And how long does one need to continue using this for them to see results.

    Thank you,


    • Hello there,
      I would suggest you to consult with your personal gynaecologist and Nutritionist before starting any new food in diet. Though it won’t have any side effects but during such condition it’s advisable to take personal counselling.


  53. how can kalonji oil help in hair loss prevention and hair regrowth .
    Also how can it help in curing ED.


    • Hello Robinson,

      You can drink lots of water. This will help you but you have to get yourself treated by a nephrologist as they would be the best person to prescribe the treatment.

  54. It is given in the net that using more than 4 to 5 kalonji seeds in a day tend to aggravate pitta in the body & may lead to imbalance of the 3 doshas in the body. Is this true

  55. Dear Ms. Neha, I am a practising Anaesthetist. I have been having IBS for more than a decade. Last September on the advise of a friend I took half a teaspoon of Trikatu churn am ( powdered dried ginger, pepper and long pepper) with honey twice a day after food for 2 months and stopped it.. I slowly lost nearly 3 kgs over some months. I didn’t have any other problems. This year March I developed gastritis confirmed through endoscopy and lost another 3 kgs. Took medications for a month from Gasteroenterologist. Now feeling symptomatic ally better. I have gained close to 2 kgs in one month. But still I have mild burping or belching after food or after drinking water. Can I take Kalonji oil for my gastritis and IBS. If so how? Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Dr. Shajahan,
      You can take Kalonji seeds 5gms twice a day . Also include fish oil and falxseeds in the diet. Eat nonspicy and less oily foods. Eat small meals. Eat every 2-3 hours.


      • Dear Ms.Neha I learnt that Kalonji oil is more potent than Kalonji seeds. Does Kalonji seeds do have any side effects? Does it have any laxative effect and will it cause any weight loss? I want to gain weight. Kindly advise.

    • Hello Gurmit,
      You can eat seeds 5gms/day. It will not have sudden effect but will help on long term to maintain levels. Best way to lower cholestrol is to brisk walk for 45minutes along with low calorie diet. Restrict Sweets and chocolates. use only 3-4 tsp oil in diet per day.


  56. Hi i hav 2 questions
    i have a routine to take 10 to 15 seeds of kalonji with 4 glass of water in empty stomach daily.
    can i exceed the quantity of seeds if yes then how much
    some one told me it effects kidney or liver has warm effect is it true

    • Hello Iftikhar,
      As we all know anything inexcess is harmful. Why you want to incraese teh quantity. Continue the same dosage.


  57. hi….i have 2 questions….1- i am asthma patient since i born…..now i am 20 years old….how can i prevent from asthma…i want to get rid from asthma……can kalonji oil is compolsury or seed can also help…2-plz share some healthy tips to prevent asthma problem
    +974 70295010 whatsapp

    plz reply

    thank you alll…..

    • Hi Abdullah,
      I will surely write on Ashtma and diet very soon. Hoping that you have subscribed with us so that you can an intimation when the topic is online. You can take Kalonji seeds.


  58. how much dose in terms of t/spoon is to be taken alongwith honey and warm water for treating breathless problem.

    • Hi Neha,
      Add kalonji seeds 8-10gms/day to have effects. Try taking empty stomach in the mornming. Also get involved in some physical exercise. Dieta nd Exerci9se both will work best.


  59. I have a nasal blockage which lead problem in respiration , madam, can u please tell me how to take this khalonji oil/ seed.

  60. i m suffering from H.pylori for last 6 to 7 months.is kalonji effective for h.pylori too? if yes, plz suggest the dose.

    • Hi Reshma,
      Intead of taking kalonji seeeds, take Yakult available in market. Take 1 bottle every day for 15 days and then continue alternate days. Do not eat outside food. Drink only boiled water.


      • i want to clear here, that my stomach has suffered very much because of H.pylori. i feel pain all the time, can’t even sleep well. I am taking medicine of homeopathic but they have veeery slow effect. In such situation can i take yalkut?????

        • Hello Reshma,
          Take one bottle Yakult everyday for atleast 2 months. It will increase good bacteria in your gut and will build up teh immunity as well..


          • Hi Neha Ma’m
            actually i could not find this Yakult drink here in Karachi(Pakistan). can u kindly tell me about its availability in Pakistan?

          • Hi Reshma,

            I am sorry. I am not so aware of it’s availability in Pakistan. By that time you can eat fresh home made curds.

    • use kalonji or cinnamon tea instead.just boil cinnamon or kalonji for 10 min add tea water and drink in morning as ur usual cup of tea.

    • Reshma buy active manuka honey with value 20+ , it will kill the bacteria in 1 month. Also continue kalonji seed as it has shifa in it in sha allah it will help

  61. Hi, I wanted to know how to use khalonji seeds not the oil for treating hearing loss, weight loss and infertility?

  62. i m suffering from muscle cramps, heart disease, cervical spondilitis, pl advise doses as well as period ( upto which period one can take)thanks

    • Hello R.K Bajaj
      You can take kalonji seeds for any duration as it is a type of food. You can use it like we use til. So that shoudnt be any problem with tha.


  63. once i was read some where tht kalonji seeds help in waight gaining ,is it true if yss then wat the method of useing

  64. anyone requiring kalonji in better tasting drink can contact me on +919900168523. with proven results and more effectiveness.

  65. Mam I read in an Urdu news paper that kalonji can be used to remove kidney stones…
    Plz advise how to take it….
    Thanks in advance….

    • use kalonji or cinnamon tea instead.just boil cinnamon or kalonji for 10 min add tea water and drink in morning as ur usual cup of tea.

    • Hello Sharly,
      Kalonji seeds has to be taken 1tsp/day. why you over doing it. And if you taking 1 tsp/day and getting giddiness then it will settle after few days.


  66. Whether Kalonji oil effective in muscular dystrophy ? My brother have both legs not working, Now one arm also affected. Initially Started from left leg
    Please guide how to use also

    • Hello JM Patel,
      Muscular dystrophy is a chronic issue. This will help to reduce the inflammation and help in better circulation if messaged everyday for 15 minutes.Pls take advised of the doctor before doinga nything new to him


    • Hi qaisar,
      You can take 1/2 tsp oil in green tea early morning. It will not instantly cure your IBS problem but will definitely lower the symptoms if taken regularly.


    • Hello Rajesh,
      Kalonji seeds 5gms per day has good results for patients with high blood pressure and not oil. You can use kalonji oil to massage on on body which also dilates the nerves and helps is lowering the blood pressure.


      • Hello Neha,
        Kalonji seeds 5grams per day suggested for heigh BP patients, but not Kalonji oil? Please advise me for heigh blood pressure can I use Kalonji seeds or oil.

        • Hello Divakar,
          You can use both. 1tsp oil in a day can be taken. 1/2 tsp at a time. Can be mixed with water, tea or milk.


  67. Is kalongi seeds effective for joint pain caused due r.artritis. if it is good for this problem kindly telme how to take these seeds n proper dosage.

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