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Health Benefits of Turmeric I Make turmeric your friend

Turmeric is not just a spice. Its adds several other health benefits to your feed apart from giving a bright attractive yellow color to your dishes. Turmeric is used with Asians for more than 4000 year now. The health benefits of turmeric was very well know by our ancestors who have always had made sure… Read More »

Maida Flour Side Effects / Disadvantages

Maida or Refined flour is present in any second recipe you cook. Most of us do use Refined flour in most of the foods as it gives a better feel and texture to the product. But my question is, Is It worth eating any food which will give your food a better texture but at… Read More »

What is Energy Drink? Is it good to consume? Yes or No?

Energy drink is a very complicated term because different people associate differently to the energy drink. Some relate fruit juices, tang and gluconD and as energy drinks whereas even the caffienated beverages like red bull, gatorade also considered as energy drinks. Also one more category of energy drinks which has come up is the range of nutrition and fitness products like proteinex, Ensure, Bourvita etc. Ofcourse energy drinks provides energy for that instance. But what needs to be checked is that the way in which the energy is generated in the body is healthy for the body. Energy drink and health!

3 Natural Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

Every second person you meet is frustrated with hair loss. Hair Falling, Thin hair, Unhealthy Hair out Reasons for hair loss are many. The major reason why the there is high percentage of people facing this problem is pollution followed by stress, excessive smoking, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, genetic factors, use of wrong or chemically enriched… Read More »

Best Health Supplement for Women

A billion dollar question, what do Women need?? While some may say love others may say attention, compliments, diamonds, blah blah…. Taking a different perspective and being a nutritionist that I am, I would say “Women in all age group may need at least one thing in common and i.e. Supplements”.  Are you wondering, did… Read More »

Symptoms of Dengue Fever and Diagnosis

What is the dengue fever? It is a disease commonly caused due to the transmission of the virus aedes aegypti. This is a mosquito, which transmit the infection from one’s body to the other human body. When a person suffers from this dengue fever then, the pain occurs in the muscles and the bones. So,… Read More »

Family Shopping At Food Mall

Today shopping has become very comfortable and convenient. There is no lifting of heavy luggage of groceries, roaming under the sun and search for foods; neither the availability of food is a problem. Westernized culture has drastically taken over and entered Asian market which has made every possible thing available throughout the year unconditional of… Read More »

Today’s Killer: Obesity and childhood obesity

Obesity is very different form being overweight.. Obesity is accumulation of excessive body fat which is extremely abnormal. Overweight literally means weighing more. Obesity is not a day’s or a month’s process. It happens due to eating excess calories over a long run. When there is huge difference of Calories going in and coming out… Read More »

Nutrition and its importance to stay fit, healthy and live long

When we talk about Nutrition we basically talk about Nutrients. As we all know that requirement of nutrition for everyone is different. People consume different nutrients in different amounts which results in the overall view of an individual’s health and physiological condition. People staying in different geographical condition, different environment, different states, countries, different communities eat… Read More »