Understanding Dietary Requirements [Infographic]

modern eating infographic

Sometimes it can feel like a full time job staying on top of new food trends and movements. It seems like every week a new way of eating is ‘discovered’ — and it can be very easy to fall behind. For anyone catering to dietary restrictions and requirements, planning a meal for someone on a … Read moreUnderstanding Dietary Requirements [Infographic]

Jaundice symptoms, diagnosis and prevention

Jaundice is not a disease. It is a symptom. There is yellow pigmentation of skin, nails and whites of the eyes. This yellowness is because of the high levels of bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is yellow pigment in liver. This can be seen in any age group. Many a time’s jaundice is also seen … Read moreJaundice symptoms, diagnosis and prevention

Natural Remedies for Digestive Care

Constipation has become a rising problem for people eating modern diets. This applies in particular to older adults and those with busy lives. This rising issue has been thought to be mainly due to poor digestive care.

Poor digestive care can lead to some issues, including problems like a lack of nutrient absorption, stomach pains, and too much gas.

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5 Best Fast Diet Recipes That You Can Make In a Toaster Oven

Do you have a toaster oven in your kitchen?

If yes, do you know that there is so much that you can do with it than just toasting bread and warming pizza leftovers?

Well, if you did not know, read on for more information on how you can use this appliance to cook healthy foods for you and your family.

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10 Unknown Health Benefits of Basil Seeds

We have always seen that the good quality products or things always come in smaller packets. I am again here to discuss with you the immense health benefits of  Basil Seeds.

I know many of us are not aware of these seeds or may not be using it in your diet. But when I say Sabja or Takmariya, many of you would be able to relate what I am talking about.

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Top 10 Benefits of Green Coffee

It was enough of green tea in the fitness industry and now we have something called green coffee. Why people are behind anything which is green? Is it because green relates to freshness, alive and energetic?

I do recommend green tea during my consultation.

But I am not a great fan of green tea. So let’s move ahead to understand the health benefits of green coffee as the revolution.

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No More Diet, it’s About Healthy Eating

RD: I am Nutritionist!

MR. X: Wow!!! Please help me to lose some weight. I need it very badly.

RD: Hmmm sure (What if I was a barber?

Mr. X: I actually know what should be my diet like, but still it doesn’t work to lose weight

RD: We need to catch up for this discussion.

Mr. X: Yes definitely, tell me when can I visit you?

RD: Tomorrow at clinic

And Mr. X is never seen at the clinic, until meets in some other get together.


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4 Foods You Should Try To Avoid If You Have Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a very common problem, but one that can complicate your day to day life to a ridiculous amount. Sometimes you can’t wear something. Other times you can’t use certain perfumes or lotions. Some other times, you can’t wear certain accessories without developing breakouts and rashes. Simply put, sensitive skin is a pain … Read more4 Foods You Should Try To Avoid If You Have Sensitive Skin

Guide on Ketogenic diet weight loss

I guess half a decade ago or many be few years extra when Ketogenic diet was only advised to people who had seizures or epilepsy especially among young kids.

Suddenly there is a craze for this Ketogenic Diet among youths and fashion world. Every single fitness oriented person looks out to follow Ketogenic Diet. A diet which was used for a reason to treat epileptic patients, now is been fashionably practiced to lose weight.

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Can Epsom Salt Bath Help You Lose Weight?

Lasting weight loss is a slow, and often frustrating endeavour that involves a lot of hard work, and a heaping spoonful of stick-to-itiveness.  That being said, despite best efforts, sometimes a big event, or beach vacation sneaks up, all with the promise to yourself of wanting to look your best.  Sometimes a person can benefit … Read moreCan Epsom Salt Bath Help You Lose Weight?

Know all about your Oil? Is your Oil GOOD OR BAD??

When we talk about using less oil in cooking, the most excited population is ladies, the cooks and the food lovers; who are curious to know that the oil they use is good or bad.

So if it is good, they have liberty to use in excess.

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13 Eye-opening Health benefits of Cinnamon

health benefits of cinnamon

Health benefits of cinnamon have been overlooked in past years. But there have been many researches carried on to prove the super properties it has, which makes it a super food. Cinnamon is very rich in fiber. It is a powerful spice with medicinal properties and is used by many nations. Cinnamon is a very … Read more13 Eye-opening Health benefits of Cinnamon

Nutrition- An Art To Eat Intelligently [Infographic]

Nutrition is a significant medium that fulfills the requirement of the necessary elements in the body that includes all the important nutrients like proteins, vitamins,minerals and much more for a long- term health and wellness .It identifies the diseases that occur due to poor diet and also helps in preventing these problems with  proper and … Read moreNutrition- An Art To Eat Intelligently [Infographic]

Brown Bread Vs White Bread – Which one is better?

Let’s talk about breads today. Brown Bread Vs White Bread, Which one is better? I am suremost of you must have said Wheat breads. Image Source Bread is the most convenient food in market since decades and decades. It is available at a cheaper rate so affordable to all categories of people. I have grown … Read moreBrown Bread Vs White Bread – Which one is better?

4 Foods to Avoid When Dieting

Foods labelled as diet or low in fat might be the obvious choice for people looking to lose weight. However, these choices can negatively affect weight loss goals, increasing not only food cravings but also the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In this article we will discover the four categories of food to avoid … Read more4 Foods to Avoid When Dieting

Bollywood actress diet secrets / celebrity weight loss

Bollywood craze is mad in India. Where there is so much difference in them and other population. Why even another non-actor millionaire is not followed as it the Bollywood stars are followed. Answer is not very unique. Whatever little they do is publicized widely which makes lots of difference. Being in Nutritional field I was just … Read moreBollywood actress diet secrets / celebrity weight loss