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Neha Kava is a National Certified Registered Dietitian in India. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. You can contact her on

Tips to control high blood pressure.

Today high blood pressure is very common in individuals of all age groups of 25yrs and above. I would like to share few quick tips to control high blood pressure on your own. Its very important to feel whats happening in your body. People who are recently diagnosed as high BP patients, for them its… Read More »

Health Benefits of fruits & Importance of fruits

FRUITS; one of the god’s best creation. There are so many varieties of fruits available in nature with it’s unique qualities and importance. There are innumerable health benefits of fruits. Fruits are known for it”s natural and rich source of Vitamins & minerals. It is very uncommon to find any side effect of fruits except… Read More »

You Feel Hungry Often?? Here are few tips to curb/ control your hunger.

Hungry Kyaa?? Whenever i come across people who want to loose weight, the most common problem for them is to control their hunger. Since they fail to control their hunger they do not succeed is loosing weight and hence are demotivated. So to motivate the new dieters its very important to know the ways in which they can control… Read More »

Summer Diet Tips

REJUVENATE YOURSELF THIS SUMMER!!! Pheewwwww!!!! It’s so hot. Here come the summer. Summers are most awaited by children as they close their school and ready for vacation time. But summers can be dangerous due to the amount of heat in the environment.

Problems Faced By Professionals.

When we talk about professionals or a working population we assume them to be very busy. The intensity of competition in market has forced them to go out of their way and showcase their performance in order to earn a more money, promotions and recognition. Professionals have very less time for themselves, family friends.

What are healthy options to snack in between meals? / Healthy snacking options.

Snacks are sometimes more favorite among the people. They don’t have time to eat the major meals and thereby they just hog on the snacks. So it becomes very important for the nutritionist to have some healthy snacking options for their clients and customers. First thing to be avoided in snacking is choosing a snack… Read More »

Health benefits of ginger.

As we all know that ginger is one of the very favorite choices of spice of most of the INDIAN Population. You will find one or more ginger preparation on the dining table. It has proved to have many medicinal properties. It is primarily know to fight against cold and cough. Ginger and honey mixture… Read More »