Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

cow milk vs buffalo milk

Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

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Cow’s Milk or buffalo’s milk? Confused? Hmmmm…

There are many negatives and positives of both the types of milk. When we talk about cow’s milk it is understood to be very lighter and buffalo milk is considered to be heavy in sense of digestion.

Now what’s behind being heavy and light? What is really making the difference in the quality of milk? When a baby is born and top feeding of milk has to be started we usually hear our elders saying that cow milk is good for baby’s digestion and it’s also lighter for the baby.


Fat content: First line of difference is the fat present in both the milk. It makes the consistency of milk differ. Cow’s milk has low % of fat in it hence it is of thin consistence and thereby called to be lighter by a layman.

Buffalo’s milk is high in fat % and is thicker than cow’s milk and hence called heavy. As we know that a fatty food takes time for digestion and absorption and it stays in the stomach for a longer time giving us a feeling of heavy stomach or stomach fullness similarly buffalo milk has high fat and hence it takes time for digestion.

So cow’s milk is recommended over buffalo’s milk especially for infants and elders.


Buffalo milk contains cholesterol. So for many people who are suffering from diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, kidney diseases, PCOD, Obesity etc are advised to have buffalo’s milk.

Due to high peroxidase activity, buffalo milk can be preserved naturally for a longer period. Buffalo milk contains more calcium, better calcium: phosphorous ratio and less sodium and potassium than in cow milk which makes it a better nutritional supplement for infants.

Protein content: Proteins present in buffalo milk is higher than that of cow’s milk by approximately 11%. Buffalo milk protein is more heat resistant. Same like fats even proteins are difficult to digest for infants and older population. So even here the choice of milk is cow’s milk.

Calorie Content: 100ml of cow’s milk contains 70Kcals whereas 100ml of buffalo’s milk contains 100Kacls. It is obvious that buffalo milk has more fat and proteins so it will have more calories. So people who are on calorie restricted diet are again here advised to have cow’s milk to cut down the calorie consumption in the diet.

Water content: Cow’s milk contains less milk solids as compared to buffalo’s milk. Because of high non solid % cow’s milk is sometimes denoted as watery milk. It helps in hydrating the body. Approximately 90% of milk is water.


Composition of milk.

Nutrient          Cow    Buffalo           Human                      

Water, g          88.0     84.0                 87.5

Energy, kcal    61.0     97.0                 70.0

Protein, g         3.2       3.7                   1.0

Fat, g               3.4       6.9                   4.4

Lactose, g        4.7      5.2                   6.9

Minerals, g      0.72     0.79                0.20

Milk is hence a very healthy food unless it’s not adulterated. It is very important to check the quality of milk before purchasing. Adulteration is done with water, starch etc. So everyone please purchase milk in packaged form or from a reputed dairy.

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Neha Kava

National Registered Dietitian at NutriChoice4u.com
Neha Kava is a National Certified Registered Dietitian in India. She likes to share her knowledge about daily health, nutritition and diet tips. You can contact her for online counselling on info@nutrichoice4u.com

345 Responses to Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

  1. greeshma says:

    My son is 2 months old he is not breastfed. What he should be given formula or cows milk….
    If u suggest formula which one is the best

  2. Manasi Nayak says:

    Hello Mam .
    My son has mild autism and someone advised me to give him gfcf diet and even told me buffalo milk is good for him as it is casein free. Is it true Mam. Secondly is Amul gold the red packet milk buffalo milk .

  3. Humera says:

    Hi neha
    I have 8 month twin babies,my son vomits these days (my girl doesn’t ).i have started giving semi solid foods, like kheer custard banana…but i guess using buffalo milk in kheer and custard doesn’t suit him,thats why he vomits…any suggestion?

  4. Ritu says:

    Hi mam,
    My baby girl is 2months old and I am breastfeeding her.I give her formula milk twice or thrice in a day.Is it safe to replace formula with diluted properly boiled Buffalo milk.plz advice.


  5. mahi says:

    Is better are not drink buffalo milk without mixed water please tell me

  6. Artika Rawat says:

    Hi neha
    My baby is 5 months old. I m giving her buffalow milk from last 3 days by diluting it with water in the ratio of 1:2. But she gets constipated n doing hard stool. Plz suggest how much water should be added and does buffalow milk increase weight of my baby ?

  7. Artika Rawat says:

    Hi mam
    My baby is going to complete 5 months. I m introducing her buffalo milk from last two days by adultring milk with water. But i don know how much water should be added. As she gets constipation after giving it by 1:2 ratio of milk and water. Plz suggest how much water should be added on buffalo milk and can i also add some white sugar also ?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello artika,
      i would advice to give plain milk. Baby will get habituated to sugar milk. If yo get pure honey you can add that


  8. fareeha khalid says:

    hi my daughter is 9 month old.she was on motherfeed but one month back she stopped feeding and she was not on bottle feed so now this is a big prob she is not having any kind of milk only diets including cerelac and soji dalya and some fruits niw suggest me what should i do to restart the milk again b/c she is not taking i m si worried

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Fareeha,
      You can give her cheese, paneer, curds if she is not taking milk. You can knead her chapati dough in milk instead of water.


  9. varun says:

    Is buffalo milk alright for adults?

  10. KP says:

    My lil one is 2 years 2 months, a bit anaemic and underweight. We have been giving her only cows milk. Do you suggest to give her buffalo milk which might help her in gaining a weight. Or should we do a mix a cow and buffalo milk in her diet. Would appreciate your help. Or shall we stick to cows milk only.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Helo KP,
      Pls stick to cow’s milk. You can give her eggs, apple, watermelon, beetroot, tomatoes, muskmelon for iron.


  11. sana says:

    My baby is 6 months old and now i want to introduce cow milk can u sggst which pne os better for baby cow milk or buffalo milk?

  12. manasa says:

    my baby is 10 months old..and would like to give him heritage packet milk. how much water quantity need to added for 500ml milk.and is it safe to give packet milk for babies.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Manasa,
      You can give her cow’s milk. Add 100ml water to 500ml milk. Go on reducing the dilution every week..


  13. mehakpreet singh says:

    dr. mujhko milk curd or cheeze se allergy hai kya vo allergy both milk se hai cow or beffelow or agar main both milk me se ik ko choddd krr dusraa chooze krloo kyaa main theek ho jayuga

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Mehakpreet,
      I did not get what you are trying to ask me..
      Are you lactose intolerant?

      • Sufaian Ahmed says:

        Hi neha. My daughter is 8 months old. Upto now shehas been breastfeeding but now it seems that it does not suffice her. The issue is that she refuses to eat any other food. We have to force her to eat. What do you recommend we give her?
        P.S. Buffalo milk is not available in South Africa

        • Neha Kava says:

          Hello Sufian,
          You can start her with all the meals in mashed or semi mashed form. You can also give her toned milk. Give her prodiges, fruit pulps, mashed rice, khichdi eat


          • Sufaian Ahmed says:

            Thanks. Really appreciate your concern. Mind you but buffalo milk is not available in my country. We drink cows milk. Woth regards cows milk does it have to be toned as well before feeding the baby or can we just give it to her as it is ?

          • Neha Kava says:

            Hello Sufaian,
            You can give her any toned milk. initially you can dilute it a bit but if she is able to digest pure milk then you can give i t.



  14. Laxmi Subbash says:

    Hello Neha mam,
    I have 4.5 girl baby.I give only breast milk to her,in this stage,breast milk is enough to her? I feel that she lose weight,Suggest some food which is used to increase breast milk.After 6 month ,what milk,I want to give either cow milk or buffalo milk

  15. Pankaj says:

    Hello mam,

    we are giving our baby buffallo milk since last 6 months, now she is 15 months old. can we continue buffallo milk……..

  16. Lokesh says:

    Hi Mam,

    Good morning..

    My baby boy is of 7 months old and we are giving him buffalo milk, also in between mother feed & some simple daal etc. Pl suggest whether we have to think over cows milk or continue with buffalo milk?

    Lokesh Kumar

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Lokesh,
      If your child is comfortable with buffalo milk you can give him that. Its that buffalo milk has high amount of fat which is required now for them.. But later it might not be helpful. SO as a part to inculcate a good food habit you can switch to cow’s milk.


  17. Ruchira Jha says:

    For improving B-12 level which milk is preferable, Cow or Buffalo?

  18. Sheetal rajoli says:

    My baby is 4 month old i am giving her cow milk from 1 and half months as my breast milk is not enough for her.she never had any problems with cow milk so can I continue to feed her cow milk

  19. SAM says:

    Our Chhotu is 13 months old and he does not eat anything except Amul Milk.
    His teeth are not yet come. Before 2-3 months he used to eat chapati. But now a days he starts spitting chapati when we feed him. Please advise us what to give him to eat.


    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Sam,
      It is very common. Kids get bored with same kind of food everyday. Give her differet varieties or colours of chapati. Make food little interesting and colorful.. make use of palak and beet roots to give colours to thier foods.You can make chapati a bit salty or sweet sometime.. Give him upma/ porridges, sheera, kheer etc. Whatever he likes.


  20. Robin says:

    hi. im watching my weight since 1 month and I’m also trying to increase my height. I’m a guy, 19 and 160 pounds. i do cardio for 1 hour a day. which milk would you suggest for me? thanks in advance!

  21. honey says:

    hii my son is 21 months i have started cow’s milk from the past 2 months but he is having an allergy of chest so now i think its cause of cow’s milk and everyone suggested me to stop giving him cow’s milk but my husband dont believe on me..he says cows milk z best n dont quit it..please help me

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Honey,

      Cow’s milk is definitely good but if your child is allergic to it then obviously discontinue… You can try giving him buffalo milk or soya milk. It can also be due too some other infection that there would be infection in chest,,,


  22. mazhar ahmed says:

    Hello Dear Neha Kava,
    first of all appreciate ur patience & concern in replying in detail to every query posted here.

    my son is 3years old & has been consuming buffalo milk since he was 1year old, we are now planning to give him cow’s milk (from a near by organic farm, as we suspect buffalo milk from most of the popular dairies to be adulterated). will there be any disturbance in his digestion due to the change?

    & also can buffalo milk be ever given once he gets used to cow’s milk?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Mazhar,

      You can definitely give your kid Cow’s milk. And you can switch him to buffalo milk whenever required. There would be no digestion issue. Don’t worry..


  23. Manjiri Palav says:

    Hi mam,

    My baby is 4.5 month old and we need to start feeding external milk from next week onwards as im a working woman. Which milk is best to begin with ? Cow or buffalo ?
    Our peditrician suggest to start with buffalo milk.

    Kindly suggest.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Manjiri,
      Why don’t you express your milk and go to office and give that Milk to your child instead of Cow’s milk or formula milk.
      If you still want to give top feed, give your child Lactogen or Nan 1. Dilution is mentioned on the container. Breast milk will make your child’s immunity strong. Giving breast milk will also benefit you to loose those extra Kilos what you must have gained.


  24. bhawesh sampat says:

    I have a 18 months old boy we are feeding him cows milk for more than a year now. I was thinking of shining to buffalo milk
    Kindly advice which milk will be better for the child.
    And should I shift from cows milk to buffalo milk.

  25. avish says:

    are you sure that cow’s milk is better?if yes,then please explain me


    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Avish,

      I have clearly mentioned it in the blog. If you read the entire article you will get an answer for your question. It’s is the nutrient content in milk which will make it good or more good.


      • Padma says:

        Changing cow Milk from Buffalo cause weight loss in kids…. as my daughter causes mucous due to buffalo milk , i m shifting to cow’s milk… is it right or not?

  26. subha says:

    dear madam,

    My son is of 13 yr old during vacation he goes for swimming class and basketball coaching class,for him how much milk should i give him and which milk should i prefer and when should i give him?

  27. vishal says:

    hi neha

    My son is 1 & half month can I give Cow Milk as he dont take powder milk

    and if i can give cow milk please tell me what should be the ratio with water…?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Vishal,

      You can definitely give Cow’s milk. 1.5yr old kid can be given 80% milk and 20% water. and gradually stop diluting with water.


  28. ANKIT says:


  29. Venkat says:

    Excellent site you can follow this site everybody and best suggetions

  30. Akansha Shah says:

    Hello Mam,

    My son is 2 n half yrs old…he is little weak n his weight is also less.Which milk is good for him ?

  31. Chesta says:

    Hello ma’am I am giving full cream milk to my 15 months baby!! Now I am thinking of starting with cow’s milk.. Is it good to start with cow’s milk now??

  32. zeba says:

    My son is 1 yr old. I am giving him lactogen formula milk. Can I start giving cow’s milk. If yes, how much of water should be added for one litre packet cow’s milk?

    • Neha Kava says:

      HEllo Zeba,

      You can add 30ml water to 70ml milk. And gradually within one month you can shift to 100% Cow’s milk


      • zaid says:

        Dear mam which milk is best for one year old baby ? wether cow milk or formula milk such as similac mom etc ? also inform me which milk is high in cholesterol content, cow or buffalo?

  33. Jacqueline fernandes says:

    Thanks a lot mam

  34. paceph says:

    if humans can drink the cows milk, do cows also drink women milk or the breastmilk?

  35. Jacqueline fernandes says:

    Hello mam.
    My son just turned 4 last month. He has buffalo milk twice a day. I usually dont dilute the milk with water. Is it ok for him to have buffalo milk twice a day. He is a fussy eater n his nutrition is incomplete most of the times. Will milk help him in getting some necessary nutrients for healthy development.

  36. karuna says:

    mam wat Can I do if breast milk Is nt inough means?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Karuna,

      Give lactogen or any formula milk. It has composition close to breast milk.


    • bharti says:

      Hi Karina, how do you know that ur breast milk is not enough? Every mother. Produces enough for their child. Still if you feel so consult lactation consultant and increase your milk supply. Else use breast pump to pp your milk after your infant has fed, this will surely increase your milk supply. Do not start formula unless unavoidable. Formula do not have active enzymes and antibodies which your milk has.

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