Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

Hie guys!


Cow’s Milk or buffalo’s milk? Confused? Hmmmm…

There are many negatives and positives of both the types of milk. When we talk about cow’s milk it is understood to be very lighter and buffalo milk is considered to be heavy in sense of digestion. Now what’s behind being heavy and light? What is really making the difference in the quality of milk? When a baby is born and top feeding of milk has to be started we usually hear our elders saying that cow milk is good for baby’s digestion and it’s also lighter for the baby.


Fat content: First line of difference is the fat present in both the milk. It makes the consistency of milk differ. Cow’s milk has low % of fat in it hence it is of thin consistence and thereby called to be lighter by a layman. Buffalo’s milk is high in fat % and is thicker than cow’s milk and hence called heavy. As we know that a fatty food takes time for digestion and absorption and it stays in the stomach for a longer time giving us a feeling of heavy stomach or stomach fullness similarly buffalo milk has high fat and hence it takes time for digestion. So cow’s milk is recommended over buffalo’s milk especially for infants and elders.


Buffalo milk contains cholesterol. So for many people who are suffering from diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, kidney diseases, PCOD, Obesity etc are advised to have buffalo’s milk. Due to high peroxidase activity, buffalo milk can be preserved naturally for a longer period. Buffalo milk contains more calcium, better calcium: phosphorous ratio and less sodium and potassium than in cow milk which makes it a better nutritional supplement for infants.

Protein content: Proteins present in buffalo milk is higher than that of cow’s milk by approximately 11%. Buffalo milk protein is more heat resistant. Same like fats even proteins are difficult to digest for infants and older population. So even here the choice of milk is cow’s milk.

Calorie Content: 100ml of cow’s milk contains 70Kcals whereas 100ml of buffalo’s milk contains 100Kacls. It is obvious that buffalo milk has more fat and proteins so it will have more calories. So people who are on calorie restricted diet are again here advised to have cow’s milk to cut down the calorie consumption in the diet.

Water content: Cow’s milk contains less milk solids as compared to buffalo’s milk. Because of high non solid % cow’s milk is sometimes denoted as watery milk. It helps in hydrating the body. Approximately 90% of milk is water.


Composition of milk.

Nutrient          Cow    Buffalo           Human                      

Water, g          88.0     84.0                 87.5

Energy, kcal    61.0     97.0                 70.0

Protein, g         3.2       3.7                   1.0

Fat, g               3.4       6.9                   4.4

Lactose, g        4.7      5.2                   6.9

Minerals, g      0.72     0.79                0.20

Milk is hence a very healthy food unless it’s not adulterated. It is very important to check the quality of milk before purchasing. Adulteration is done with water, starch etc. So everyone please purchase milk in packaged form or from a reputed dairy.



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102 Responses to Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

  1. kaleem says:

    hi iam kaleem &iam thin so i dicided to drink buffolo milk which contain more fat but after drinking one month my stomach is paining so what should i do

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Kaleem.Definitely Buffalo milk has more fat but the quality of fat is not recommended. Instead you can have frequent meals and also include 2 bananas, 1 egg, 2 glass of cow’s milk and sprouts in your diet additional to your regular meal. If all this is not comfortable then 2 tablespoon ENsure twice a day in Cow’s milk will definitely help to gain some weight in 3 months.

      • Murthy says:

        Hi Neha,

        I have started taking Cow milk last two days, I got dry cough due to over heat, this is due to cow milk


        • Neha Kava says:

          Hello Murthy,
          It is very unlikely to have cough due to cow’s milk. Just to get an idea, which milk you use to drink before? May be after that I can answer your question


  2. pooja says:

    Hi Neha.
    This is pooja.i hve a young baby who is 4 months old.
    I want to give him cow milk frm 5 months,i am confused between cow n buffalo milk,
    Buffalo milk is vry heavy,has high fat %,but my son is not abpe to digest formula milk,his.stools r.very bad smelled always.i give him nan pro1.
    And I heard that cows milk has iodine n easily.digestible.
    And buffalo milk.causes chest.infection,my nephew who consumed buffalos.milk from 6 months is.having bronchitis and lot of.phlem and visits hospital evry.month.r less.
    I dont.want.this.to happy to my son.
    Please.suggest me which milk.is god.for.my son.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Pooja. Cow’s milk has properties and composition very close to breast milk. So when you start weaning your baby it is best suggested to start with cow’s milk. Initially add 1 tablespoon of water to 50ml of cow’s milk and feed the baby. Slowly as your baby gets used to it you can reduced the addition of milk and and give pure cow’s milk with some pure honey added.

      • prashanth says:

        hi nehaji
        iam prashanth iam giving nanpro1 to my 40days older baby boy.but he very much struggling to go potty.i read ur posts its very helpful and iam out of confused which milk is better so iam going to start cow’s milk to him.u told initial starting cow milk add 1 table spoon of water with 50ml.my boy taking 70ml now shall i add one and a half table spoon water? or 1 spoon water pls tell me.

        • Neha Kava says:

          Hello Prashanth,
          40 days old baby should be on exclusive breast feeding. But if you are already giving nan pro 1, continue the same. Add enough water as prescribed on the box. Give luke warm water. And kids sometimes pass motion once in 2 days or 3 days. So nothing to worry.


  3. Ganga Sheoran says:

    Dr. I get headache when i skip my regular cup of tea. is this sign of addication? Is harmful for health?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Ganga,
      Skipping a cup of milk followed by a headache is definitely a sign of addiction. It’s not harmful if u take 2-3 small cups of tea in a day. Anything in moderation is good. If you want to go away from this addiction you can reduce the quantity of tea powder you put in your tea gradually and stop its intake.


  4. prabhat says:

    Hello neha,
    Thanx for such a nice information.
    My question is which milk is better for enhancing memory, like for those who are students?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Prabhat,
      Cow’s milk is beneficial for over all development of any person. Brain cells do require fat which is sufficiently present in Cow’ Milk/
      Buffaloes milk is also good but it has many other factors which makes it little inferior for eg. Buffalo milk is high in Cholesterol.

  5. Nayana says:

    Hi please help with some diet plan I am 21 year old female I weigh around 85 kgs please suggest the best to decrease my weight as soon as possible.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Nayana,
      We will surely provide you with the diet plan. You can make payment of Rs.500 to nutrichoice4u to giving you personalised diet plan. Our Dietitian will contact you on mail, skype or phone and take your food and health history and design a diet suitable for you and your routine. If you do payment within 24 hrs then you will get 20% discount on 500Rs.
      We give guarantee of 3kgs wt loss in 20-25 days.


  6. vijay says:

    Hi Neha
    my daughter is 9 months older. we are thinking to introduce cow milk or buffalo milk as her mother’s milk is becoming insufficient. baby cries for milk frequently in night. we also planning to stop breast feed. please advise

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Vijay.
      You can start with cow’s milk. Weaning baby from breast milk to mash foods is recommended but complete No breastfeeding is not recommended. Minimum 18months of breast feeding is required for the baby to have good immunity. After 18months you can start your efforts to stop breast feeding.

  7. fayyaz awan says:

    i belong to pakistan my son is 11 month old and we are giving him bufalow milk but here in pakistan mosly milkmen inject bufalows for more milk.i want to ask you is there sidefects injected milk for children.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Fayyan,
      Lactating cows are usually given hormonal injections to increase their milk production.There is some amount of hormones which transfer to milk also. So excess feeding of milk should be restricted. Moderate amounts are tolerable by kids. Boiling milk properly will help to reduce the side effects, if any.

  8. rama says:

    My daughter is 10 years old ..she is having eye sight..one of my cousin told me to give her cow milk which is good for eyes ..Is it true? plese give me ur opinion neha..

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hie Manorama,
      Cow’s milk is a natural medicine for many problems. But purity of the milk is the BIG question mark. Specifically for eye sight cow’s milk doesn’t do wonder. You can try a herbal supplement called “Vision Health” by Amway. It had good results.


    • sateesh says:

      hmmmmmm.this is good for yur child. always prefare her cow milk if mothers milk is not avilable

  9. shalu rathore says:

    please do tell me if my baby don’t like cows milk and he can digest buffaloes then is it good and healthy for him.or any drawbacks side affect, deficiencies. he is of 4.4yrs

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hie Ketaki,
      Buffalo Milk is good for young children provided they are physically active. You just need to skim the milk so there is no excess fat in milk which may cause problem in the future.


  10. shazia says:

    My son is 4yrs old and he is having running nose problem always…his doc told not to give cow’s milk while having cold…..is it true?….

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Shazia,
      It’s an ancient myth that milk & its products increases the cough formation in the body. But a serving of 200-250 ml in day would not cause any side effects. Just make sue you boil milk properly.


  11. Gul says:

    Hi Neha
    you really have good knowledge on the topic. plz tell me how to check the cow or Buffalo milk at home,whether it is pure or not????

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Gul,
      You can carry out the following test for milk’s purity.
      Milk slip test – Put a drop of milk on a polished vertical surface. If it stops or flows slowly, leaving a white trail behind, it is pure milk. Milk mixed with water or other agents will flow down immediately without a trace.

      Reduction test – Boil some milk on a slow heat while moving it with a spoon till it becomes solid (khoya). Take it off the heat and wait for 2-3 hours. If the produced solid is oily, the milk is of good quality; if it’s not, it means the milk is synthetic.


      • Neha Kava says:

        Though there is no test which u can carry at home to check wether milk is cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk.

  12. gouri sharma says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am 2 months pregnant. My gynec has adv me to have a glass of milk everyday.. can you advice me which milk is better for pregnancy.. cow’s or buffallo’s

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Gouri,
      You can have Cow’s milk. Maximum 2 glasses a day. You increase intake of fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts. Apart from that keep a check of your weight gain.On an average 1kg weight gain per moth swould be greart.
      Any other help do let me knw.


  13. Anita says:

    My baby is now 16 months old. I m in USA from last September n here I usually give her 2% low fat milk so I m confused which milk is good for her over all body development
    Which milk should I give her whole milk or 2% low fat milk please help me

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Anita,
      Your baby can be given whole milk undoubtedly. Cholesterol is required for baby’s brain development. So no harm to give your baby whole fat milk also.


  14. Sal. says:

    Hi, I was wondering what’s better for weight training (buffalo or cow)?
    I’m not fat, but i think buffalo is good because of its percentage of protein.

    • Neha Kava says:

      You need to check the fat also that comes in with protein. So you have to choose wether you want a low fat milk or a high protein milk. I would suggest Cow’s Milk


  15. Rams says:

    Hi Neha,
    During Pregnancy, is it necessary to take milk, since I don’t like milk. If I take without interest I may vomit. So please tell me the importance of milk intake during pregnancy and the quantity to take which is required for baby and mother. Can I take milk and corn flakes in the morning.
    Also suggest me the foods/drinks to take instead of milk consumption which may give same nutrients as milk provide.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi there,
      Milk is usually recommended to increase your intake of calcium and protein. If you include supplements for the same there is not such specific to have milk only. You can have milk in invisible form that is knead you chapati dough with milk, Add milk powder to the flour, or any hot snacks item like dhokla, Muthiya, idli batter etc.
      You can take cornflakes with milk for breakfast. that’s absolutely OK.


  16. Rubina says:

    I live in Pakistan and doctor has diagnosed cow’s milk protein allergy to my 1year old son. Kindly let me know which milk formula or fresh/gawala or Nido 1+ would be suitable to him.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Rubina,
      Is your baby allergic to whey that is protein in the milk or the baby is allergic to lactose that is the sugar in the milk. Both are different components. If allergic to milk protein then any formula feed will contain milk solids or any component of milk. I think you can give your baby soya milk as of now. And you can try cow’s milk after a year or two just to check it’s tolerance. It happens that in early stage of life infants don’t digest but as they grow they can tolerate cow’s milk. Is your baby able to tolerate curds?
      Waiting for your reply.


      • Rubina says:

        Thanks for your reply. With respect to curd, not sure as when he had it, symptoms of allergy were already present. He is allergic to cow’s protein and not lactose. Availability of soya milk would be difficult here. Is soya really a milk?? I heard its not really a milk and not good for children. Also Nido 1+ would also have protein element or not??

  17. NISHANT says:

    hi miss
    my age 20 but weight is very poor only 50kg please tell me mam which milk is better for my body and weight growth

  18. bhanu says:

    can you please go through this site and tell me which milk is better.
    i am 27 yr old male and moderate worker in a day

  19. Husein says:

    I’m 20 and my height is 162cm n weight is 49kgs.How to increase maximum weight? I do a very heavy workout.

  20. soma says:

    hi ma’am please tell help me i have acne problem so which i should take i mean cow or buffalo ? when i drink buffalo milk it produces acne on my face… so if i take cow milk it will too produce acne on my face or not please reply……thanx

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Soma,
      Consider cow’s Milk for over all health. ALso apply raw cow’s milk on your face before taking bath.


  21. aamreen says:

    My daughter is five months old. I gave breast feed for three months. Later was introduced to lactogen . But now i want her to feed on cows mik. Is it good to prefer cow than a buffalo milk. Help me

  22. manasa says:

    Hello, I have 3 month old kid is it good to feed buffalo milk or cow milk? If so which is preferable

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello manasa,
      Exclusively breast feeding till 6 months. After 6 months you can start with cow’s Milk.


  23. Riya Matta says:

    Hi I have a two month old baby and I gave him breast milk only a month unfortunately. Now he is on similac advance.. can I start him feading with cows milk as I have read that it may cause loose motion to the baby as of contains high lactose difficult to digest

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Riya,
      Please do not start you baby with any animal milk before he/she is 6 months old. Continue similac. Reason, it’s composition is close to breastmilk.


  24. Khurram says:

    I am suffering from istma and elergy. Whenever i take bufelo milk regularly, I suffered with pain.
    Now i heard that cow milk doesnot effect the estma n elegic patients. I need your dtail comments on it. Can i start taking cow milk for better health? If you ll suggest more and treatmemt, it would be highly appreciable

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Khurram,
      You can definitely try cow’s milk. Just check wether you are allergic to lactose. Lactose intolerance will cause problems with any kind of milk. Lactose intolerance patients can digest curds but not milk. So Check for lactose intolerance. If you have lactose intolerance you can switch to soya milk.


  25. Zohrab says:


    Thank you! for nice information. Please tell me that Can we use Nestle “Milk Pack” instead of using milk directly from cow/buffalo. I want to use milk regularly and the Nestle Milk pack is easily approachable then the other. So please help me Can I use this. Is it good really or company just do frauds for selling their products??

  26. suresh dangayach says:

    respected mam,i have started amodern cow dairy farm with milking machine and we maintain all higine conditions.pls let me know all positive thing of cow milk.which is help full me to educated to general public.thanks

  27. sherril says:

    i have a 14mnth old baby girl, she is under weight (8kg), but active n quiet smart.. im really worried about her wght.. since fat content is more in buffalo milk.. can i give her bm?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Sherril. If you introducing top milk to her for the first time then it is advisable to start with Cow’s milk. You can add nuts to the milk to improve the quality and quantity of fat. Also give her neogain (by venky’s) supplement for weight gain. Give her calorically dense foods.

  28. MANISH says:

    Hi,Neha Mem

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Manish. I am sorry to say but you have chosen an absolutely wrong path to loose weight. I would advice you to stop weightloss pills and start exercising or brisk walking. Start eating a low calorie high fiber balanced diet.

  29. Aradhya says:

    Hello Neha ji,

    I went through your blog post above and cloud conclude that Cow milk is always a better choice over buffalo’s milk, since you told that buffalo’s milk has fats that are not recommended. Please can you let us know –

    What bad effects can be caused from such un-recommended fat that we drink in buffalo’s milk?

    I had once read about 2 types of milks of cows- A1 and A2 types. Amongst which A1 type of milk can even cause cancers. How do we differentiate which milk we are getting from the dairy? Is there any way to recognise which cow’s breed is best for milk?

    We can see cows roaming on piles of garbage on roads. Today, usual diet of a cow is polythene and garbage dumped by sweepers outside our backyards. Cows are always found suffering from indigestion. We feel that this garbage causes health hazards if we inhale the gases it produces. In this case how can we expect good quality of milk from cows?

    Even trusted dairies purchase milk from cow owners who leave their cows to roam on roads after they get the milk out of them. Though dairies do some sort of treatments after they purchase such milk. Still is it safe to drink such milk which was produced by cow after having a diet of garbage?

    If the cow her self is not getting a proper diet how can we expect the milk will have all the nutrients? In such case where should we go to get good milk?

    If we talk about packaged milk, I have recent heard news about plastic bottles that are used for baby feeding are a huge factor causing many diseases in infants. Can the plastic bags used for milk packaging do similar side effects?

    It will be a great help if you give your views on all the above points and remove my doubts. I don’t drink milk since I don’t consider buffalo’s milk as drinkable and when it comes about cow’s milk, we don’t get a quality milk from a healthy cow. There are rarely any healthy cows left.


    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Aradhya,
      Cow’s milk is better in terms of its nutritional content in comparison to buffalo milk. But for again it depends on the requirement and way you use the milk. If you use buffalo milk on the next day after completely skimming the cream i dont think that buffalo milk have a problem.

      I am not qualified to recognize the breed of the cow. Sorry :(

      As in humans the quality of milk will not change with respect to mother’s diet. Same is the case with cows.

      Packaged milk has expiry date that takes in to account the sustainability of the milk.

      Plastic bottles used for infants should be always of a good quality. It is advisable to use branded plastics to avoid such infections and poisoning in infants.

  30. suresh dangayach says:

    hello mam
    which cow milk is better indian (desi )cow or hf and jersey cow?

  31. nikitha setty says:

    Hi…myself nikitha I have one & half mounth baby girl…..right now I am breastfeeding her but doctor told she is not getting enough milk is it good to giveher cow milk ….please suggest

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Nikitha,
      For one and half month old baby even cow’s milk will be hard to digest. You can start Lactogen or Nan-1 for your baby. As these products are designed for infants who are devoid of breastmilk.


  32. Rohit Singh says:

    Hi Neha,

    My Baby is now 5 month old and we are giving him Buffalo milk (after removing malai) after 2 months with breast feed.. I don’t know it is good or bad for him but he looks fine and drink milk normally with some sugar added…is there any problem in buffalo milk for him in future ..should we continue or stop giving him buffalo milk..please help me to understand …


  33. kath says:

    hi, This is about my project. please answer. In terms age, what is the best age range for drinking buffalo milk?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Kath,
      Its about ability to digest buffalo protein and fats. Any age group can have depending on the tolerance.


  34. Maryam says:

    Hy Neha
    by drinking buffalo’s milk become Fat??
    tell ur views plz
    nd wt about tea of it??

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Maryam,
      If you skim buffalo milk before consumption then i don’t think so it would be a problem. Avoid drinking buffalo milk without skimming.


  35. deepti says:

    hi ..my son is 2 years and 4 months old .he does not gain weight..he is very slim .i give him diet consisting of chapati,vegetables,khichdi,porridge,suji,potatoes,toned amul milk,fruits and juices he does not like..but sometimes he have small slice of apple..he is very skinny..what should i do?is there any problem with his absorption and assimilation of food?i gave him deworming suspension also on doctors prescription..what should i do?he must be 11 kg maximum.really worried about him..otherwise he is very active.

  36. swapnil says:

    Hi neha
    My son is 3 mth old .we were giving him nan pro 1 since birth as mothers milk was not sufficient.but very few.30 ml .now two days we have increased dose because he demands more.60 ml. But he had loose motions after that day.can it be because of increasing quantity.or should i start cows milk for him as my wife will join duty soon.pllzz tell..

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Swapnil,
      You can increase the frequency if feed or the quantity. If quantity he is not able to tolerate then increase frequency. Give him 30-30ml every hour till the time your wife is with the baby. Or else you can give 45ml for few days check the tolerance and then increase upto 60ml. Anything new to the baby will show some effects. Do not worry. Continue trial and error. Do not start cows milk, Continue nan pro 1 only.


  37. Sweta says:

    My daughter is two years old… I have given cows as well as buffallo milk to my child…I started with cows milk,…. once she got high cough, doctor advised not to give cow’s milk and egg….then I started buffalo’s milk….. then my family member stated to tell Buffalo’s milk is not good for child…again I started Cow’s milk…and I am scared that again cough will start… now I am thinking of giving her powder milk…I am ver confused… pls. advise.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Sweta,
      Every child is different. Give what suits best to your child. Cow’s milk never results in cough. there is always something else accelerating it. Stick to buffalo milk if your child is comfortable. Don’t over do with milk. 500ml- 600ml in 24hrs should be more than enough.


  38. shubh says:

    my 5years old kid is not eating vegetables and dal. he eats fruits.likes pizza , noodles withot vegeeis. bournvita twice a day. his weight is 30kg.
    how to loose weight and make him eat veggeies.

  39. Vishnu Priya says:

    I have a baby girl who is 7 and halg month old. From last one month i am giving her cow milk. But the place where i live desi cow milk is not available so i give her jersy cow’s milk. She ia not having any problem in digesting it but i am confused! Is is ok to give jersy cow milk to babies or better to give formula milk only??

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Vishnu Priya,
      It is always better to eat what is locally available so that you can continue it life long. Jersy cow milk can be given to your baby. Skim the cream and give it to her, there is no problem.


  40. Senthil says:

    Hi Neha,
    I’m 23 years old and weight about 62Kg with a height of 173cm. Though my BMI is okay, I still feel that i need to put on some weight. We have cows in the house, so no shortage of cow milk. how much quantity a day is ideal for putting on some weight ? also what are the fruits and vegetables i can add to my daily diet ?

    Thank you.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Senthi,
      You can have 500ml of milk in 24hrs. And if you want to put on weight start exercising and increase your protein intake so that you put on your muscle weight and not your fat % in the body. Increasing body weight is also as critical as loosing weight. For further guidance mail on info@nutrichoice4u.com


  41. Brij mohan says:

    Hello Neha
    I am Brij mohan and i am 21 years old. I am a very thin boy . My height is 5’8″ and weight is 52. I wanna make my health what should i do?

  42. hyder says:

    I am taking ayurvedic medicine for stress.which milk do you prefer buffalo milk or cow’s milk?

  43. Pushpa says:

    Hi Neha,

    I have a 2.3 year old toddler… Her birth weight was 2.57 Kg however doctors said she is underweight.
    When she was 7 months old she got urine infection and since then she could not gain much weight and falling sick very often….
    Now she dont have any urine infection however she is not gaining weight properly.
    I have been giving her only cow milk when she was 9 months old.

    Should I give her Buffalo milk so that she can gain some weight. though she is 2.3 years but she looks like 1.5 year baby.

    Please help me to make her gain some weight with good immunity power…… Having sleepless nights for more than 2 years and struggling….

    Please reply asap….

    Appreciate your help and guidance for my toddler….

  44. sadia says:

    Hi Neha,
    My baby is 15 month old and i am also 4 month pregnant. i have started giving my baby buffalo milk 5-6 ounce twice a day and alomost 100-120 gram of nestle yogurt including breastfeed twice a day. Is this quantity enough for her or i should increase milk intake as i am trying hard to quit breastfeed. she is also underweight and very bad in eating (although i try alot). please tel me if i can give her banana/apple/strawberry milkshake(as she takes few sips of it sometime) . wont it upset baby tummy in terms of frequent stool pass? i will be waiting for your reply

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Sadia,
      You can continue the milk and yogurt feeds. Apart from that try giving her food is very soft form or semi mashed form. If she has got teeth then give her solid but still kids prefer soft food over solid. Solid food can be introduced to them just for taste purpose as they will not be able to consume in the quantity which should fill them up. Also give her good fat in the diet ( e.g pure ghee, cheese). Add vegetables in the pureed form. You can continue to giver her whole fruit instead of juices. Home made juices will be the best.


      • sadia says:

        thanks neha. but can u tell me about milk quantity at this age? moreover plz let me know about milk shakes?

        • sadia says:

          thanks neha. but can u tell me about milk quantity at this age? moreover plz let me know about milk shakes? and also tell me how long i can continue breastfeeding as i m 4 month pregnant too

        • Neha Kava says:

          Hi Sadia,
          You start weaning your child as energy is required for the baby in the womb.500ml in 24hrs is absolutely fine.


          • sadia says:

            Hi Neha,
            Thanks alot.Can you please clarify that if i give 100-120 ml yogurt then would it be included in recommended 500 ml of milk or milk means only milk?
            please also tell me does banana or apple shakes upsets baby tummy?

          • Neha Kava says:

            Hi Sadia,
            Fruits usually doesn’t upset stomach. Still is individualistic as if some one has allergy for that ffruit it might be uncomfortable. You can add yoghurt + 500ml milk.


  45. sowmya says:

    Hi neha, my 7 month old baby boy is suffering from bronchites frequently, plz suggest me which milk is good for him. M

  46. vidushi says:

    is there any way to find out at home, if the cow’s milk is not from a cow who has been eating garbage ? i am told by my store, the milk is from desi cow . i want to be sure, that im fooled with milk from cows feeding on garbage.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Vidushi,
      It would be difficult to find that out. As all the milk collected is combined and then it undergoes pasteurization before reaching us. And as breastmilk composition of all mothers is more or less same, similarly it is for cow’s irrespective of her diet.


  47. umesh Shamra says:

    Hi neha
    umesh this side actuly my height is 5.6Inchs.75kg Weight so I would like to loose my weight.tommrow onwrds I am on diet so plzz suggest me which milk is gud for me .
    And can you plz suggest me how to loose weight faster and easier . Qith a diet chat . .


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