Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?


Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?

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Cow’s Milk or buffalo’s milk? Confused? Hmmmm…

There are many negatives and positives of both the types of milk. When we talk about cow’s milk it is understood to be very lighter and buffalo milk is considered to be heavy in sense of digestion. Now what’s behind being heavy and light? What is really making the difference in the quality of milk? When a baby is born and top feeding of milk has to be started we usually hear our elders saying that cow milk is good for baby’s digestion and it’s also lighter for the baby.


Fat content: First line of difference is the fat present in both the milk. It makes the consistency of milk differ. Cow’s milk has low % of fat in it hence it is of thin consistence and thereby called to be lighter by a layman. Buffalo’s milk is high in fat % and is thicker than cow’s milk and hence called heavy. As we know that a fatty food takes time for digestion and absorption and it stays in the stomach for a longer time giving us a feeling of heavy stomach or stomach fullness similarly buffalo milk has high fat and hence it takes time for digestion. So cow’s milk is recommended over buffalo’s milk especially for infants and elders.


Buffalo milk contains cholesterol. So for many people who are suffering from diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, kidney diseases, PCOD, Obesity etc are advised to have buffalo’s milk. Due to high peroxidase activity, buffalo milk can be preserved naturally for a longer period. Buffalo milk contains more calcium, better calcium: phosphorous ratio and less sodium and potassium than in cow milk which makes it a better nutritional supplement for infants.

Protein content: Proteins present in buffalo milk is higher than that of cow’s milk by approximately 11%. Buffalo milk protein is more heat resistant. Same like fats even proteins are difficult to digest for infants and older population. So even here the choice of milk is cow’s milk.

Calorie Content: 100ml of cow’s milk contains 70Kcals whereas 100ml of buffalo’s milk contains 100Kacls. It is obvious that buffalo milk has more fat and proteins so it will have more calories. So people who are on calorie restricted diet are again here advised to have cow’s milk to cut down the calorie consumption in the diet.

Water content: Cow’s milk contains less milk solids as compared to buffalo’s milk. Because of high non solid % cow’s milk is sometimes denoted as watery milk. It helps in hydrating the body. Approximately 90% of milk is water.


Composition of milk.

Nutrient          Cow    Buffalo           Human                      

Water, g          88.0     84.0                 87.5

Energy, kcal    61.0     97.0                 70.0

Protein, g         3.2       3.7                   1.0

Fat, g               3.4       6.9                   4.4

Lactose, g        4.7      5.2                   6.9

Minerals, g      0.72     0.79                0.20

Milk is hence a very healthy food unless it’s not adulterated. It is very important to check the quality of milk before purchasing. Adulteration is done with water, starch etc. So everyone please purchase milk in packaged form or from a reputed dairy.



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6 Responses to “Which is better Milk; Cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk?”

  1. kaleem says:

    hi iam kaleem &iam thin so i dicided to drink buffolo milk which contain more fat but after drinking one month my stomach is paining so what should i do

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Kaleem.Definitely Buffalo milk has more fat but the quality of fat is not recommended. Instead you can have frequent meals and also include 2 bananas, 1 egg, 2 glass of cow’s milk and sprouts in your diet additional to your regular meal. If all this is not comfortable then 2 tablespoon ENsure twice a day in Cow’s milk will definitely help to gain some weight in 3 months.

  2. pooja says:

    Hi Neha.
    This is pooja.i hve a young baby who is 4 months old.
    I want to give him cow milk frm 5 months,i am confused between cow n buffalo milk,
    Buffalo milk is vry heavy,has high fat %,but my son is not abpe to digest formula milk,his.stools r.very bad smelled always.i give him nan pro1.
    And I heard that cows milk has iodine n easily.digestible.
    And buffalo milk.causes chest.infection,my nephew who consumed buffalos.milk from 6 months is.having bronchitis and lot of.phlem and visits hospital evry.month.r less.
    I dont.want.this.to happy to my son.
    Please.suggest me which milk.is god.for.my son.

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hi Pooja. Cow’s milk has properties and composition very close to breast milk. So when you start weaning your baby it is best suggested to start with cow’s milk. Initially add 1 tablespoon of water to 50ml of cow’s milk and feed the baby. Slowly as your baby gets used to it you can reduced the addition of milk and and give pure cow’s milk with some pure honey added.

  3. Ganga Sheoran says:

    Dr. I get headache when i skip my regular cup of tea. is this sign of addication? Is harmful for health?

    • Neha Kava says:

      Hello Ganga,
      Skipping a cup of milk followed by a headache is definitely a sign of addiction. It’s not harmful if u take 2-3 small cups of tea in a day. Anything in moderation is good. If you want to go away from this addiction you can reduce the quantity of tea powder you put in your tea gradually and stop its intake.


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