What are health hazards of Diet soda?

6We are so short visioned that whenever we read Diet with any product we just trust it blindly without any research on that product. We are so busy in life that we don’t have a minute of time to analyze its positive and negative points.

Side effect of Diet Soda.

Using artificial sweeteners in soft drinks instead of sugar or high-fructose corn syrup seems like it would sidestep any problems with weight or diabetes. Artificial sweeteners deliver zero carbohydrates, fat, and protein, so they can’t directly influence calorie intake or blood sugar. Over the short term, switching from sugar-sweetened soft drinks to diet drinks cuts calories and leads to weight loss. Long-term use, though, may be a different story.

Weight Gain: Some people may feel that drinking diet soda gives them a liberty to eat more foods that may not be so low in calories, thereby leading to weight gain. A theory says that the sweet taste of diet pop alerts our digestive system that high-calorie foods are coming. When they don’t, our bodies are confused and our appetite increases in anticipation of the food it’s expecting. Artificial sweeteners can disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake based on the sweetness of food. That means people who consume diet foods might be more likely to overeat, because your body is being tricked into thinking its eating sugar, and you crave more.

Kidney Damage: It is been surveyed and found out that people who use to regularly intake Diet soda has in efficient kidneys. On further investigation it was found out that defect in the kidneys were possibly due to the artificial sweetener present in the diet soda.

Alters mood. The mood-food connection is ever-rising, and aspartame in Diet Coke can really do a doozey on those with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Aspartame is also on an EPA list of potentially dangerous chemicals contributing to neurotoxicity, right under Arsenic. So that’s kind of saying it could alter your brain, too.

Rotting Teeth:With a pH of 3.2, diet soda is very acidic. (As a point of reference, the pH of battery acid is 1. Water is 7.) The acid is what readily dissolves enamel, and just because a soda is diet doesn’t make it acid-light. Adults who drink three or more sodas a day have worse dental health. Soda drinkers had far greater decay, more missing teeth, and more fillings.


Messes with skin. Diet Coke lowers your pH levels, which can cause acne, and zap you of radiance. We need a high level of alkalinity for our bodies to be healthy and expressed in our glowing complexion,
Reproductive Issues: Sometimes, the vessel for your beverage is just as harmful. Diet or not, soft drink cans are coated with the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to everything from heart disease to obesity to reproductive problems.





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